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A 110 day focus on your OC

Hello, what is OC-Training?

OC-Training is a collaborative project focused on developing your original character in 4 months.

Periodic enrollments are open for any reliable artist: beginner, intermediate, advanced, hobbyist or professional.

Our gallery has many subfolders

Members are auto-approved

Tenth Round Enrollments will open 1 February 2019.

Our goals, rules, and guidelines

  • Developing OC’s details and story
  • Creating a collection of visual art-works
  • Having involved audience for the OC

  1. One OC per round.
  2. No WIPs. At least shade and color all artwork. (excluding second task)
  3. Comment on all of your teammate's submissions.
  4. Provide links to comments in "Correspondence Message" when submitting art.

  • OC of any age, sex, species, genre and fandom welcome. You may feature additional characters in any art-work.
  • You are welcome to comment on all submissions, not only your team.
  • Belated tasks, except first and last, can be submited at anytime. Be sure to finish trades and critiques before the final task, though.
  • If you want to skip any of the trade tasks or critique, note admins in advance before the arrangements are made.
  • Note admins as soon as you start to expect that you may experience any trouble or need to withdraw.

Gallery Folders

Artorius's Fury by MartmeisterPaladin
Enjoyment: Deimos Ft. Makayla by ArthurQF
Sayest in Privet by StoryMaker91
Anger by charcoalfeather
Round ninth
9th round collab by Akaszik
OC Training 9th round agenda by Akaszik
Round Eight
8th round collab by Akaszik
OC-Training 8th round printable agenda by Akaszik
Round Seventh
7th round final collab by Akaszik
OC-Training 7th round printable agenda by Akaszik
Round sixth
OC-Training 6th collab by Akaszik
OC-Training 6th round printable agenda by Akaszik
Round fifth
OC-Training 5th collab by Akaszik
OC Training 5th round - AGENDA by Akaszik
Round fourth
OC-Training 4thR collab by Akaszik
OC Training 4th round - AGENDA by Akaszik
Round third
OC-Training 3rdR collab by Akaszik
OC Training 3rd round - agenda by Akaszik
Round second
OC-training 2nd winter round final collab by Akaszik
OC Training second round full schedule by Akaszik
Round first
OC-Training 1stR FINAL COLLAB 8K by Akaszik
OC Training full schedule by Akaszik
Visual guide to linking comments by Zakuro-Kona
Another great round comes to a end.  Congratulations to everyone who made it through on time!  We still look forward to seeing late-coming tasks, though.  Please be courteous of your teammates who are catching up, and still share comments with them even though it's no longer mandatory to you.

9th round collab by Akaszik

9th round GRADUATES:
1 Chris Aubresser by Birdhousebirdy
2 Deimos Katsaros by ArthurQF
3 Eyolf Solhrafn by HelevornArt
4 Gerda by Classically-DePunk
5 Gina Trebor by LadyLing
6 Halo by Patchyb4k4
7 Hinobi by NinjaSamuraiX
8 Jace  by Ulario
9 Jace Pyrs by dragondoodle
10 Komatii Ludwig Sinclair by komatii
11 Luzy by NieEngel
12 Makayla by Helladelic
13 Megumi Ryusei by rainbow000pegasus
14 Moroi by DihyaJam96
15 Naoko by LizChwan
16 Sam Ramey by charcoalfeather
17 Samuel Yardley by CromwellInnovations
18 Sheena by sorceress23
19 Violette Desjardins by pheeph
20 Nuor by Akaszik
21 Artorius Revana by MartmeisterPaladin

50% or more done:
1 Advril by Kitty-Craftsy
2 Alicia by theartsyXone15
3 Aria Moonlight by emilyldraws0303
4 Ario Dorset by TaintedTruffle
5 Cypher by Cyber-Cypher
6 Deimos by PsyPsy1
7 Entasa by StoryMaker91
8 Fortuna by LittleRubyKitty
9 Iris by pkmtrainerBenny
10 Keiran Devereaux by CelestialWolf66
11 Minato Kasasagi by MelancholyCyborg1
12 Minnerava 'Minne'  by MegaMaeve
13 Nikolai by Blood-artist-vamp
14 Nilla by sherkira
15 Niyeoth by Ithilloth
16 Samantha Kurby Brooklyns by SparkingGlitch
17 Shiden Yukiyama by Zakuro-Kona
18 Shiik by InkPawStudio777
19 Steven Armstrong by MadamFrost
20 Thalia Gray by Drayah
21 UR-3200 by Tris-Ghost
22 Vincent Horne by kopfschmerztablette
23 Yeong-soo by Torag1000
24 Zadkiel by ProbablyImpossible

Greetings from the new leader

I am extremely honored to take over leadership of OC-training. :blushes:  This group means so much to me.  It has helped me develop my art and characters more than anything else.  I have made treasured friends and met many inspirational through it.  I promise to do my best to take great care of this amazing group. :heart:

I certainly can't do it alone, and am extremely thankful for the other admins who will help me keep this amazing group going!

