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Equuleus by Lynx-Catgirl
[Artwork moved] Colorblind Art Challenge by Xievos
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400 WATCHERS DTIYYYYY by CallmeWierdy
[OPEN 2/2] ADOPTABLE AUCTION #167, #168 by LittleBukchi
Adopt Auction 82 Open by s1lxnce
KiTtY :) by pettingqueen
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kaorihotaru/Adopt/Auction151/[OPEN] by slivkityan
Adopt [Open] by 4Swarog9
Roozter dragon- OTA OPEN by Dimirage5
[OPEN] Koi carp (YCH) by Katsuro-chan
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Pastel sweetheart by Blossom4Jelly
[CLOSE] Adopt Auction [0/2] by tomodeira
[OPEN] Auction Lady Duck by NiceFai
Adopt [OPEN] paypal by Wsdttqpng
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#67 [ open ] Set Price Adopts by hiemsmoon
YCH Valentine's Day OPEN by NopikoMisa
The Diamond by lokga
[OC]Look at me by mysza888
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Dune vs Star Wars by Akaszik
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PPG OC: Butterfly Shows her Beauty (2016 Style) by Wanda92
PPG OC: Figure Skater Butterfly (2016 Style) by Wanda92
PPG OC: Butterfly and the Butterfly (2016 Style) by Wanda92
PPG OC: Bouquet in Dragon Ball Super (2023) by Wanda92
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[OPEN] [3] adopt auction by nevol99
[OPEN] [5] adopt auction by nevol99
Kiara - The Battle For Life by BluuLeopard
[OPEN] Auction Adoptable #85 by MiraiLis
AI - mech - robot - android
ADOPT REMINDER by deepseafuck
25$ ADOPT REMINDER by deepseafuck
35$ ADOPT REMINDER by deepseafuck
Secret Rendezvous pg. 13 by HoshikoxHikari
Anthro, were-creatures
Mrs. Rose by ZizanChan
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Adoptable #68 auction OPEN by Grimlai
Albedo and Aether by aemi27
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Mature Content

