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Gallery Folders

9th round collab by Akaszik
8th round collab by Akaszik
7th round final collab by Akaszik
OC-Training 6th collab by Akaszik
After training illustrations
Connection by Kitty-Craftsy
Request: Celice by InkPawStudio777
Mothers Day 2019 by pheeph
Before training illustrations
No More Clownin Around by ArthurQF
the Council of Non-Amusement by Ithilloth
Can't Pinch Me by pheeph
Come back! by Kitanokata
Literature and comics

Mature Content

Drawing Names by pheeph
Maps and single hints about settings
Stellaris by MadamFrost
Stronghold by Kitanokata
Wesnorh Alphabet by Sunlit-Creator
Sketches, sheets, synopses, memes
Bantyr in private by Akaszik
Nonteon: lesser triads by Ithilloth
Bubble Gum and Cigarettes by PsyPsy1
TYPICAL BOY! by Raqonteur
OC-Training themes
Ayaka Hayatsume - Profile by pheeph
B a d V i b e s by Helladelic
Party Like It's 1988 by Zakuro-Kona
She's So Unusual by Zakuro-Kona
We authors
Princess Serenity - cosplay by Akaszik
A day in the lab: Cells vs Scientist by Kitanokata

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Evidence by EthanRieck Evidence :iconethanrieck:EthanRieck 2 1 I Told You it Would Be Easy by LadyEru I Told You it Would Be Easy :iconladyeru:LadyEru 75 3 Fighters by Ralen-Lykos Fighters :iconralen-lykos:Ralen-Lykos 3 10 Crossover contest entry by PuddingValkyrie Crossover contest entry :iconpuddingvalkyrie:PuddingValkyrie 11 7 Poodle Skirts by Ayanonumber13 Poodle Skirts :iconayanonumber13:Ayanonumber13 7 21 COMMISSION: Fairies by TEAofeyes COMMISSION: Fairies :iconteaofeyes:TEAofeyes 82 16 Comm: Fiala and Holly by speakforyourselves Comm: Fiala and Holly :iconspeakforyourselves:speakforyourselves 17 3 Adel and Jalal by LukaszMuzial Adel and Jalal :iconlukaszmuzial:LukaszMuzial 4 5
OC-Training trainess drawn by others than participants.

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OC-Relax organization

:bulletpurple: OC-Relax gallery is only for authors who at least made 50% or more of OC-Training.

:bulletpurple: Only deviations that are not in any of OC-Training group folders.

:bulletblue: Join requests are subject to vote, but then submissions are auto-approved.

:bulletblue: If you are not author of the OC, but you once participated in OC-Training, please also add your art-work to gallery folder.

:bulletblue: Deviations that feature an OC who once take part in OC-Training, but is made by author who has never participated, goes to “Favorites” folder.

:bulletblue: One submission per week please. Although you can add here WIPs, probably you’d like to save the limit for something more refined.

Gallery folders

:bulletgreen: After training illustrations
Single illustrations made after OC-Training, that feature an OC who once participated. Possible crossovers, goes here as well as cosplays, crafts and other visual deviations. Any other OC or canon character may be featured in the scene.

:bulletgreen: Before training illustrations
Single illustrations made before OC-Training, that feature an OC who then participated.

:bulletgreen: Literature and comics
Short and long stories here. Both written and drawn.

:bulletgreen: Maps and single hints about settings
Alphabets, sights, family trees etc. welcome.

:bulletgreen: Sketches, sheets, synopses, memes
Sketches, character sheet, outlines of plot and all kind of memes, e.g. “Draw this again” , "Influence map", "Genderbend meme", "Bodylanguage meme", “Summary of art”, “Age meme”. Only these which feature an OC who once participated.

:bulletgreen: OC-Training themes
Single illustration, a comic or a literature piece about one of OC-Training themes, but featuring an OC who has never taken part in actual training.

  • identity or main occupation
  • clothes, accesories, weapons
  • wish/ dream
  • favorite food or drink
  • favorite school subject
  • humor sense and style
  • quirk, secret little habit
  • usually adopted team role
  • way the OC usually sleeps
  • favorite activity, a hobby
  • fear
  • anger
Art-works added here could be also submited in posible next round of OC-Training.

