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:bulletblack: If you are one of those people who do not support OC X Canon please keep your opinions to yourself.

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:bulletblack: Only pictures / fanfictions of your OC x Canon are allowed. That is the main focus of the group, afterall.

:bulletblue: Feature section in the gallery is usually allowed for submission. This folder is for current club activities such as contests. They will be open for members once there is an active group activity.

:bulletblack: Please make sure that you submit your artwork to the correct folder. It saves us a lot of trouble.

:bulletblue: You must credit on your deviation description which anime your Canon is from. The name of your Canon and oc, and the Creators name (if anime). For cartoons or games, “Nickelodeon”, “Capcom”..etc are fine, but still include the canon and oc's name.. Otherwise it will be denied or put into the wrong folder category.

:bulletblack: WIPs (Work in Progresses) are to be submitted into the group's favorites. This also includes but does not limit to sketches and LineArts.

:bulletblue: Keep all gallery submissions PG-13.

:bulletblack: P2U and F2U high quality bases are fine. However, no stolen artwork at all, and all bases MUST link back to the original source. Like wise, screen shot edits from ANIME or TV series are fine, but MUST link to the original ScreenShot with episode number and season. Traced bases from DA that are NOT P2U or F2u can be put in favorites.

:bulletblue: Screenshots of dress up dolls/doll makers/"manga creators"/"avatar creators" are NOT allowed. Please feel free to submit them to the group's favorites though, that is 100% an option!