The Hanged Man by LegendRiders96
Horror - gore - macabre
Horacz haze by D-iawahl
Animation and pixel art
ADOPT (OPEN) Mystical Lords | 3/3 | by Quinnmanellen
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Commish - request - trade
[LIMITED] - YCH #1 by Oni-dessin
Kairi and the Phantom Planet PT3Some time later, Kairi could sense Liva’s boredom as she stood idly by, watching her fiddle with the robotic brain of the android.“You don’t have to stay, you know? I find trying to crack encryptions fun, but I can sense your boredom.”Liva’s ears twitched as she leaned against the bulkhead of the lab. “I was hoping for some girl talk or something. But you’ve been digging around in those circuits.”“I need to focus,” Kairi replied.“So you’re trying to politely tell me to blast off,” Liva asked.“No. I mean, if you want. I… Ahh!” Kairi stepped back as she smiled. “Cracked it.”“Now what?” Liva asked.Kairi fiddled around with the wires, “I’m accessing the databanks. Maybe our android friend can tell us exactly who he works for and why. This is so exciting!”Liva twitched an ear, “You’re weird Kairi.” Kairi giggled, “You always say that about me.” “Cause it's true.” Liva replied, flashing her sharp teeth. Kairi faced her friend and folded her arms, “Say, you hear from CC lately? You know, Carols.” Liva twitched an ear, “Not in a few months, must be the same with you if you’re asking me.” Kairi could sense some concern from Liva. “I’m sure she’s alright. Probably been caught up in her duties just like us.” Liva huffed, “Yeah I hope so. Just lost plenty of friends and it always starts with the sudden silence.” Kairi could feel the sadness, “Oh, Liva. I’m so sorry. I’ll still be around. Even if our careers don’t leave much for personal time I’ll always keep in touch.” Liva grinned, “Thanks Kairi. You’ve been doing well for yourself.” Kairi set the android head to the side, and hooked a datapad up to it. “It will take some minutes to download all the information. Would you like to get some freeze dried ice cream from the galley with me in the meantime?” “Sounds lovely.” Liva exclaimed.Stars surrounded the two captains as they stood at the center of the Stellar Cartography dome. Sphinx couldn’t help but let his mind wander as he looked upon the bright balls of light. He spent his life in space, had flown through its depths separated only by a spacesuit, yet he never seemed to lose his sense of wonder.Jackson was fiddling with the console. “Okay, this is strange.”Sphinx shook himself out of his stupor. “What is?”Jackson regarded him. “I’ve been inputting the coordinates, each of the systems experienced a slight gravitation fluctuation at several points in their past. Curiously, it only lasted a few hours.”Sphinx tapped his foot, “So, an object just at the edge of these star systems was generating enough mass to affect things slightly and then vanished?”“What it looks like. Even more wild, two of these were recent and coincide with alleged Xicoa sightings.”“Starting to look like it’s real,” Sphinx replied. “Better let command know. Nice work there.”The commander nodded, “Thanks, I started out in navigation and astronomy has been one of my hobbies since I was younger.” Jackson regarded Sphinx, “Hey, just because it’s the two of us, I got to ask you something.”“What would that be?”“How did you get to be Captain so quickly?”Sphinx sighed, “So that’s it, huh? Well you’re pretty young to be one yourself, but setting that aside I’ll try and give you a straight answer. It just happened. Sometimes we just find responsibility and command thrust upon us. I acted in a crisis, caught some eyes.”“Just have all the luck I guess.” Jackson grunted.“Honestly some days I wish the rise up the ranks had been a bit slower. You know as well as I the burdens that come with power and responsibility.” Jackson didn’t quite know how to reply. Fortunately he didn’t have to as Kairi presently strode in. “Hope I’m not interrupting, but this is important. I’ve ID’d our suspect.” As she held up a datapad, Kairi showed them the very man they’d chased off.“Nathan Lurtz. He was a brilliant engineer in robotics.”“Was?” Jackson questioned.“The council cut his funding years ago, he had suspicious close ties to a known Fourth Reich agent.”“Great,” Sphinx grumbled. “Why’s he chasing after Xicola?”Kairi shrugged. “Wants the technology for himself? Wants to sell it off and fund his work? Maybe aid his chums in the Reich?“But he doesn’t know where to look, so no need to worry,” Jackson muttered.Kairi frowned as she rubbed at the tip of her pointed ear. “Well, he could have had one of his androids scan the tablet noting every detail. So, he might still be in play.”Sphinx was headed for the door. “Let’s get moving. Rockets up in ten.”The two rockets were waiting at the edge of the system. All but essential systems were shut down as they idled.“You sure this is the right place? There’s nothing here,” Kairi whispered despite the fact that speaking normally wouldn’t have given their position away.“Positive,” was the reply from the navigator.Zeelus the archeologist was also present on the bridge. “I assure you my research is impeccable.”Just then Kairi frowned as her instruments lit up. “We got incoming... from a wormhole? But there are no wormholes in this sector...”A large spherical object suddenly materialized where there had been nothing. It looked like a planetoid, except the surface was metallic and pockmarked by impacts with asteroids and other space junk. Kairi could sense the awe and wonder from the crew present. This was an unprecedented and historic event.“Incredible,” Trevor stated. “The thing can generate a wormhole around it and relocate! No wonder it’s been sporadic, it’s always in motion.”Zeelus raised his arms high, his eye stalks twitching, Kairi could feel the intoxicating enthusiasm radiating from him, “Yes! I knew I was right! I knew it!”“How do we get in though,” Sphinx asked.“Looks like there’s a few sealed portals. Perhaps if we get closer, they’ll open automatically?” Kairi hypothesized.“I don’t have any other ideas. It would take a fleet to even damage the hull of that thing. Let’s go in for a landing: we’ve only got a few hours before this artificial world vanishes. Timers set.” The Endurance and the Hamilton both streaked for one of the portals As the ships drew closer, the portal opened. Kairi watched her instruments. “There’s a weak forcefield in place. Guess that’s what keeps an atmosphere there.”As they started for the entrance, there was the notification of a hale incoming.Sphinx answered. “Sphinx here.”“Captain, it’s Jackson. We’ve got problems. A Ga’Rean saucer just popped up. We’re engaging. You’re on your own until we chase them off or destroy them.”“Understood. Happy hunting,” Sphinx replied.“Ga’Reans?” Kairi asked. The Ga’Reans were one of the many enemies of the Council of Planets.“Could be: Everyone wants a piece of this sphere,” Sphinx grumbled. “Understood Hamilton, happy hunting.” After passing through the entrance, all of them gazed in wonder at what they saw within. Though it was all artificial, they were surrounded by blue skies and white clouds that moved in the interior. There was even a sun, though it was but an image. The real environmental controls seemed to be further down below the rocky surface, itself an artificial construct made lifelike.“Incredible,” Kairi breathed.When the ship landed, several of the crew adorned their suits and got out. Zeelus was with the away team.“Marvelous! I can’t believe I’m standing here on the greatest scientific discovery of all time!”“Control yourself. We need to find the controls as it were,” Sphinx reminded him.“Of course. If the scans you took are correct one of these rocks is actually a lift.”“Okay, Kairi, Gayle, Trevor, Gresh are with me and Zeelus. The rest of you keep an eye out here.”Once again the sled was put to use, the interior of Xicoa was silent, yet so lifelike. There were no cries of animals, no hum of vehicle aside from their own. It was a facsimile of a planet, but no life seemed to dwell within.When they reached the false stone it parted on their approach, much like a door on their ship and indeed there appeared to be a lift within. The team crowded into it as it began its descent. Kairi shuddered, here she was willingly descending into the bowels of an alien vessel unlike any other. She could sense her companions’ emotions too, anxiety, curiosity, and excitement from Zeelus.She could sense something else too. Sadness? Regret? Kairi frowned as she shivered. It wasn’t coming from any of her companions, it was coming from all around.“What is it Kairi?” Sphinx asked.“I sense something, a great sadness. It’s hard to describe to you, none of you share my people’s empathic abilities. It’s not coming from a being, but this whole planet. It’s almost like a... psychic thumbprint.”“Fascinating,” Zeelus exclaimed.
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[Set price OPEN] Sexy outfit adoptables #37/40/41 by tohi-ta
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Valentine's YCH Finished Commissions by Kiddysart
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midnight circus by pettingqueen
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La Catrina 2021 by Lily-de-Wakabayashi
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OC-tober. 07 Fan by Cranash64
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Bumble by BabyBumbleBeeUwU
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Commission - Corvus by point-maitimo
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Bunny Suit Jam: Shihosu by KaiMacTrash
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early in the mornings by sadpacific
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Kurou and Ciri by DreamEatingYuu
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[I7 OC] Sakura Aizome by Risu-chan013
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George Frost on 4th of July by GeorgeFrost3