:bulletgreen: We, authors
Your photos, auto portraits, memes e.g. "Meet the artist". Also advertisements, e.g. taking requests, commissions, looking for art-trade, opening a NaNo Camp cabin.

:bulletgreen: Affiliates
OC-Training policy is focuss on one OC for 110 days, but here is relax, so you may see some stuff by our affiliates.

Have fun! :aww:
Edit: +list of OCs of 9th round

List of OCs whom members of this group may submit to folders: "After training illustrations", " Before training illustrations", " Literature and comics" and "Sketches, sheets, synopses, memes". Deviations by people who are not members here, but drawn or written about OCs from list below, goes to "Favourites". :eager:

Round first

28 submitted first task
8 completed all

OC-Training 1stR FINAL COLLAB 8K by Akaszik [oc-training] Prom by Ankh-Ascendant

1st round GRADUATES:
1 Deren Keizzal, imperial guardsman by Ulario
2 Eishou/ Jaster by bertalina
3 Johny Spikes, the pyrokinetic by SapphireComics
4 Kaisha Hasib, the singer by Akaszik
5 Katelyn Marie Fros, the student by pheeph
6 Marlow Fernicker, the attorney by ProbablyImpossible
7 Othallon Oscarius, the court mage by Ankh-Ascendant
8 Romulus by IceBridget

1st round 50% or more done:
1 Arion, a powerful being by YoruNoSasori
2 Articus Barlow (John Doe) by iamkathybrown
3 Calian, a ranger by Ithilloth
4 Nuanga - Maxson, the mercenary by Nemerida
5 Ra'id Al-Raq, a womanizer and resercher by ParzifalsJudgment
6 Rose 'Red', the anthropologist by skart2005
7 Runnis, a good hunter by Sans-Saerif
8 Ryan Walters, a Marquis' brother by Shadedsolace
9 Sauroctonus by Sauroctonus
10 Tamantha by SeriousSillyness
11 Thais, the clairvoyant by Jazz-Rhythm
12 Tondra by candle-earth
13 Venn, the refuge by x-Memoire-x

Round second

OC-training 2nd winter round final collab by Akaszik Oc training- Prom by bertalina Prom evening - wip by Sauroctonus Task 9: Prom by Birdhousebirdy

50% or more done:
Amber Hunt, high society widow by raqonteur
Amuntra, a heroine with sword by vetrotasia
Arianna Skyski, a racer by Birdhousebirdy
Jillian "Tabby" Chu, a photoreporter pheeph
Kasui, singer of Siren’s songs by bertalina
Marceline DeMorgenster by jaredt
Matthias by sauroctonus
Rowena, a student of vital energy paths by Ithilloth
Xed, one with spectral arm and leg by dreadful-xed

Round third

15 submitted first task
7 complete all

OC-Training 3rdR collab by Akaszik A summer bonfire by Akaszik Prom - pavane dance by Akaszik Task 9-Prom for Ali and Friends by Birdhousebirdy

3rd round GRADUATES:
1 Ali, a pangolin in high school by Birdhousebirdy
2 Bantyr Hasib, Duke of Getah by Akaszik
3 Jack, the Musicbender by Petrotasia
4 Ren, a demon hating us all by Carabolus
5 Scarlet, a hunter by Ulario
6 Stella Francesca Burlone, a gym teacher by pheeph
7 William, a mage by ForestHowler (moonlit-creator)

3rd round 50% or more done:
8 Alycia Masterson, a not so average girl by Raqonteur
9 Cleo Leith Havernesson, a student by mosaichearts
10 Giovanni Veleno, "The Belladonna Man" by ProbablyImpossible
11 Shavana von Riemorou by Ithilloth
12 Henore Marquis, a king by Shadedsolace
13 Loathe - EmeraldNight by ParaXellate