Honoring Akaszik

If you haven't already, please thank Akaszik for coming up with this incredible idea five years ago and creating OC-training for so many to enjoy.  We would not have this incredible group without her!  She has spent countless hours organizing the curriculum, encouraging others to share their art and characters, and doing so much hard work to make this all possible! She has also drawn her own tasks every round and arranged myriad OCs for all of the final collabs!  Not to mention, she has been raising two children during all of this time.  What an incredible woman. :D
:heart: If you're grateful for OC-training, then please - Drop her a comment, treat her with a fanart, check out her gallery, give her a watch or llamas or hugs! :love:  

Ewa - Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me and teaching me so many valuable lessons - especially about communication, leadership, and organization.  The lessons were not always easy, but I appreciate everything that you have taught me. :hug: You are a treasured mentor and friend.

All “Photoshoot" submissions sorted by teams

If your submissions in missing, note admins!

Team “Chartreuse”

:iconnakainrimmel: :icontheartsyxone15: :iconcyber-cypher: :iconstorymaker91: :iconpkmtrainerbenny: :iconrainbow000pegasus: :iconzakuro-kona:

NakainRimmel, theartsyXone15, Cyber-Cypher, StoryMaker91, pkmtrainerBenny, rainbow000pegasus, Zakuro-Kona

Alicia's Photo shoot by theartsyXone15 OC Training Photoshoot (11) - Cutout Cypher by Cyber-Cypher Iris - Photoshoot by pkmtrainerBenny OC-T: Megumi Photoshoot by rainbow000pegasus Shiden - Photoshoot by Zakuro-Kona

Team “Goldenrod”

:iconbirdhousebirdy: :iconcertain-oddities: :iconninjasamuraix: :iconblood-artist-vamp: :iconcharcoalfeather: :iconsparkingglitch: :iconpheeph:

Birdhousebirdy, Certain-Oddities, NinjaSamuraiX, Blood-artist-vamp, charcoalfeather, SparkingGlitch, pheeph

Chris Aubresser - Photo Shoot by Birdhousebirdy Fortuna (Photoshoot) by Certain-Oddities Hinobi Photoshoot by NinjaSamuraiX Fall Nikolai by Blood-artist-vamp Sam Ramey - Photoshoot by charcoalfeather Sams photoshoot by SparkingGlitch Violette Desjardins - Photoshoot by pheeph

Team  "Maroon"

:icondragondoodle: :iconinsanemonkey46: :iconnieengel: :iconsammyburger: :icontris-ghost:

dragondoodle, InsaneMonkey46, NieEngel, SammyBurger, Tris-Ghost

(Rier and Cassie left training.)

Captain Jace Pyrs - Photoshoot by dragondoodle Photoshoot by NieEngel Photoshoot by Tris-Ghost

Team "Ochre"

:iconkitty-craftsy: :iconarthurqf: :iconulario: :iconhelladelic: :iconiven-furrpaw: :iconithilloth: :iconkopfschmerztablette:

Kitty-Craftsy, ArthurQF, Ulario, Helladelic, Iven-Furrpaw, Ithilloth, kopfschmerztablette

Task11 Advril - Final colab by Kitty-Craftsy Photoshoot: Deimos by ArthurQF [OC Training] Jace - Final by Ulario Makayla Photoshoot by Helladelic Niyeoth: photoshoot by Ithilloth OC Training - Task 11 - Photoshoot (Round 9) by kopfschmerztablette

Team “Silver”

:iconhalanlore: :iconmelancholycyborg1: :iconwolfchiefsdaughters: :iconlizchwan: :iconsherkira: :iconinkpawstudio777: :iconmadamfrost: :icontaintedtruffle:

HalanLore, MelancholyCyborg1, WolfChiefsDaughters, LizChwan, sherkira, InkPawStudio777, MadamFrost, TaintedTruffle

Minato by MelancholyCyborg1 Pout by LizChwan photo shot nila by sherkira Autumn's Spell~ (Photoshot) by InkPawStudio777 9.11 Photoshoot by TaintedTruffle

Team "Umber"

:icontete-depunk: :iconkomatii: :icondihyajam96: :iconcromwellinnovations: :iconsorceress23: :iconwafflenutofkitties:

Tete-DePunk, komatii, DihyaJam96, CromwellInnovations, sorceress23, WafflenutOfKitties

(Kindara left training.)

