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OCSS is also home of the "Cataclysmic Universe", the fictional universe that is home to She-Cat, her friends and lethal enemies.

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The Irregulars 6: Swiss Christmas - 66VERBIER, SWITZERLANDThe village of Verbier during Christmas time was charming and picturesque. A famous ski resort town, Verbier brought in visitors and tourists from around the world. The most common languages spoken among residents were English and French, along with a bit of German – typical of Switzerland. After breakfast they got cleaned up and dressed, deciding to leave the chalet and go about the village to enjoy the Christmas spirit. The ladies put on comfortable attire, jeans and tees and warm boots– along with their soft fur coats. For Penny this was a beautiful shadow fox stroller. Its white fur had dark grey highlights and it hung past her knees; it had an enormous hood which fell back over her shoulders. Olivia’s fur was a stunning, ankle-length red fox coat, the fur lovely and amazingly soft; it also had a hood. Nina wore an equally gorgeous golden isle fox coat. The calf-length fur didn’t have a hood, but it did have an extremely broad collar, like a mantle. They got into Penny’s luxurious purple Bentley Flying Spur, with The Martian behind the wheel and Penny beside him, Nina and Olivia in the back. Ember was staying behind at the chalet, wanting a nap and maybe play on Olivia’s PS4 later on. They drove into the heart of the village, The Martian very cautious as he navigated the big Bentley saloon car through Verbier’s narrow, winding, and often sloping streets. Given that it was ski season and Christmas Eve, there were a lot of locals and tourists out and about, even in the late morning. When they reached the Place Centrale, The Martian began looking for a spot to park. It wasn’t easy because there was so little of it to be found. Penny watched her man drive with quiet admiration. He might be the world’s most long-range teleporter but he was also a skilled driver with decades of experience. Now that he was used to the Bentley he handled it with confidence, even on Verbier’s wintry streets. After about twenty minutes of driving around the central core of the village, he muttered a frustrated fuck it and pulled over onto the icy sidewalk outside Restaurant La Channe. He balled his hands into fists and closed his eyes, then slowly unclenched them with a soft expelling of air. “Are you all right, Mars?” Penny inquired in concern. The Martian took a deep, calming breath before answering. “Penny, you know I love you, all my heart. No offence to you and Olivia, but when it comes to driving, you Swiss are fucking mental. I mean, look at this! There’s no real parking anywhere! We’re on the goddamned sidewalk and that’s normal around here?” He turned to look at Nina. “And again, no offence, my love, but that goes for the rest of Europe, too. I’ve driven England, Italy, Switzerland – it’s all nuts! Skinny little roads, lunatic drivers, no parking spots anywhere… doesn’t Europe ever modernise?” Nina laughed. “Only when forced to, darling.” “And Swiss cops are speed Nazis,” he complained, getting out of the Bentley. “Go like one click over the limit and they’re all over you, the bastards.” “Unfortunately we don’t live in a vast country like Canada. Space is limited,” Penny remarked in amusement. She came around the car and took his hand. Nina and Olivia joined them, also hand-in-hand, with Olivia putting her lynx’s big hood up. She normally wore glasses to help with socialisation and today her designer sunglasses were needed: it was a cold sunny day, all the snow making things brighter. With the chill Penny also put her shadow fox’s hood up. She gave her husband’s hand a squeeze. “Come on, my love. Let’s have a nice walk through the village.”It being Christmas Eve, there were decorations and lights everywhere. The restaurants were packed, the shops were doing a brisk trade with last-minute shoppers, and there were throngs of tourists, many heading off for the assorted ski slopes in the area, known as the Four Valleys, south of the Rhône river. Verbier was one of the five leading villages in those valleys, including La Tzoumaz, Nendaz, Veysonnaz and Thyon. As was the case wherever he went, The Martian drew a lot of looks, stares and (this being the modern epoch) people trying to take his picture or record him on video with their smartphones – because life was apparently no longer enjoyable unless you recorded every fucking second of it on your bloody phone. Their efforts were of course useless because he was invisible to machines, from cameras to motion detectors. Penny held his arm, her long purple hair spilling from her fur hood, and walked with pride beside her man. Proud to be his lover, companion, and partner. Nina walked beside them, drawing looks of her own because of her beauty. Olivia held her hand, nervous to be out in public but happy to be with her loved ones. With her own fur’s hood up and a pair of sunglasses on, and her coat sleeves reaching her fingertips, there was virtually nothing to mark her invisibility. Besides, most people failed to notice details. They strolled all through the Place Centrale and looked at the Christmas decorations, lights and displays in the shop windows. It would of course be far prettier at night, but they would be at home then, enjoying Christmas dinner and movies afterward. And then bedtime with plenty of lovemaking in their soft, warm furs. They’d done a complete tour, taking their time, and had returned to the main square when Olivia pointed to the Xtreme Sports Verbier boutique which sold skiing equipment, clothing and accessories, as well as providing equipment rentals. “Come on, I want to check it out,” Olivia told them eagerly. “Maybe they’ve got some new snowboards in. And I could do with some new ski clothes.” Nina gave her a kiss and happily followed her in, being a woman who loved to shop. The Martian hung back a moment with Penny, lowering his voice. “Wasn’t it her new snowboard that you had me hide at the base?” Penny grinned. “Well, of course. But she doesn’t know that.” The Martian shared her grin and they entered the pro shop hand-in-hand. He’d never been in a dedicated ski store before (the Bazaar of Kooloogoo sure, but never a ski store) yet he was thoroughly unsurprised that the majority of what Xtreme Sports was selling was high-end and very expensive ski clothing and related accessories, with the actual ski equipment taking up a small section of the shop. They also sold a large variety of hiking shoes for adults and children, all of them ludicrously overpriced. Switzerland was one of the most expensive countries in the world and the shop lived up to this fact. A simple ski helmet was going for around 300 Swiss francs. Olivia and Nina were unsurprisingly in the clothing area looking at ski jackets and the tight, fashionable ski pants that would show off their fabulous derrières. With Nina’s encouragement Olivia had pulled her fur’s hood down to reveal (as it were) her invisible head which supported her sunglasses. The shop’s staff were all young Swiss, none older than mid-twenties, and so were very happy (if surprised) with the invisible metahuman chick in their boutique. That she and her girlfriend were wearing expensive luxury furs made them the shop’s preferred type of customers: wealthy. The shop’s clientele were looking at The Martian curiously, however, even though he was also accompanied by a beautiful young woman in a very pricy fur. He did his best to ignore their impolite stares. Nothing new there. A sales clerk, on the other hand, knew a wealthy woman when he saw one, along with a potentially big sale. “Merry Christmas! Welcome to Xtreme Sports,” he said with a warm smile. “How can I help you today? Looking for that last-minute Christmas gift?” Penny smiled. “I’m covered for Christmas, thank you. Just browsing.” “Well, if you need anything or have a question, please ask. My name’s Eric.” “I will, thank you.” Eric offered his hand to The Martian. “Just wanted to say it’s a pleasure to meet you, sir,” he said and they shook. “My friend works over at Le Shed, and I was really envious when I heard that you and your friends were there for dinner and I missed it.” “Thanks, man,” said The Martian, unused to fans. “Appreciate it.” “Thank you, you’re very kind,” said Penny gratefully, holding her husband’s arm in a way that clearly said they were a couple. “I have your book,” Eric told The Martian. “The photography is outstanding. I think one of my favourite shots is that erupting volcano on Io.” “Oh yeah, that’s a good one,” The Martian agreed, smiling. “I have to ask: how the hell did you manage to take it?” “Well, Cera’s the photographer. I just got her to Io. So we see the–“ At that moment there was a woman’s angry shout, followed by the sound of a strike, a man’s yell of pain, followed by the unmistakable sound of store mechanise crashing to the floor. There were cries of alarm from the other customers. Eric hurried off to see what the trouble was, Penny and The Martian going after him.