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What would be the ultimate team? Well, we think you guys should tell us! Create the ultimate team. Shall it be a team up with heroes and villains? Should it be the worlds greatest heroes? The most crooked villain? You decide! you Must have an OC in the picture
You are to make the ultimate team
You must use at least one OC
No nudity or anything too graphic

Prize: (even though I suck at drawing) I will draw your OC

Contest starts: augest 11
Contest end: october 2nd
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Gordo the Leshy Druid and Elmer by wonderfully-twisted
Waterman (Vince Kersey) by AvalonPublications
OC Sheet: LandmineName: Trevor BlankAge: 25Species: Human (Gifted)Nationality: AmericanFrom: Hollywood, CaliforniaGender: MaleHeight: 6'1Nickname(s): LandmineAppearance: Trevor has short spiky blonde hair and blue eyes. His usual attire consists of a black hoodie with yellow edges, black jeans, tan sunglasses, and a gold nose stud.History: Trevor was born to a poor family and was constantly abused by his 3 older step-siblings and his step-father for most of his childhood simply for being adopted. When he was 13 years old, he spent his time hanging around known gang members instead of going to school, which his step-father soon figured out. While Trevor was receiving a beating, his powers suddenly manifested and accidentally caused an explosion that mortality wounded his step-father and caused their trailer to be destroyed. He quickly fled the scene and has lived on the streets since.After running away, he made it his goal to form his own gang and gain the respect of the notorious mob boss known as Boss Pesci, seeing him as a father figure. At the age of 19, he formed The Boomers with a handful of members, causing mayhem and destruction.Personality: Growing up with his abusive family, Trevor was a very quiet kid with no voice of his own. Once he ran away, however, he quickly grew out of his shell and became very outspoken and determined to be respected by people. Due to having Dyslexia and very little to no support from anyone, he can hardly read, write, and has trouble following the simplest of instructions. Despite having a boastful and overconfident outlook, he tends to doubt himself when it comes to making his own decisions. He usually gets advice from the members of his crew on how to commit their numerous crimes. Despite this, he sees his gang as a surrogate family and deeply cares for them, unlike most of the other mob bosses in the U.S.Abilities: Trevor was born a Gifted, meaning he was born with his abilities. His ability is to cause explosions with a snap of his fingers. How large and powerful the explosions can be are completely random, although they are certain to cause damage to anyone unfortunate to be caught in the blast. The largest explosion he was able to make was enough to reduce an entire 12-story building into rubble.Weapons: Trevor doesn't carry any weapons.Weaknesses: In order to hit his target, Trevor needs to be able to see them. If his sight is compromised in any way, he can't aim where to snap his fingers and most likely cause an explosion to happen right in front of him.Enemies: Jake PhoenixAllies: Boss Pesci, Plazma
Power Hoss, muscle Belgian draft horse by animagusurreal
The Secrets
Purple Secret Cubee by BobTheEgg
Secret Silence Cubee by BobTheEgg
Red Secret Drawings by RedSecretplz
The Cartoon Red Secret by RedSecretplz
Redesigns of Existing Characters
Chainsaw Vigilante+ Deadpool tumblr banana comic by arcanineryu
Chainsaw Vigilante tumblr-22 by arcanineryu
Chainsaw Vigilante and Deadpool comic #10 by arcanineryu
Chainsaw Vigilante and Deadpool comic #5 by arcanineryu
OC Heroes
Captain Hollywood Ally: Captain Vegas by mr-redx
Captain Hollywood Ally: The Pittsburgh Steeler by mr-redx
The Protectors 1 by JR19759
Davy Jones Ally: Mermaiden by mr-redx
OC Teams
The Mediums by dragonestea
Justice Guard by JR19759
More New Heroes by JR19759
Alyn and Tex by DragonhunterTomyh
OC Villains
Empress Villainess: Floodwave by mr-redx
Kayn Villain: Death by mr-redx
Blind Bowman Villain: The Naknight by mr-redx
Apex Predator by Tae-Rai
Other OCs
3000 Page Views by JR19759
New Characters 2 by JR19759
Yonkami by jackcrowder
The Watchman (Neo Version) by JR19759
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Mature Content

A fight in the night by phoenixbird
I have a few questions for you by phoenixbird
Freedom War: Stress by 127thlegion
Batmaster and Secret-Silence pt1 by AndrewSAP
OCs and Existing Characters
First Meeting by phoenixbird
Two Knights in Gotham by mr-redx
Captain Hollywood in Gotham City by jackcrowder
Kiss the Superman by Sunshine-Green
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This is a group for anyone who wants to create and share their original superheroes! Nudity, sexual themes, and religious content are not allowed. If you have any questions please contact AndrewSAP or RedSecretPlz. Thanks and welcome to OC Superheroes! :D
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