Prom Photoshoot-Final Assignment-OC-Training by Tete-DePunk Oc training snapshot, by komatii Photoshoot - Moroi by DihyaJam96 Samuel Yardley by CromwellInnovations Sheena Photoshoot by sorceress23

Team "Vermilion"

:iconemilyldraws0303: :iconpsypsy1: :iconpatchyb4k4: :iconcelestialwolf66: :iconprobablyimpossible:

emilyldraws0303, PsyPsy1, Patchyb4k4, CelestialWolf66, ProbablyImpossible

(Scottie and Seona left training.)

photoshoot - OC training by emilyldraws0303 [Task 11] Photoshoot by PsyPsy1 Photoshoot [OC-training] by Patchyb4k4 [OC-T] Keiran - Photoshoot by CelestialWolf66 [OCT] Zadkiel Photoshoot by ProbablyImpossible

Team "Yellow"

:iconmartmeisterpaladin: :iconhelevornart: :iconladyling: :iconmegamaeve: :iconakaszik: :icondrayah: :icontorag1000:

MartmeisterPaladin, HelevornArt, LadyLing, MegaMaeve, Akaszik, Drayah, Torag1000

Artorius at Rest by MartmeisterPaladin Eyolf: Photoshoot by HelevornArt OCT Photoshoot by LadyLing Minne - Photoshoot by MegaMaeve Nuor by Akaszik Thalia Gray Photoshoot by Drayah Yeong-soo Task 11 Photoshoot by Torag1000

Tenth Round

Enrollments for OC-Training Spring 2019 will open the beginning of February, and the round will run from March 1st - June 20th.

There are a couple minor changes to look forward to next round.  The critique task will be moved later into the round (before prom), and both art trade tasks are given an additional three days (13, instead of just 10 or 7), so the whole thing will also be a little bit longer.

*visual schedule coming soon*

See you then!
More Journal Entries


Character creation, worldbuilding
The Map Generator For Photoshop by WorldBuilding
Apperance, anatomy, facial features
Eye Coloring Tutorial [SAI] by Lanahx3
Notes for foreshortening with ERIC by FUNKYMONKEY1945
A small study in body language by DamaiMikaz
Fear Notes by Expression
Technique - a craft of the medium
Soft light shading tutorial by Akaszik
Gwen Process by LilyOndine
Boxes- a tutorial about Global ilumation and AO by AI-battle-programer
How to remove background in PS by CatPlus