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Mature Content

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Love and Illusions Ch 3Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, One piece, Bleach and Mortal KombatChapter Three: Clothes shopping and DodgeballAizen woke up on the couch and hears something from Jade's room. So he gets up from the couch and heads upstairs.He knocks on Jade's door and opens it."Jade what are you doing?" Aizen asked as he sees Jade was using her magic to do chores in her bedroom."I'm doing chores in my room. Get Dagger up so we can have breakfast then we go shopping in your clothes. Unless you want to be called a bondage loving pervert wearing that outfit you're wearing in Muken." Jade teased."Jade that is complete rude of you to say that." Aizen replied."Just go wake Dagger up. I'll be downstairs after I'm done with my chores." Jade replied as Aizen went to go get changed.After Aizen wakes up Dagger. They ate breakfast and headed to into the mall. He was dressed in a the same black t shirt, black pants, jacket and shoes.The shopping mall was a very big with five story floors. Aizen was complete shock that he had never seen a mall that big in his entire life."That is completely bigger than Los Noches." Aizen replied."Yep it is, so we should probably in there to get you clothes." Jade replied as she, Dagger and Aizen enters in the mall and examines all the stores, restaurants, elevators, kid's play place and rides, stairs and other things that Aizen never seen."I never seen any those kind of things." Aizen replied as a blonde teenage girl named Ino sees both Jade and Dagger."Hi Jade Dagger." Ino replied."Hi Ino. What are you doing here?" Jade asked."Oh I was shopping and Jade why did have that guy with you?" Ino replied."Ino. This is Sosuke Aizen. Aizen this is Ino Yamanaka. It's a long story, anyway can you help us shop some clothes for Aizen that he needs to wear around this town?" Jade asked."I think I can probably find a couple of stores for him that he can wear." Ino answered."On topic of that. Ino did you tell the others that Aizen is staying with us?" Dagger asked."Not yet. I can actually tell, Choji, Shikamaru and the other guys about that. Besides I don't know how long he's going to stay." Ino replied."Tsunade is allowing Aizen to stay here that he can change. If he doesn't he'll be sent back to Soul Society." Jade replied."Okay. Guys follow me. I know what kind of clothes he can wear." Ino replied as she walks down to a store which Jade, Dagger and Aizen follows her.When they stopped on each store, Ino picks out some clothes for Aizen to try if he either likes it or not. If Aizen likes the clothes then Jade will use her money that she got from Fukai that she needs it for his clothes.Jade, Dagger, and Ino are waiting next to the fitting room where Aizen is trying on clothes. Next to them was a couple of bags inside was his clothes that Aizen liked."Are we done yet?" Fennikusu asked who is getting bored."Fennikusu shut up. You're being rude." Jade answered."Oh come on Jade. I'm getting very bored that your so called friend of yours is trying new outfits or should I say lover perhaps because I know you're starting to like him." Fennikusu teased as Jade punched herself in the stomach where the Dark Phoenix is at which he felt when she punched."Arkk." Fennikusu replied."Quiet." Jade replied."Umm...Jade why did you hit yourself in the stomach?" Ino asked."Oh it's Fennikusu. He's giving me attitude so I shut him up." Jade answered."Oh okay. That's all I need to know." Ino replied. "Okay Ino. I put on that outfit you told me to try on." Aizen replied."Okay let us see it." Dagger replied as Aizen got out of the fitting rooms and the girls sees his outfit.Aizen was wearing dark blue button shirt with suit jack, pants and dress shoes."So how I look?" Aizen asked."Wow Aizen. That's look terrific on you." Ino answered."That's looks good on you. Jade about you?" Dagger asked as Jade was gagging on Aizen's outfit that he is trying."Umm......It.....looks....very nice on you." Jade answered as she blushed a little."I'm starting to like this outfit. I actually want it." Aizen replied."Good choice." Ino replied.After shopping with Ino. They brought a lot of clothes Aizen. When they got hungry, they headed to the food court and got something to eat.Aizen got stuffed oyster shells with garlic bread and cherry soda. Dagger got crab Lo Mein with vegetable fried ricedagger's drink got iced coffee. Jade had salad with grilled chicken and French fries and sweet tea with raspberry tea. And lastly Ino salad with roasted tomatoes and ice tea with peach."Wow Ino. Thank for helping us to finding what kind of clothes that Aizen liked." Jade replied."Your welcome. Besides I'm your friend if you need any help finding clothes, you can find me at the flower shop and I will help you." Ino replied. "BTW Ino can you talk to my friends to come over at my house. We'll be watching a movie and probably a game outside my back yard." Jade replied."Okay I will tell everyone that. And Jade hope you make Aizen as your boyfriend sooner or else some girl is going to claim him." Ino teased as Jade blushed."Ino. Stop it." Jade replied as Ino finishes her food and drink."Anyway see you later. I have to go back to the flower shop and do some things." Ino replied as she gets up."See you there then." Jade replied as Ino leaves while Jade, Dagger and Aizen finished their food as well."Well we should head back to the house and start cleaning before my friends get here." Jade replied as she, Dagger and Aizen exits out of the mall with their shopping bags.When they finally arrived at their house. They headed inside and looking for a place where they can store Aizen's new clothes."So Jade where should we put Aizen's clothes at?" Dagger asked."Just put them in my room." Jade replied as she, and Dagger got Aizen's clothes and puts in Jade's closet and drawers.Dagger and Jade began to use their magic