Round fourth

28 submitted first task
19 completed all

OC-Training 4thR collab by Akaszik Ameran's travel guideIn Ameran's homeland they had books which were mostly copied out by scriveners, hence books are really expensive things to own. Here is one of them in front of you. “The travel guide”.
Geography and politics
In Anna's Homeland the British Empire still rules, democratically, of course, over a large portion of the world. India and the Americas are still British colonies.
In Gama's world, well it's bleach and yugioh zexal in the same universe, seireitei, human/world of the living, huence mundo, barian world and astral world all in the same universe.
The city of Mariton, home to Mina Caines (and Tabby, Katie, and Stella) has been the center of bizarre events including UFO crashes and the werecat plague.
Nikoma's home world is a war torn galaxy.
Ran-Qui's home planet is a pastoral grassland world mostly inhabited by ranchers and farmers
In Snarky's world the laws of magic are determined by a counsel. This counsel has been infiltrated
Customs and laws
Prom! by Zakuro-Kona Prom Party with Adam by Birdhousebirdy The homecoming. by InkPawStudio777

4th round GRADUATES:
1 Adam, the psychopath king by Birdhousebirdy
2 Ameran, a traveler by bertalina
3 Anna, a clerk caught up in events by Raqonteur
4 Aurulia, kind girl with sunlight superpower by Drayah
5 Capt. Captain of WWII ship lost in space by ProbablyImpossible
6 Cassia Chu, a school girl with a crush by Andoria-sama
7 Drei by Celesol
8 Gama, a duelist by casedlsk1253
9 Geronimo, quiet boy with superpower by unexpectedchibi
10 Jack Saddle, an elegant card cheater by Petrotasia
11 Joar, pickpocketer and illusionist by Ithilloth
12 Kye, a traveler with pyrocinetic skill by Carabolus
13 Mina Caines, a biology teacher by pheeph
14 Miza, a teen heiress by Akaszik
15 Ran-Qui, a Jedi knight by Ulario
16 Ruka Retsusan, superhuman power wielder by Zakuro-Kona
17 Shiik Elenath, monster hunter by InkPawStudio777
18 Snarky by StoryMaker91
19 Suellen Salyor, an Exorcist by Hoples

4th round 50% or more done:
20 Aino, the exorcist by MissSleeper
21 Freya, a Sailor Senshi by eowynceleste
22 Frogger, a middle school student by llama2-YaY1
23 Ignazio - Dante, Jazz Age Atlantian barattender by ForestHowler
24 Julian, a demon hunter by Nowherekidx
25 Leana, fast cars lover by ReduxBlack
26 Nikoma, space bandit by SilverSparrow123
27 Thesia, a thousand years old witch by isis2433

Round fifth

41 submitted first task
29 completed all

OC-Training 5th collab by Akaszik Graduation Ball :) by Naefa OC-Training -fifth round- Chibis by Zakuro-Kona

5th round GRADUATES:
1 Até, aristocrat pyrokineticist by DrinkTeaOrDie
2 Auctus, a spacecraft pilot by Ulario
3 Cora Saris, Jedi knight by DaiseyMae
4 Danika, kindred courtesan by Raqonteur
5 Emily Templeman, military officer by MissSleeper
6 Hakon the Bold, Viking warrior by HelevornArt
7 Isugoro Jintez: Gelus Soldier by MaddieJK
8 Jana Andersen, special force soldier by pheeph
9 Kahi, magic researcher by Naefa
10 Margo, accountant married to a superhero by Birdhousebirdy
11 Marietta, steampunk maid by Petrotasia
12 Nadasa, apothecary and herbalist by Drayah
13 Naika Haunter, retired assassin by InkPawStudio777
14 Puck, second in command on a spaceship by ProbablyImpossible
15 Tehuti Naeem, exorcist and time bender by constantinejohny
16 Travis, clone created with magic by AvocadoAfro
17 Zhad, Shadow Corraler by Iven-Furrpaw
29 Riku Fujioka, captain of soccer club by KamiNoDarkWolf

50% or more done:
18 Aren, possessed assassin by kawaiikirakoala
19 Augustine II, the prince of Wesnorh by Sunlit-Creator
20 Aurora Nightingale, spirit traveler by CelestialWolf66
21 Devlin Fenix, vampire inventor by dargon899
22 Gyongyi, traveler with magic wand by cpmcpm13
23 Holly Shepherd, secretive schoolgirl by Zakuro-Kona
24 Ire, magical pet by Angry-Kitsune
25 Isaac, occult investigator by Ylerinn
26 Isillien, ranger in training by Ithilloth
27 Jalal, a stable boy by Akaszik
28 Levi, immortal sociopath by PsychosPsychosis
30 Rin, half-yokai writer and artist by isis2433
31 Sebastian, prince of Esout by Moonlit-Creator
32 Wolvesblade, monster hunter by druton

