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OC-Pony-Paradise Icon by zafara1222
Reference Sheets
NextGen: Apples by 0Ron0
Commission: 75 by Nika-Rain
Pony Ref YCH | Automn Breeze by Oneiria-Fylakas
[RS] Nightwish by Oneiria-Fylakas
Pony Creator
Genoveva - Origins by LadyLilith0
Tlacaelel - Origins by LadyLilith0
Axel - Origins by LadyLilith0
Asclepio - Origins by LadyLilith0
Earth Ponies
ADOPT (CLOSED) by Derikka
ADOPT (OPEN) by Derikka
Pony YCH |Sunset Rose's hanahaki by Oneiria-Fylakas
Angelverse oc: Strawberry Tart by KitsuMidori
Earth Ponies 2
Winter morning by E-Boi
Libra adopt { OPEN } by CloudSweet112
The Heck Am I Seeing? by kuren247
ADOPT(CLOSED) by Derikka
Bug in the Cave - Image 1/5 by VladiVoices
Vulcano Katla as Unicorn by AnnaPommes
[OPEN] Sour Candy by Cupidauctions
Pony YCH | Nightrose's hanahaki by Oneiria-Fylakas
Adopt #14 CLOSED by caryatidd
Pony Base 4/7 by BENNETT-QUIK
Summer and Tattle Tail play Jumanji by SwiftgaiatheBrony
Adopt #12 CLOSED by caryatidd
Pegasi 2
Pony Adopt [CLOSED] by HeruSann
Pony YCH | Ice Breaker's hanahaki by Oneiria-Fylakas
Pony YCH | Ice Breaker's hanahaki by Oneiria-Fylakas
Pony YCH | Lovely Heart's hanahaki by Oneiria-Fylakas
Adopt #15 CLOSED by caryatidd
Alicorn Demigod by HellishProgrammer
adopt Closed auction by SkylarMeaw
Crystal Ponies
Commission by Edain16
on the shark by Edain16
[AT] Crystal Kalysta by Oneiria-Fylakas
Adopts #1 auction OPEN by AlienVampe
Bat Ponies
Strawberry Daiquiri by Acry-Artwork
[OPEN] GRID RESULT B2 - Thorax x Rose Luck by kouputea
Other Canon Species
Commission: 76 by Nika-Rain
Non-Canon and Fanmade Species
Pony YCH | Astride's hanahaki by Oneiria-Fylakas
October pony adopts week 1 [OPEN] by Ekariae
OCs with Canon Characters
Bug in the Cave - Image 3/5 by VladiVoices
Adoptables and Customs
Smol dudes Adopt | auc open by BENNETT-QUIK
Blank Base Collabs
MLP BASE - Cutie Marks Swapped by MlpTmntDisneyKauane
Equestria Girls or Humanized
Kelpie: it's your fault we are lost! by MapleB
Written Works
Lesson Learned? (Speedpaint) by SilverWolf866
Minha Cutie Mark by MlpTmntDisneyKauane

Mature Content

Murder Fun Time! by kuren247
Canon Ponies Only
Flutterhorse by snailpups
Draw my oc contest! 40$+ prizes(open)Hi all! After a long while, I have decided to make another Draw My Oc - themed contest! This time, I want to give some love to my Scented-Ponies species ocs! What are @Scented-Ponies you may ask? They are a closed species for ponies/horses/griffins with the main gist of them having candles, flames and a smoke tail (they all have a scent!)The group has been quite active on discord and I would love to see new members join the scenty family ♡. Just for this contest, I will also award a Tier 1 MYO for the winners! So, If you are interested in this species, this is a great chance for you to possibly get one of your own!Without further ado... CONTEST INFO: How to enter Share a link to this contest via Poll/Journal/Etc.(be sure to give me a link to it when entering!) Watch me! (new watchers welcome) (if you're not interested in my art, that's ok! just make sure to have "journals" option ticked in your watch settings so you would know when i announce the winners~) Draw one (or more) of listed ocs:,- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Prizes 1st place: 40usd+ a Tier 1 Scented-Ponies MYO 2nd place:20usd+ a Tier 1 Scented-Ponies MYO 3rd place:Tier 1 Scented-Ponies MYO- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - RULES Bases and tracing is not allowed.Digital and Traditional media are allowed! The picture must be drawn for this contest and this contest alone. (that means no past commissions or requested pictures can be counted as entries)Make sure to tag me in your entry (or link it in the comments) so i could add it to the entry folder~Quality over quantity!(Making more entries will not increase your chance of winning, and if you draw 2+ pictures, I'll only judge one of them.)No gore/fetish/sexual themed art.(if you are unsure if your idea falls into this category, feel free to ask me!)No bad-mouthing other contestants. I will judge based on creativity and skill. Drawing my characters doing what they love/hate will give you a bigger chance to win - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - DEADLINE 2021-12-10(December 10th; GMT+3 20:00)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Be creative and goodluck!!...
Pretty self explanatory, even though this is a general fandom Discord you're more than welcome to come hang out guys
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Welcome to OC-Pony-Paradise! We have a few, but simple rules to group submissions.

1) Nothing graphic without a Mature warning filter
2) Submit to the correct folders.
3) 10 submissions a day (to prevent group spam)
4) Bases are allowed (as long as you submit to the correct folders and at least make an attempt)
5) Since I am a nice person I will move your stuff to the correct folders if you accidentally submit it to the wrong folder. Make a habit of it and I will note you. Continue to do it runs the risk of you getting removed from the group. Please don't make me clean up after you

Refer to this journal to what can and cannot go in the group folders:








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