to clean the house which Aizen decides to help as well.When they got done cleaning the house. Suddenly there was a knock on the door."I'll get it." Jade repliedSakura, Sai, Naruto, Kiba, Shikamaru, Choji, Shino, Akamaru. Neji, Rock, Hinata, Ino and Tenten are at the door."Hey guys there is someone I want to meet that is in the house." Jade replied as they entered in the house and sees Aizen."What!? Jade what the hell is he doing here?" Kiba asked."Before you guys start taking it out on Aizen. Let me explain." Jade answered as she told her friends how Jade and her team found Aizen."Okay that makes sense considering that he brainwashed you in the past." Neji replied."What a drag. Now we have deal with this guy stay with us." Shikamaru replied."Guys please. We'll be watching a movie in the living room then we can play the game. Okay." Jade replied.Jade, Dagger, Aizen and others began watching a movie in the living room from the beginning to the finish.After their movie was over Jade, Dagger, Aizen and others are at the backyard to play a game."Okay we're be playing a game back when was at Maho village." Jade replied as Jade and Dagger transforms into their magical outfits to play a game. "What is the game called?" Kiba asked."Dodgeball. The rules are simple there will be two teams. Whoever get the ball first, throws it at the opponent. He or she is out. But if the other opponent catches the ball. They're out to as well. The only way to get your teammate back in the game is throw the ball at them and catches it." Jade replied as she grabs the balls and puts it the middle of the backyard"Oh and one more thing, you can use charka, and magic in this game. So have fun." Jade replied as she and Kiba were picked as the team leaders. Jade's team: Jade, Aizen, Hinata Dagger, Naruto, Sakura, Sai, and NejiKiba's team: Kiba, Shino, Shikamaru, Ino, Tenten, Akamaru, Choji, and Rock LeeAfter the two team leaders picked each person as their team."Ready Kiba." Jade replied. "You're going down. Jade." Kiba taunted."We'll see about that." Naruto added. "Alright Begin!" Jade shouted as each team ran towards the balls line up in the middle. Jade grabs the ball first and hits it at Akamaru which he is out. When Rock Lee uses leaf hurricane on the ball Aizen catches the ball. The bushy brows is out.Ino uses mind transfer on Sakura but failed when Sakura hit the ball on her. Dagger dodges Sai's ink balls. Hinata hits the ball on Tenten.Jade and her team keeps using their abilities in dodgeball as well with Kiba until one of their teams are out. Which the only ones who are left is Aizen, Jade and Kiba.The ball hits Jade when she protects Aizen from not getting out. Which now Aizen and Kiba are the only ones left."Come on Aizen. You can do this. Let us win!" Jade shouted as Jade's team began cheering for Aizen while Kiba's team is cheering for Kiba."Okay. It looks like it's you and me who are only one left." Kiba replied."That's right come on." Aizen replied as Kiba jumps up in the air and used his technique on him."Take this. Whirlwind Wolf Fang!" Kiba shouted as he threw the ball at Aizen. The ball approaches towards him but Aizen dodges it in a complete flash."What?!" Kiba replied as Aizen was behind and threw the ball at him."From now on. I stand alone on the top." Aizen replied.Jade's team had finally won the game. Which Jade and her team cheered for Aizen. After playing dodgeball with Jade's friends they decided to head back after the fun they had. Which Jade and Dagger headed up to their bedrooms. With their normal outfits."Aizen you should be in bed right now because we have a mission that is important." Jade replied."Why is that?" Aizen asked."Well....let me explain it tomorrow." Jade answered as she stopped at a moment."And btw you're excellent at playing dodgeball." Jade replied as she headed into her bedroom and went onto the bed."So you and your friends had fun playing dodgeball together with Aizen as your teammate?" Fennikusu asked."Yeah so what." Jade answered."I can feel that you are getting along with him after you protect him in dodgeball." Fennikusu replied."Well he is my teammate. I don't him to be out of the game. Besides I have a mission to attend to tommorow." Jade replied."What is the mission?" Fennikusu asked."To find Sasuke and we can probably use Aizen to help us out with this." Jade answered as she went to sleep that tomorrow Jade and her team will get Sasuke back.
Hellish Love by StarToonz
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kidnap by voronakeehl
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Amphibia: Frank and Anne - The Second Chance by Cowboy-Alchemist
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DAI: The dawn brings us hope by bittermaia
Ken Hatake, in Boruto Naruto next generations. [5] by Pungpp
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Sethiroth x Keda Art trade by Yoitefriend
Harry Potter Modern!AU| Devil's Triangle Part 2.3“You forgot to buy the spring onions again?! I’m starting to think you’re doing this on purpose, Harry.”Harry groaned and slapped his forehead. “Damn, I knew I missed something.”“Oh drop the pretense.”“I’m serious, Luna,” Harry fixed his sister in an earnest gaze. “I was going to get it but along the way, I met someone.”Luna rolled her eyes as she set the table for three. “You know, if you’re going to lie, at least make it believable. You’re a policeman, Harry - at least learn to lie properly.”“But I’m not lying!” he protested.Luna placed the last plate down on the circular, wooden table and turned to look at him. With one hand on her hip, her sharp eyes bore into his. Harry gulped under her scrutiny. His elder sister was the figure of authority ever since they were kids. A single look from her was enough to have him scuttling for safety when he had done something naughty. Now that they were older, her thick, wavy hair and long diamond-shaped face accentuated the sharpness of her expression even more.He held his breath as she looked at him squarely. Then Luna lifted her hands in defeat. “Fine. So who is this someone you met?”Harry almost sighed in relief. “Do you remember that girl I used to hang around when I was a teen?”Her face scrunched in thought. Luna took a few seconds before replying, “Was it that wild, pretty one whose mother was a second wife?”