Round sixth

42 submitted first task
23 completed all tasks

OC-Training 6th collab by Akaszik

6th round GRADUATES:
1 Aevathross Yoltepenaeyo, Ithilloth, by Aevathross Yoltepenaeyo, Ithilloth,
2 Alwen 'Al' of the North, MegaMaeve, by Alwen 'Al' of the North, MegaMaeve,
3 Belthrein, RitellianCaptain, by Belthrein, RitellianCaptain,
4 Camille DeMonte, KuchisakeKiss, by Camille DeMonte, KuchisakeKiss,
5 Clara, Birdhousebirdy, by Clara, Birdhousebirdy,
6 Draymond, LadyLing, by Draymond, LadyLing,
7 Falco Atrico, Kitty-Craftsy, by Falco Atrico, Kitty-Craftsy,
8 Faria Phoenix, CelestialWolf66, by Faria Phoenix, CelestialWolf66,
9 Islanamara 'Isa' Kaito, Drayah, by Islanamara 'Isa' Kaito, Drayah,
10 Kylan, Ulario, by Kylan, Ulario,
11 Mamoru Kuraitsuki, Zakuro-Kona, by Mamoru Kuraitsuki, Zakuro-Kona,
12 Masami Kaminari, GerardManSlave, by Masami Kaminari, GerardManSlave,
13 Nickel Gitana, cjShiina97, by Nickel Gitana, cjShiina97,
14 Quinton, InsaneMonkey46, by Quinton, InsaneMonkey46,
15 Rannveig, HelevornArt, by Rannveig, HelevornArt,
16 Reinhardt Bösemann, ProbablyImpossible, by Reinhardt Bösemann, ProbablyImpossible,
17 Revan, DaiseyMae, by Revan, DaiseyMae,
18 Sammy Jackson / QUARTZ, MaddieJK, by Sammy Jackson / QUARTZ, MaddieJK,
19 Sri Lanka, CyberFurry10, by Sri Lanka, CyberFurry10,
20 Tonii, InkPawStudio777, by Tonii, InkPawStudio777,
21 Tristan Thomas, pheeph, by Tristan Thomas, pheeph,
22 Winona, WolfChiefsDaughters, by Winona, WolfChiefsDaughters,
23 Zephaniah, Amasteria, by Zephaniah, Amasteria,

50% or more done:
1 Black, ReduxBlack, by Black, ReduxBlack,
2 Genevieve, Raqonteur, by Genevieve, Raqonteur,
3 Jer Z DeVille, Sunlit-Creator, by Jer Z DeVille, Sunlit-Creator,
4 Karil, Kitanokata, by Karil, Kitanokata,
5 Ksenia Zestrahowa, Akaszik, by Ksenia Zestrahowa, Akaszik,
6 Major Jo Mori , snakes-on-a-plane, by Major Jo Mori , snakes-on-a-plane,
7 Noa Viracola, HalanLore, by Noa Viracola, HalanLore,
8 Rose Wanderheft, sorceress23, by Rose Wanderheft, sorceress23,
9 Scarlet Carter, A-KTheLittleFairy, by Scarlet Carter, A-KTheLittleFairy,
10 Seth, PsychosPsychosis, by Seth, PsychosPsychosis,
11 Seth/ Neikos, Naefa , by Seth/ Neikos, Naefa ,
12 Trowan, StoryMaker91, by Trowan, StoryMaker91,