“Say that again, you racist bastard!” Nina was in a rage, Olivia holding her arm as she poured righteous wrath on the man who had fallen into and knocked over an expensive display rack of ski jackets. The rack’s glass top had smashed into several pieces, its hats and scarves lying amid the broken glass. Nina kicked him in the leg, then kicked him again. “Nina, what happened?” Penny asked, running over. “This piece of shit,” she kicked him hard, “said the most disgusting thing about Mars! I won’t even repeat it. It included you, too.” Nina had angry tears in her eyes. “What’s going on here?” Eric demanded as other clerks arrived. “I heard this metaphobic piece of shit make the most horribly racist remark about my friend, Mars,” Nina replied. “So I punched the bastard.” The youthful, open-minded clerks glared at the man who was rubbing his leg. “I’m metahuman, too!” Nina told him proudly. “So am I.” Penny held her husband’s arm with equal pride. “You got a problem with me being invisible, you asshole?” Olivia added hotly. “You fucking metas are crazy,” the man sputtered, getting to his feet. Nina started crying. “It’s Christmas, you sonofabitch! A time for love! How could you say such a hateful thing?” She clung to her Martian, sobbing into his chest, and Penny and Olivia held her in support. The manager arrived and told the man, “Get out of here. There’s no place for bigotry and racism in my store. Get out and never come back. You disgust me.” Two of the clerks angrily escorted the bigot from the shop, to the cheers and applause of the other customers. As an empath Nina felt things very deeply, far deeper than any normal human. It was what helped her be such a phenomenal lover. Unfortunately it also meant that when she was upset or angry or afraid or depressed, she felt those emotions with much greater intensity, too. “I’m terribly sorry this happened in my store,” the manager told them sincerely. “Don’t worry about the damages, that’s not even an issue. Can I help any?” “Your kindness and support have been a great help,” Penny replied appreciatively. “I need to get my friend home now, but please know that I’ll make sure to shop here for all my ski supplies, somewhere that’s inclusive to metahumans.” “It would be our pleasure, Miss…?” “Penelope Parker. I’m also known as Purple Penny.” Nina sniffed. “I want to go home, have Christmas with my family.” “Home it is,” said The Martian and they all vanished in a green flash. He’d go back for the Bentley once they calmed Nina down.The Christmas Eve dinner was a very happy event in the end. The Martian took Nina to bed, helped her strip out of her clothes and get under the sable blanket, and cuddled with her until she eventually fell asleep. He teleported back inside the Bentley, concentrated hard, then teleported himself and the entire car into its place in the garage. Then he popped back up to Nina’s bedroom, took off his clothes and got into bed with her. She immediately turned in her sleep and snuggled close. He kissed her forehead and settled in, soon drifting off to sleep as well. Penny and Olivia took care of the dinner preparations, laying out the table for five. They didn’t tell Ember about the incident, not wanting to upset her needlessly. The catered food arrived on time, everything pre-made. All Penny and Olivia had to do was pop things in the oven to cook for the prescribed time, or to simply reheat. With only four adults and a space cat to feed, Penny had skipped ordering the canapés and some of the side dishes. It was still a fair amount of food, however. When everything was ready by seven that evening, Olivia went upstairs to Nina’s bedroom to wake her and The Martian from their nap. They were already awake, cuddled together under the huge Russian sable blanket and watching TV. Nina was feeling much better. Olivia happily told them that dinner attire was pyjamas, by Penny’s decree. Olivia was wearing midnight blue silk pyjamas and white fox slippers. Nina put on pure black satin pyjamas and black mink slippers, and for Penny it was light orchid satin pyjamas and chinchilla slippers. Before The Martian could ask what pyjamas, Olivia gaily tossed him a wrapped present from Penny. Inside were a set of men’s pyjamas: grey silk with a pocket