OC-Training's Hall of Fame

9th round GRADUATES: 1 Chris Aubresser by Birdhousebirdy, 2 Deimos Katsaros by ArthurQF, 3 Eyolf Solhrafn by HelevornArt, 4 Gerda by Classically-DePunk, 5 Gina Trebor by LadyLing, 6 Halo by Patchyb4k4, 7 Hinobi by NinjaSamuraiX, 8 Jace by Ulario, 9 Jace Pyrs by dragondoodle, 10 Komatii Ludwig Sinclair by komatii, 11 Luzy by NieEngel, 12 Makayla by Helladelic, 13 Megumi Ryusei by rainbow000pegasus, 14 Moroi by DihyaJam96, 15 Naoko by LizChwan, 16 Sam Ramey by charcoalfeather, 17 Samuel Yardley by CromwellInnovations, 18 Sheena by sorceress23, 19 Violette Desjardins by pheeph, 20 Nuor by Akaszik, 21 Artorius Revana by MartmeisterPaladin, 8th round GRADUATES:1 Adrian, Student by delphenelightfoot 2 Andrei Novokshonov, Don Cossak ex-officer by Classically-DePunk 3 CAL-1B, Host Lifeform by Iven-Furrpaw 4 Dar Haiyo, Fire Mage by Dar-Haiyo 5 Elihal, Horse Archer by MegaMaeve 6 Genesis, genie/ vampire by sanakito 7 Hintor, Prince of Cora by LadyLing8 Iolanthe Teriae, Sorceress/Illusionist by dragondoodle 9 Jack Garner, Gunlayer 1st Class by probablyimpossible 10 Jessica Nesbitt, University Student by pheeph 11 Kandi Raver, Trickster by Cyber-Cypher 12 Koe, Killer/Scientist by dihyajam96 13 Kuzma 'Kuzya' Mayakov, Soviet writer by charcoalfeather 14 Lonoke, Architect/City Leader by Birdhousebirdy 15 Luisa, college student/soldier by el7doodles 16 Nikolai Ariti Dougenis, Royal Guard by pkmtrainerBenny 17 November Hunt, highschool student by Drayah 18 Opal Brookes, cake decorator by AzulArtist1027 19 Poloma, archer by WolfChiefsDaughters 20 Pushkari Kuraitsuki, telepathic teenager by Zakuro-Kona 21 Pyro, Xdrossi Chemist by WafflenutOfKitties 22 Souldiercross, Ancient mastermind by InkPawStudio777 23 Tara, Beast Master by Ulario 24 Tatiana LaMonta, Infanta by SilkyLoaf 25 V1-13, clone by LizChwan 26 Vanhya Vandheira, Angel Soldier by Kainatarma 27 Yngvar, Norse berserker by HelevornArt 28 Sayest, King by StoryMaker91 29 Celice, king’s privy chamber maid by Akaszik, 30 Glacies Las Bourbon, combat butler by Tris-Ghost 7th round GRADUATES: 1 A3-27, clone mechanic by LizChwan, 2 Aetius, casting recruiter by Ulario, 3 Aidan, monk enslaved by Vikings by HelevornArt, 4 Alairen, duke of Jaigon by RitellianCaptain, 5 Arsenios, soldier and town guard by Celesol, 6 Ash Ratigan, flying school boy by Zakuro-Kona, 7 Baccara Night Rose Maiden, guardian of the Dystopians by CyberFurry10, 8 Bloke, commander of HMS Cruiser by ProbablyImpossible, 9 Caleb, mage and gardener by MegaMaeve, 10 Celeste Marcella, assassin by ArthurQF, 11 Edgar, independent detective by bertalina, 12 Emiko de la Porte, princess and fighter by LadyLing, 13 Green Gnome, antisocial gnome by GnomeTales, 14 Hadrian, knight and outlaw by Torag1000, 15 Hunter, necromancer by MadamFrost, 16 Isabelle Bastet, werecat from Inverse Egypt by pheeph, 17 Jastin, peaceful prince by Drayah, 18 Katya, factory worker by charcoalfeather, 19 Kylone, archer and rogue by InkPawStudio777, 20 Lex Ashton, undercover agent by Iven-Furrpaw, 21 Lionel Toddson, M.U.P.A. protector by MrPr1993, 22 Merry Cure, a little pony by Akaszik, 23 Mizzy, exile in search for lost friends by WafflenutOfKitties, 24 Omusa, Brave warrior by WolfChiefsDaughters, 25 Retsu, samurai by GerardManSlave, 26 Riana Keral, former slave by girl-n-herhorse, 27 Sasha, mayhem for hire by NakainRimmel, 28 Mel Sireno, young outlaw by InsaneMonkey46 6th round GRADUATES: 1 Aevathross Yoltepenaeyo, historian and primal mage by Ithilloth, 2 Alwen 'Al' of the North, elite captain by MegaMaeve, 3 Belthrein, royal messenger by RitellianCaptain, 4 Camille DeMonte, demon protector by KuchisakeKiss, 5 Clara, robot mutant lady by BirdhouseBirdy, 6 Draymond, bounty hunter by LadyLing, 7 Falco Atrico, technology businessman by Kitty-Craftsy, 8 Faria Phoenix, Pokemon trainer by CelestialWolf66, 9 Islanamara 'Isa' Kaito, warrior princess by Drayah, 10 Kylan, Youtube celebrity by Ulario, 11 Mamoru Kuraitsuki, time traveler by Zakuro-Kona, 12 Masami