Round seventh

58 submitted first task
28 completed all tasks

7th round final collab by Akaszik Collab Test by WolfChiefsDaughters

7th round GRADUATES:
1 A3-27, clone mechanic by LizChwan
2 Aetius, casting recruiter by Ulario
3 Aidan, monk enslaved by Vikings by HelevornArt
4 Alairen, duke of Jaigon by RitellianCaptain
5 Arsenios, soldier and town guard by Celesol
6 Ash Ratigan, flying school boy by Zakuro-Kona
7 Baccara Night Rose Maiden, guardian of the Dystopians by CyberFurry10
8 Bloke, commander of HMS Cruiser by ProbablyImpossible
9 Caleb, mage and gardener by MegaMaeve
10 Celeste Marcella, assassin by ArthurQF
11 Edgar, independent detective by bertalina
12 Emiko de la Porte, princess and fighter by LadyLing
13 Green Gnome, antisocial gnome by GnomeTales
14 Hadrian, knight and outlaw by Torag1000
15 Hunter, necromancer by MadamFrost
16 Isabelle Bastet, werecat from Inverse Egypt by pheeph
17 Jastin, peaceful prince by Drayah
18 Katya, factory worker by charcoalfeather
19 Kylone, archer and rogue by InkPawStudio777
20 Lex Ashton, undercover agent by Iven-Furrpaw
21 Lionel Toddson, M.U.P.A. protector by MrPr1993
22 Mel Sireno, young outlaw by InsaneMonkey46
23 Merry Cure, a little pony by Akaszik
24 Mizzy, exile in search for lost friends by WafflenutOfKitties
25 Omusa, Brave warrior by WolfChiefsDaughters
26 Retsu, samurai by GerardManSlave
27 Riana Keral, former slave by girl-n-herhorse
28 Sasha, mayhem for hire by NakainRimmel

50% or more done:
1 Aesha Kumar, sculptor by Raqonteur
2 Avix, Alien dude by Kitty-Craftsy
3 Brad, baker and cat lover by Helladelic
4 Chizuru, cyborg clone by MelancholyCyborg1
5 DragonHybrid by KurzB25
6 Gemuga Hitomi, tournament gamer by EmBeRNaGa
7 Hopkins, Teillarkian Goblin by LittleRubyKitty
8 Leila Everwinter, healer and support fighter by CelestialWolf66
9 Mindy Annatto, girl trapped in virtual world by Birdhousebirdy
10 Seitus, vampire model and drag queen by mintysoup
11 Soot, mischievous helper by Sauroctonus
12 Tala Sköll-Johnson, wolf-hybrid scientist by NemiCrow
13 Vilali, dryad herbalist and doctor by Ithilloth
14 Xanth Rumena, RWBY electricity mage by cjShiina97

Round Eight

56 submitted first task
30 completed all tasks

8th round collab by Akaszik What You're Feeling Is What I'm Feeling Too [Fear] by Zakuro-Kona

8th round GRADUATES:
1 Adrian, Student by delphenelightfoot
2 Andrei Novokshonov, Don Cossak ex-officer by Classically-DePunk
3 CAL-1B, Host Lifeform by Iven-Furrpaw
4 Celice, king’s privy chamber maid by Akaszik
5 Dar Haiyo, Fire Mage by Dar-Haiyo
6 Elihal, Horse Archer by MegaMaeve
7 Genesis, genie/ vampire by sanakito
8 Hintor, Prince of Cora by LadyLing
9 Iolanthe Teriae, Sorceress/Illusionist by dragondoodle
10 Jack Garner, Gunlayer 1st Class by probablyimpossible
11 Jessica Nesbitt, University Student by pheeph
12 Kandi Raver, Trickster by Cyber-Cypher
13 Koe, Killer/Scientist by dihyajam96
14 Kuzma 'Kuzya' Mayakov, Soviet writer by charcoalfeather
15 Lonoke, Architect/City Leader by Birdhousebirdy
16 Luisa, college student/soldier by el7doodles
17 Nikolai Ariti Dougenis, Royal Guard by pkmtrainerBenny
18 November Hunt, highschool student by Drayah
19 Opal Brookes, cake decorator by AzulArtist1027
20 Poloma, archer  by WolfChiefsDaughters
21 Pushkari Kuraitsuki, telepathic teenager by Zakuro-Kona
22 Pyro, Xdrossi Chemist by WafflenutOfKitties
23 Souldiercross, Ancient mastermind by InkPawStudio777
24 Tara, Beast Master by Ulario
25 Tatiana LaMonta, Infanta by SilkyLoaf
26 V1-13, clone by LizChwan
27 Vanhya Vandheira, Angel Soldier by Kainatarma
28 Yngvar, Norse berserker by HelevornArt
29 Sayest, King by StoryMaker91
30 Glacies Las Bourbon, combat butler by Tris-Ghost