“Yes, yes! Hermione, remember?” Harry enthused.A smirk grew across Luna’s lips. “You still like her after all these years? I didn’t know my little brother was this loyal.”Red bloomed across his cheeks. He spun back towards the kitchen, busying himself with bringing out the glasses of water. He heard Luna chuckle in the dining room and he grimaced, wishing he hadn’t brought it up in the first place.When he re-entered the dining room, he averted his eyes from Luna. But as he placed the glasses on the table, he felt a hand ruffle his hair.“Alright, I won’t tease you,” Luna said between muffled laughter. “So how is she? Why is she back?”Harry grumbled under his breath. He glowered at her for a moment before sighing in resignation. He could never stay angry with her for long. “She looks as radiant as before. Apparently, she’s taking a break from work. So she’ll be teaching art at our old school.”Luna raised an eyebrow. “A break huh. Interesting.”“Yeah, I guess Shawn will be seeing her in school. Where is that boy by the way?” Harry looked around the house, trying to catch a glimpse of his nephew.Her shoulders raised up in a shrug as Luna ran a hand through her long hair. “Where else? Probably stuck to the computer or his phone again.”Noting the hint of frustration mixed with resignation in her tone, Harry patted her shoulder. “Want me to talk with him?”She shook her head and flashed a weary smile. “Maybe later.”Before he could ask anything further, a young voice with a playful edge rang out in the room, followed by light footsteps padding down the staircase. “Did someone call me just now?”“Dinner’s ready, Shawn,” Luna called out before heading back to the kitchen when she heard the oven ding.Harry watched as a mop of black hair peeped out of the stairwell. At the sight of his nephew’s impish smile, Harry chuckled. “Were you eavesdropping just now?”The lanky teen skipped the last few steps and landed on the floor with a loud thump. He ambled towards Harry and dropped into the chair across from him. A wide grin still splitting his lips, he grabbed a fork and poked at the vegetables on one of the dishes. “I wasn’t eavesdropping. Just happened to listen in.”Shaking his head, Harry sighed and pulled out a chair before settling down on it. He regarded his nephew with an affectionate look. It was hard to dislike Shawn with his winning smile and sweet words. But the teen was difficult to handle at times since he feared no one, not even his mother. Fear was like a double-edged sword - destructive if used wrongly, but sometimes needed to guide someone back on the right path. Harry’s stomach curled at the memory of being whipped to within an inch of his life. Pushing the thought away, he focused his attention on Shawn instead.“So you heard what your mum said about you being too addicted to your phone?” he said gently, without directly admonishing Shawn. He knew that didn’t work on the kid.Shawn gave a careless shrug, one hand already digging into his shorts pocket for his phone. It was as if the phone was a magnet that sucked the kid’s hand to it. Harry always wondered what young people nowadays were doing on their smart gadgets the entire time. Facebook? Games? His eyes would tire of looking at the screen after more than an hour. Maybe he was getting old.“I heard you guys talking about the new art teacher though. Who’s she?” Shawn asked, even as his eyes flitted over the screen of his smartphone.Watching Shawn’s fingers fly over the small device, Harry could understand his sister’s frustration and despair. He wished there was a better way of telling the teen that there was a lot more to life than what was on that small screen. But for now, he let it slip.“She’s an old friend of mine. She’s a singer now, maybe you’ve heard of her?” he said.Shawn quirked an eyebrow and he looked up from his screen. “Oh wait. You mean that small-time singer who’s from here? She’s the new art teacher?”A little indignant, Harry cleared his throat. “Her album did pretty well actually. It got featured many times on the radio, you know.”Shawn simpered as a grin crept across his features. “So you really do like her, Uncle Harry.”Red erupted across Harry’s cheeks and he launched forward in his seat, ready to protest. But before he could deny it, Shawn added, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. It’ll be our secret.” Deflating, Harry sank back in his chair and massaged his forehead between his thumb and forefinger. “You really are incorrigible, Shawn.”The young teen laughed and returned his attention back to the screen. His agile fingers danced across the keypad as he typed out a quick tweet to his followers. Breaking news! Guess who our new art teacher is?? This lady:http://the-songstress-hermione.comThe second his thumb hit “Send”, a notification popped up on hundreds of people’s feeds. Many of Shawn’s friends and classmates replied almost instantly with emojis and short texts, all newly discovering who this Hermione personality was.But one person, in particular, had a vastly different response. After the small pop-up had materialized on his computer screen, tears sprung to his eyes. He lunged for the monitor, his trembling fingers reaching out to caress the thumbnail of Hermione. He whispered lovingly to the smiling picture of her.“I know where you are now, my goddess.”
Fire Emblem
FE3H: 'Forgiveness will come for you...' by SpiritLullaby
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AlucardXSherlina-REQUEST by BDOG375
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Gift: Happy Birthday Sonicfanmaster by Amberwrith
Yu Yu Hakusho
Y.x.D - Festival Questionairre by sethron