Kaminari, blind wanderer by GerardManSlave, 13 Nickel Gitana, RWBY huntress by cjShiina97, 14 Quinton, tech-savvy internet troll by InsaneMonkey46, 15 Rannveig, noble Viking berserker by HelevornArt, 16 Reinhardt Bösemann, fictional Nazi commander by ProbablyImpossible, 17 Revan, Empire Enforcer by DaiseyMae, 18 Sammy Jackson / QUARTZ, Jeweloid Healer by MaddieJK, 19 Sri Lanka, supervillain thief by CyberFurry10, 20 Tonii, fighter with fire powers by InkPawStudio777, 21 Tristan Thomas, robotics student by pheeph, 22 Winona, wolf riding warrior by WolfChiefsDaughters, 23 Zephaniah, Valo prince by Amasteria, 5th round GRADUATES: 1 Até, aristocrat pyrokineticist by DrinkTeaOrDie, 2 Auctus, a spacecraft pilot by Ulario, 3 Cora Saris, Jedi knight by DaiseyMae, 4 Danika, kindred courtesan by Raqonteur, 5 Emily Templeman, military officer by misssleeper, 6 Hakon the Bold, Viking warrior by HelevornArt, 7 Isugoro Jintez: Gelus Soldier by MaddieJK, 8 Jana Andersen, special force soldier by pheeph, 9 Kahi, magic researcher by Naefa, 10 Margo, accountant married to a superhero by Birdhousebirdy, 11 Marietta, steampunk maid by Petrotasia, 12 Nadasa, apothecary and herbalist by Drayah, 13 Naika Haunter, retired assassin by InkPawStudio777, 14 Puck, second in command on a spaceship by ProbablyImpossible, 15 Tehuti Naeem, exorcist and time bender by constantinejohny, 16 Travis, clone created with magic by AvocadoAfro, 17 Zhad, Shadow Corraler by Iven-Furrpaw, 18 Riku Fujioka, captain of soccer club by KamiNoDarkWolf, 4th round GRADUATES: 1 Adam, the psychopath king by Birdhousebirdy, 2 Ameran, a traveler by bertalina, 3 Anna, a clerk caught up in events by Raqonteur, 4 Aurulia, kind girl with sunlight superpower by Drayah, 5 Capt. Captain of WWII ship lost in space by ProbablyImpossible, 6 Cassia Chu, a school girl with a crus by Andoria-sama, 7 Drei by Celesol, 8 Gama, a duelist by casedlsk1253, 9 Geronimo, quiet boy with superpower by unexpectedchibi, 10 Jack Saddle, an elegant card cheater by Petrotasia, 11 Joar, pickpocketer and illusionist by Ithilloth, 12 Kye, a traveler with pyrocinetic skill by Carabolus, 13 Mina Caines, a biology teacher by pheeph, 14 Miza, a teen heiress by Akaszik, 15 Ran-Qui, a Jedi knigh by Ulario, 16 Ruka Retsusan, superhuman power wielder by Zakuro-Kona, 17 Shiik Elenath, monster hunter by InkPawStudio777, 18 Snarky by StoryMaker91, 19 Suellen Salyor, an Exorcist by Hoples, Honorable mention: 20 Aino, the exorcist by MissSleeper, 3rd round GRADUATES: 1 Ali, a pangolin in high school by Birdhousebirdy, 2 Bantyr Hasib, Duke of Getah by Akaszik, 3 Jack, the Musicbender by Petrotasia, 4 Ren, a demon hating us all by Carabolus, 5 Scarlet, a hunter by Ulario, 6 Stella Francesca Burlone, a gym teacher by pheeph, 7 William, a mage by ForestHowler, 2nd round 50% or more done: Amber Hunt, high society widow by Raqonteur, Amuntra, a heroine with sword by Petrotasia, Arianna Skyski, a racer by Birdhousebirdy, Jillian "Tabby" Chu, a photoreporter pheeph, Kasui, singer of Siren’s songs by bertalina, Marceline DeMorgenster by jaredt, Matthias by sauroctonus, Rowena, a student of vital energy paths by Ithilloth, Xed, one with spectral arm and leg by dreadful-xed, 1st round GRADUATES: 1 Deren Keizzal, imperial guardsman by Ulario, 2 Eishou/ Jaster by bertalina, 3 Johny Spikes, the pyrokinetic by SapphireComics, 4 Kaisha Hasib, the singer by Akaszik, 5 Katelyn Marie Fros, the student by pheeph, 6 Marlow Fernicker, the attorney by ProbablyImpossible, 7 Othallon Oscarius, the court mage by Ankh-Ascendant, 8 Romulus by IceBridget, Founder & admin for rounds 1st to 9th: Akaszik, Past and current admins: Aleraianprincess, Sans-saerif, Yorunosasori, Ankh-ascendant, Jazz-rhythm, Goddessgalaxia, Ulario, Reduxblack, Zakuro-Kona, MaddieJK, Ithilloth, MissSleeper, Megamaeve, Kitty-craftsy, Pheeph, Probablyimpossible, InkPawStudio777, Helevornart, Dragondoodle, Classically-DePunk, Arthurqf, Birdhousebirdy




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