50% or more done:
1 Aiden, Dalarian by MadamFrost
2 Akemi, Writer by MelancholyCyborg1
3 Alethea Tefenet, Architect by ReduxBlack
4 Augustine, aspiring Chieftain by Sunlit-Creator
5 DragonHybrid, dragon/human hybrid by KurzB25
6 Flames, Solarfall Assassin by NinjaSamuraiX
7 Fortis, Orphan/Wulvren tender by KawaiiKiraKoala
8 Shuu-Lin, Azullian Maid by Raqonteur
9 Salep, War-Veteran by Kitanokata
10 Zara, Orc student by NakainRimmel
11 Aurora, Archeaic Swordsman by CelestialWolf66
12 Corres, Corsair/soldier by Ithilloth
13 Lisxeem Elisem, Rebel boss / witch by InsaneMonkey46
14 Demetrius, alcoholic werewolf by dargon899
15 Aaron Michael, singer by RavenIsDeath
16 Stance The Cat, Car Enthusiast by chainsaw8712
17 Hideyoshi, War Lord/Leader by pandalamaa

Round nine

57 submitted first task
19 completed all tasks

9th round collab by Akaszik

9th round GRADUATES:
1 Chris Aubresser by Birdhousebirdy
2 Deimos Katsaros by ArthurQF
3 Eyolf Solhrafn by HelevornArt
4 Gerda by Classically-DePunk
5 Gina Trebor by LadyLing
6 Halo by Patchyb4k4
7 Hinobi by NinjaSamuraiX
8 Jace  by Ulario
9 Jace Pyrs by dragondoodle
10 Komatii Ludwig Sinclair by komatii
11 Luzy by NieEngel
12 Makayla by Helladelic
13 Megumi Ryusei by rainbow000pegasus
14 Moroi by DihyaJam96
15 Naoko by LizChwan
16 Sam Ramey by charcoalfeather
17 Samuel Yardley by CromwellInnovations
18 Sheena by sorceress23
19 Violette Desjardins by pheeph
20 Nuor by Akaszik
21 Artorius Revana by MartmeisterPaladin

50% or more done:
1 Advril by Kitty-Craftsy
2 Alicia by theartsyXone15
3 Aria Moonlight by emilyldraws0303
4 Ario Dorset by TaintedTruffle
5 Cypher by Cyber-Cypher
6 Deimos by PsyPsy1
7 Entasa by StoryMaker91
8 Fortuna by LittleRubyKitty
9 Iris by pkmtrainerBenny
10 Keiran Devereaux by CelestialWolf66
11 Minato Kasasagi by MelancholyCyborg1
12 Minnerava 'Minne'  by MegaMaeve
13 Nikolai by Blood-artist-vamp
14 Nilla by sherkira
15 Niyeoth by Ithilloth
16 Samantha Kurby Brooklyns by SparkingGlitch
17 Shiden Yukiyama by Zakuro-Kona
18 Shiik by InkPawStudio777
19 Steven Armstrong by MadamFrost
20 Thalia Gray by Drayah
21 UR-3200 by Tris-Ghost
22 Vincent Horne by kopfschmerztablette
23 Yeong-soo by Torag1000
24 Zadkiel by ProbablyImpossible
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MegaMaeve Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
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Would something like that be submit-able to this group? And if so, where would it go?
The flash game I have is a Demo, so I wouldn't submit that one. I would want to submit the finished version once I complete it.
Here it is:
Magical Four: Halloween Adventure DEMO by Birdhousebirdy
Akaszik Featured By Owner Edited Nov 6, 2017
Oh, Adam's girlfriend. And Adam himself - I'm sure all 4th round participants would love to enjoy this game in OC-Relax's "After training illustrations" foilder :eager:
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You wanted more Augustine?  I saw the note, and I was curious.
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Sunlit-Creator Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017  Student General Artist
He's actually changed a lot, so much so that I might have to redo him on OC-Training. 

He is competitive, stubborn and impatient.  Not too bad for a rough-and-tumble boy, but it differs from the said he was before.  The worst of it is his short temper, which he tries to suppress with alcohol. 

I've been thinking about him lately, so you might see more of him and his family.
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