for character development

Hello, what is OC-Training?

OC-Training is a collaborative project focused on developing your original character in 4 months.
:bulletgreen: Round 13 enrollments are closed! Stay tuned for the next round!

The group is open for any reliable artist: beginner, intermediate, advanced, hobbyist or professional.

We don't accept random OC art,
only tasks and works related to the program.

Our gallery has many subfolders.
Explore to see what we're doing here!

Members are auto-approved.
If you have questions, note us or write a comment!

Our goals, rules, and guidelines


:bulletpurple: Developing your OC's design and backstory
:bulletpurple: Creating a collection of visual artworks
:bulletpurple: Acquiring an audience for your character

  1. One OC per round.
  2. All artwork must be drawn by you and at least shaded or colored. No WIPs. (Comic pages are allowed to be a neat sketch/lineart)
  3. Comment on all of your teammates tasks with at least a sentence.
  4. Provide links to comments in "Correspondence Message" when submitting art. fav.me/dc31mll

  • OCs of any age, gender, species, genre and fandom are welcome. You may feature additional characters in any task.
  • You are welcome to comment on all submissions, not only your team.
  • Belated tasks, except the first and last, can be submitted at anytime. Be sure to finish trades and critiques before the final task, though.
  • Mature content is allowed as long as you put a mature tag on it. Be mindful that some of your teammates may find your submission disturbing.
  • If you want to skip any of the trade tasks or critique, note admins in advance before the arrangements are made.
  • Note admins as soon as you start to expect that you may experience any trouble or need to withdraw.

Gallery Folders

Artorius's Fury by MartmeisterPaladin
Enjoyment: Deimos Ft. Makayla by ArthurQF
Sayest in Privet by StoryMaker91
[In private] Dar's secret little habit by Dar-Haiyo
Hall of Fame
Collecting Shells by DiabolicalDiablerist
[OC Training] Irvine - Photoshoot by Ulario
Brad Link Photoshoot by MeganMosier
Beach Poppy by Blood-artist-vamp
Round Thirteen
OC-Training Round 13 Agenda by Zakuro-Kona
Round Twelve
OC-Training Round 12 Photoshoot by Zakuro-Kona
Oct Round 12th Round Agenda by MegaMaeve
Round Eleven
OC-Training Round 11 Photoshoot by Zakuro-Kona
OC-Training Round 11 Agenda by Zakuro-Kona
Round Ten
OC-Training Round 10 Photoshoot Collab by Zakuro-Kona
OC-Training Round 10 Agenda by Zakuro-Kona
Round ninth
9th round collab by Akaszik
OC Training 9th round agenda by Akaszik
Round Eight
8th round collab by Akaszik
OC-Training 8th round printable agenda by Akaszik
Round Seventh
7th round final collab by Akaszik
OC-Training 7th round printable agenda by Akaszik
Round sixth
OC-Training 6th collab by Akaszik
OC-Training 6th round printable agenda by Akaszik
Round fifth
OC-Training 5th collab by Akaszik
Round fourth
OC-Training 4thR collab by Akaszik
Round third
OC-Training 3rdR collab by Akaszik
Round second
OC-training 2nd winter round final collab by Akaszik
Round first
OC-Training 1stR FINAL COLLAB 8K by Akaszik
Visual guide to linking comments by Zakuro-Kona

Countdown to Prom Deadline

Friday, April 16th @ 10:00pm

Instructions in the journal. :party:
The round 13 is almost over. :faint: We want to applaud you guys for keeping up! So many people have turned at least 8 tasks in. Those who are still catching up - we see your hard work too and we cheer on you! You can do it! :eager:
After three challenging tasks, time for... well, another challenging task. :XD: As opposed to the often heavily emotional Fear and Anger though, this one is for fun. Let us celebrate that we've made it through the round! :party:

Task Ten: Prom

:bulletpurple: Crown your favorite OCs from the round as prom royalty. Court may be included.
Objective: Show your appreciation for the authors of OCs you enjoyed the most this round! Show us how your OC likes to party, how they behave in a crowd, show them having fun with other OCs! Did they make friends (or mortal enemies, or anything in-between, really) with other OCs? Do they admire other OCs from a distance? Did you make friends with other authors? Give a spotlight to the characters and creators you enjoyed this round! Unleash the shenanigans!
For this task, you can either:
  • draw just one OC as Prom King/ Queen/ Royalty,
  • draw an entire court of characters you enjoyed this round,
  • draw a group of OCs having fun together,
  • draw your OC hanging out with your favourite OC from the round,
  • all of the above,
  • ???
  • and then they'll all be sorry.
Most of all, enjoy yourself!
:bulletred: What to comment: In order to upload Prom, please comment on your teammates' Anger/Fear tasks (as well as all of the tasks that came before these tasks). Remember to check for the late submissions too!
In case the submission ticket doesn't show up in your Notifications, you can: (1) send the group a note with your commenting links; (2) wait until an admin comments on the submission ticket and you can respond with the commenting links; or (3) put the commenting links in your artist's description.
How to submit: submit to the 13.10 Prom folder
Now that we have reached Prom, we encourage you to browse through the tasks of your fellow participants outside your own team to spread some extra love and interest. :heart:
Looking Ahead