We do not Accept:
:bulletblack: Anti-Couple
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The "credits" aka disclaimer must include the canon character's name, the series the canon character is from and if you can help it, the original series' creator's name. We REALLY need this for submissions put in the "Other Fandoms", crossover and multiple fandoms folders. In case you are curious as to why I'm such a stickler for this rule here are the reasons:
  • The admins do not know every single series out there nor do we know every single character for each series. With series with HUGE casts like Naruto, Bleach, MHA, Marvel etc, it's really hard to keep track of who is a minor/sider character or who is an OC! Knowing the canon's name and the series they're from can help us look it up to make sure it belongs in the group!
  • Even if we do know the series, it's possible we might not recognize them if they're an AU! Think like genderswaps or "2P!"/roleswap AUs where the designs might be changed. Having this nice and clear in the description will make us go "oh, duh."
  • People have and continue to submit OC/OC artwork and Canon/Canon works to the group. This is a group for OC/Canon works, there are hundreds of other groups dedicated to OCs as a whole (solo pics or just OC/OC) and canon/canon ships. Knowing the name and series a character is from can help us find out if someone is just trying to post solo art of their and their partner's Naruto OCs.
I'm tired of telling people, especially people who have been told this numerous times since I've become an admin, to edit their descriptions so I am just going to automatically reject anything that doesn't have proper credits. You're free to resubmit your work once you've edited your description to include this.
Other things that keep getting posted to the group and are not allowed:
  • Screenshots of Dressup Dolls, PicCrews, Base Works (especially without credits to the original base!), and screenshot edits/traces. Try submitting them to our faves instead.
  • Roleplay requests/Looking For RP ads
  • Solo pictures of your OC! I will not make a folder just for Solo OC pics, I want to keep this as a group dedicated to OC/Canon (platonic or romantic) works.
  • ADOPTABLES. There are hundreds of groups dedicated to adoptables, commissions that allow adoptables or even OC groups that allow adoptables ads.
First of all, happy new year everyone! Lets hope for a better 2021! Second, I just wanted to say that I (and I'm sure the other admin staff) am sorry for the months of silence. A lot of pieces had expired while waiting for someone to accept them and a lot of people had outright left the group because of this and I can't blame them. I am only speaking for myself here but I wanted to offer an explanation for this (not an excuse but I can get people thinking it's that way, hah.)
For the longest time, I didn't have internet at my new place. Up until September/Early October, I only had internet once a week if I was lucky. The change to Eclipse and having to relearn the site once I got internet access also frustrated me. However, I sucked it up and decided to try to become active in the group once more (on this account and my new one). I cannot speak for the other mods but I'm sure it was also important and 2020 was just crazy and kept them away from the group as well.
In other news, I'm thinking we're in need of some new folders since it's been a while. Here are some I'm probably going to add:
  • Persona (Any of the games but I've noticed a lot of P4 and P5 lately)
  • Nintendo (Stuff related to Mario games mostly?)
  • Osomatsu-san
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Dragon Age
  • YuGiOh Arc V, VRAINS (not sure about Sevens since I haven't seen content for it yet!)
  • Mortal Kombat
  • and more obviously but just listing some examples
If you want new folders to be added the following requirements must be made:
  • You must have at least five pieces made for that fandom. New or old is fine, I just need proof that you are actually going to use it.
  • At least two other people have to second that suggestion. This is partially to avoid one person monopolizing a fandom and mostly just because I wanna make sure it's actually going to be used :'). OR...
  • A new folder can be made later if two more people start posting for that fandom.
  • Anyway comment your suggestions on this page.
Would you want more generalized folders? For example, a folder just for Western Animation (if it doesn't have a folder already) or "Fighting Games" or just keep it in "Other Fandoms"? (And if enough people vote 'yes pls', we'll have to go through older folders and see what companies/genre/medium justifies its own folder)
I'm also going to (slowly) be going through the group's gallery to remove rule breaking submissions (though I'm leaving submissions pre-2018 alone when it comes to credits and such). While I'm doing that, I'm gonna be moving submissions to the correct folders.
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