Hello members,
First of all, I'd like to say it has been ages since I have interacted with the group I had started in 2011. Plentiful times I have tried to hand over this group to someone more active than I, as I have been focusing heavily on my life and my future. Aside from personal, I finally decided to take a moment to look over the group and the messages that I have been missing.
While being away for so long, I am clueless as to the group's activity and whether or not I have someone watching over this group. For that I am terribly sorry for not taking more responsibility as a host. From the looks of it, you, the members, have been pretty much running this server with your amazing artwork and interacting professionally within comment section in regards to your profession. Loads of talent and respectable people. I am very happy to see that and I am very grateful to all of you who have just been vibin' and getting comfortable within the group. I would have never imagined this server being alive to this day while I've been away from it for so long. Personally, thank you.
With that, I'd like to ask from the members how it is I may organize and clean up this group before I grow too busy to return for its care again. Such as full folders. I have missed a couple messages a bit ago mentioning the folders being full. When jumping into the gallery I did not realize the overwhelming full folders just sitting there at the bottom. That is a lot to scroll through. Some of these folders are pretty old.
An idea I have is to delete all the full folders. I have never wanted to resort to that decision in regards to the artwork that had been posted from past time but the overflow is a bit cramped in the gallery and probably confusing to some members.
Unless DeviantArt has a system that allows me to archive them, I would do that instead. If anyone has a solution to this issue do let me know in the comments below. However, if there is no solution to refrain from deleting the -full- folders I would still like to see others opinions to this clean up - or if you are against this idea.
I would also like to add that I haven't been as active within DeviantArt all together, so if anyone is pro DA and understand this new visual update or add-ons for certain activities I would appreciate some guidance to update this group for everyone.
Note: Please understand I am still a very busy artist and my response time may be delayed.
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Welcome to OC Take Over where we're here to group and bond to conquer deviantArt!
Let us band together to better ourselves in our skills with an army of oc's. Very simple training technique. Keep drawing, don't stop, and share with us what you got.

This group accepts all sorts of OCs of any kind with different styles and with an open heart from all, we'd love to see what you have to share!

:bulletpink: Must be a member to submit. Everyone is welcome to join!
:bulletred: Can submit 10 deviations per week.
:bulletorange: Art must be your own!
:bulletyellow: Please tell us when a gallery folder is full!
:bulletblack: Be sure you are posting to the right folder, please and thank you.

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Commissions OPEN! |PayPal|Terms and ConditionsAll corrections are allowed only at the sketch stage!Payment of 100% after approval of the sketch. (PayPal only, by invoice)The price may vary due to the large number of details in the character or additional creatures/items/interactions with items - in this case the cost is calculated individually!If there is no reference of the character's outfit design: headshot, halfbody +$5; fullbody +$10 Screenshots from the game, models from Hero Forge and other similar references are not enough. The more references you can provide me with, the more accurate the result will be! Here's an example of how references should be collected if there is no character design.The time can be very different, depending on the complexity of the work. With every commission I try to learn something new, and that takes time.The style and technique may vary from job to job as I am constantly learning and looking for the most comfortable options for me. If you like a specific detail in a work ( line, hair coloring technique, shadows, etc.) and want to see it in your commission - let me know in the beginning.I use the finished artwork in my portfolio and galleries, but if you don't want this to happen, you should let me know at the beginning. I retain ownership of all art I create relating to your commission. This includes, but is not exclusive to: sketches, line art, and finalized commissions. If you would like to use art I create for commercial purposes, please include that information in your initial contact with me, as it will affect the price., QUEUE: IF YOU DON'T WANT YOUR NAME TO BE SHOWN IN THE QUEUE, LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE! You can contact me by:⁜ Email: (name subject as "Commission DA")⁜ Discord Cairye#3729 ⁜ Notes or Chat Have a great day and thank you for your time! ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ* * * * *Examples of completed commissions:for @IraGoBrr,,,,,for @KyleGames123 | Anon Commission,for @Miyon, for kuni-boogiepop |for Faily-chan,for smolnug ,for @Aiel246 | for @Antimonesia ,for @Hank1sDank ,for @Floocharm97,for Slammerhead14 (3 top) and Portalmaster2400 (3 bot),for Tesomere Games (link to Discord Server),for ,for @Aimi_Ikar,,,,,Other works:, Mellwyn | Headshot Commission by Cairye Scylla | Sticker Commission by Cairye  
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[OPEN] Genshin Bow of the Holy Lily by Nieien
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