Photoshoot Instructions

Photoshoot is the FINAL task of the round. The hard deadline is on April the 30th. Please make sure you meet that deadline! We want your OC on the collab!

Pending Art Trades and Critiques

:bulletred: Along with the art trades, please be aware that all critiques must also be posted before the final (Photoshoot) task gets accepted! :star: IMPORTANT: All trades must be completed before we accept your Photoshoot task into the group, as well as if you want to return the next round. If neither partner has submitted their half, and both agree to it, then it is possible to withdraw from the trade without such consequences. If your partner has submitted their half, then you must complete yours.
Please note: If you fail to deliver a trade, you will be banned from future participation in the group until the belated task is turned in. We will welcome you back as soon as you complete your commitment.
:bulletgreen: The queue for the Critique task is still open for all latecomers! Critique is an obligatory task if you wish to graduate.

Team Features

Team Collections:
Click on the team's name to enter the folder! If your artwork is missing or misplaced, please remove/resubmit it to the right folder, or let us know.
@HelevornArt @hermiethefrog @ProbablyImpossible @SilkyLoaf @Zakuro-Kona (5n1p5th35k3l3t0n & aStrayNeko withdrew)
More Journal Entries


Visual guide to linking comments by Zakuro-Kona
Round 13 - Team Features
Character creation, worldbuilding
Vancano's Map Generator for Photoshop by WorldBuilding
Apperance, anatomy, facial features
Clothing and Folds Tutorial by juliajm15
Eye Coloring Tutorial [SAI] by Lanahpyon
Notes for foreshortening with ERIC by FUNKYMONKEY1945
A small study in body language by DamaiMikaz
Technique - a craft of the medium
Soft light shading tutorial by Akaszik
Gwen Process by LilyOndine
Writing resources
Round 12 - Team Features




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NewSea-ANother Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2020
Dear guys, I'm so sorry my entries turn out so horribly half-assed =( OCT is a great thing, but I must admit: deadlines are absolutely not my cup of tea =( If you liked my characters, please stay tuned for more after the round ends! When there's no time limit, I'll be able to put much more efforts into my works! 
Mu-Yan Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I, unfortunately, have to withdraw from this round :( I'm so bus recently I got a huge art block :(
Zakuro-Kona Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2020   General Artist
You're so close to the end! It's okay to be late with some of tasks, even after the round is over. So if you feel up to finishing Feng's anger & prom tasks at a later date, you can post them even months from now. :nod:
Please still consider joining us for the Photoshoot task, so your character can be featured alongside the other OCs of the round.
Don't let it put any extra pressure on you, though - only if you feel up to it. Please take care of yourself. :hug:
Now - Because you have already been assigned to a critique paring, it is necessary that you complete those at some point, or you won't be allowed to join another round. The critiques are treated as a trade, so in fairness sake to your partners, we ask that you deliver those. I hope you understand.
NewSea-ANother Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2020
Hello! I finished the Wardrobe yesterday, can I join the Wish?
GerardManSlave Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2020
Hello! At the moment there is no other participants waiting for a partner, and it may take a while to find one. You can either go solo, or wait it out and work on the next task. Let us know what you would like to do. =D
NewSea-ANother Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2020
Then I think I'll focus on the Personal Life task for now, and then time will show. Okay?
GerardManSlave Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2020
Sounds good. Thank you!
Mu-Yan Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello, I just wanted to say, that I probably can't make the deadline in the wish trade with Zakuro-Kona
I try to finish it this weekend tho! Got a turbulent time on work, so everything was quite messed up :(
Zakuro-Kona Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2020   General Artist
:hug: It's okay with me. Hope things start going smoothly for you!
MegaMaeve Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2020  Hobbyist
Thank you for letting us know! The deadline doesn't end until Saturday, so maybe you'll make it still! :la: 
Please do make sure to finish the trade as soon as possible.

Good luck at work! :heart: 
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