over the left breast and the hems on the bottoms brushing the top of his bare green feet. Nina thought he looked handsome. Dinner itself was a very joyous occasion, although The Martian didn’t eat much of it. He wanted to share Penny’s traditions, that was true. But he was a simple man at heart with simple tastes, especially food. The catered dinner, while excellently prepared, was well beyond his experience and pallet. He had a rule: don’t like it, don’t eat it. He was used to turkey, mashed and broiled potatoes, simple veggies, simple sauce. To him this dinner was something like King Louis XIV would have had. Penny had ordered catering from someplace called Sheppard’s Pie Splendid Suppers, serving gourmet dinners. For starters there was spinach and smoked salmon with sun-blush tomato roulade; chestnut and parsnip soup with crispy bacon lardons; and wild mushroom frittatas. The main courses were roast turkey with sage and apple stuffing, home-made gravy, and cranberry sauce; fillet of beef with tarragon béarnaise sauce; pork tenderloin wrapped in pancetta with spinach and chestnut stuffing with home-made gravy; and nut roast with a rich tomato sauce. Side dishes were roast potatoes in duck fat; potato dauphinoise; roast vegetables (carrots, parsnips, celeriac and beetroot); cauliflower cheese; stir-fried Brussels sprouts with chestnuts; peas and broccoli. For dessert there was Christmas pudding with brandy sauce; or Buche de Noël with cream (the fancy French way of saying a Christmas log cake); pear and frangipane tart with vanilla ice-cream; and a choice of cheeses with membrillo and cheese biscuits. In the privacy of his unreadable mind he was all what the fuck is this? But he kept his thoughts to himself, not wanting to hurt Penny’s feelings. He’d said he wanted to share in her traditions, have a Swiss Christmas. You pays you money, you takes you chances. In all honesty most of the stuff he couldn’t stand. He skipped the starters. For the mains he took some turkey and beef fillet, some roast potatoes and peas and carrots, and that was it. For dessert a slice of Christmas log cake. Ember ate the meat dishes and had a big slice of Christmas log for dessert. After dinner they all cuddled together in the living room to watch A Christmas Carol. Then it was off to bed with Nina and Olivia hand-in-hand and wishing Penny and The Martian a Merry Christmas. Ember settled down on the living room’s loveseat.Penny snuggled close under her purple fox blanket. “It was a bit much, wasn’t it?” “What was?” The Martian asked, though he knew what she meant. “Christmas dinner. I don’t have to be able to read your mind to see you weren’t really comfortable with it all. You barely ate anything.” “I’m sorry I spoiled things for you,” he said, sorrow in his voice. Penny sat up and saw how genuinely upset he was. “You didn’t spoil anything.” “I said I wanted a Swiss Christmas and you went to all that expense and trouble, and I spoiled it by being a classless space bum.” Penny straddled him, looking him in the eye. “You spoiled nothing. You hear me, my love? Nothing. Olivia didn’t eat everything on the menu, nor did Nina. That’s the whole point of a buffet dinner like that: take what you want. I think perhaps I was the one who overdid things a little.” ”You didn’t,” he insisted. “Olivia and Nina loved it.” Penny kissed him softly. “I took you because you’re what I want. For always. I know who you are. I wouldn’t have you change one bit. I love you, Mars.” “I love you too, all my heart,” he said, his eyes damp. Penny kissed him again, and again, then unbuttoned and took off her pyjama top. Her bottoms were next, then she got her man out of his pyjamas. She had him lie down in the middle of the bed, in all that soft fur – then mounted him, getting him inside her where he belonged. Then Penny made love to her husband: slowly, passionately, quietly. Made love to him to let him know just how much she loved him, and always would.
OC Text, snippets, information, etc
VWW Uprising 2022 by Branded-Curse
OC References, screenshots, etc
Champions Online: Merry Christmas! by VikkiVikkiCO
I'd just like to remind everyone that this group is strictly for posting artwork of ORIGINAL OCs. Fanart of established characters will regretfully be removed. Not that I don't appreciate the hard work and beautiful pieces but that's not what the group is about. Thank you for your cooperation.

Much love,
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