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The Big Sister Part Eleven: ConfrontationAdriana's sour mood had finally gone away. Now she had a full enough belly. She also had a bit of destructive fun. Finally, she was able to get away with hundreds, if not thousands of Siagian Credits worth of free stuff from Wallet Mart! While this wasn't the most glamorous of victories over her brother's vile Order, it still felt good to have a nice pick me up. Besides, her rampage of fun and revenge was just beginning!"La-la-la-la-la!" Adriana boomingly sung to herself joyously for once as she would stomp forwards and right onto more fleeing pedestrians.THOOM! THUD! THOOM!Hordes of fleeing civilians would continue to run from her gigantic red heeled slippers as Adriana would continue to press onwards. As the fleeing denizens below would scurry and scream for their very lives, Adriana would casually stomp along and ever so often one of them would have the misfortune of being right under the shadow of her massive footwear. With only a tiny squish or squash here and there Adriana's massive ears would twitch as there would suddenly be one or two less residents living in Siag.Squish! Squash! Squish!She was still in the downtown district, the once slums of Siag in the earlier years of the cities creation after the Grey Revolution against Scourge. While under her brother's reign, the Order had brought socio-economic equality up to an immense level. It was clearly obvious however, that this was where the downtrodden or the less fortunate would still reside. This of course would push Adriana to stomp towards the financial district. After all, if she was going to go through with her plan she wanted to make Grief hurt where it mattered most, his government's budget. Besides, with all the luxuries and amenities she could simply steal now just made her giddy to get her gigantic greedy hands on literally everything extravagant. One situation did come to her attention however. While she was able to use her powers to turn Aurelia's book giant with her, how would she hold it all the time? What if the Order opened fire upon on said book? She surely didn't want her mystical advantage to be destroyed, so now Adriana would perhaps think of either finding or enlarging a nice purse to protect the tome.Adriana would begin to stomp around and peek into the nearby shops to search for a purse she liked, even if she had to lean down on her massive hands and knees to do so. Many a store owner would hide in their shop, only to encounter a pretty, yet massive pair of gigantic blue eyes staring right into their windows. A shop owner was sweeping his store that one day and had on some nice earphones as he was too busy vibing to some music. He was an older gentleman, but did enjoy the latest pop music all the youngsters were listen to these days. He had his music up so loud that he didn't notice the rumbling and screaming outside. When the outside sky out of the window had darkened the Moebian greyhound simply thought it was a cloud blocking out the sun. That was, until her entire gigantic face would come looming down!"Gah!" the man let out as he first saw her gargantuan cherry red lips and then her gigantic baby blue eyes reach down and stare around within his own store."Ciao" Adriana would simply greet the tiny man who was freaking out.Her massive blue eyes would scan around left and right, as in a gaze he's seen plenty of times. She was a lady searching around for various colors that would suit her fancy in accessories. However, he wasn't sure why this Madame was so huge! Half of him wanted to go up and ask what she was looking for, the other half was frozen in terror."H-hello, Madame. C-can I help you with what you're looking for?" the Moebian greyhound would ask to her trying to be polite, lest he too would invoke her ire."Si, I am looking for a purse. Something that matches either pink or violet? Perhaps brown?" Adriana tried to softly ask him as she would peak inside the store."Well now, maybe I can find one for you?" he asked."Ooh! I like that one!" Adriana said as suddenly her massive hand would burst through the adjacent wall of the store.CRASH!Adriana's massive right hand would come crashing through the right side wall crumbling it to bits within moments. The Moebian greyhound would quickly run and duck under a nearby table. He could only observe in horror as her gigantic and long jewelry adorned arm would reach in like the entire store were a mere dollhouse as she would move over her intimidating of large and pointy cherry red painted nails before simply pinching the tiny purse and then slowly going to drag it out from the wall she just demolished."Hey uh, ain't ya gonna pay for that?" the man asked her, gathering enough courage to ask her."Oh si, I'll pay you alright" she said as she simply smiled and began to puckered her massive lips.She would put her left hand out and close to up her chin as Adriana would make a blowing kiss like motion. At first the man was confused as to what she was about to do, but then he realized she was about to blow some sort of kiss at him? Adriana would then unleash near hurricane force winds simply by blowing into the store's general direction with her massive mouth. SMOOCH! PHOOH!This would suddenly cause the glass in the store's display to shatter and it's door to fly off the hinges into towards the interior of the building. The man would quickly duck and cover for dear life while she blew at him and everything inside. While the pungent aroma of an untold amount of breath mints and mouth wash was alluring, the sheer force of her kiss would cause the shop items on display to go swirling around in the store as if it were being hit by a hurricane! The man would duck his head under his arms and hurdle for dear life, eventually this would only last for a few moments as things would fall down after she had ceased. Most of his store's wares were now destroyed as was the entire store was now trashed. He could only take his hands off his head while trembling to see a scarring sight. Adriana then displayed a satisfied and flirty smile from her massive mouth before slowly rising up her face out of the way of the tarnished store. This was followed by several loud booms as she used the nearby store buildings to push her massive body upright and would begin to stomp off and away from the now wrecked store.THOOM! THUD! THOOM! She had in the palm of her massive hand her tiny brown purse. It was comparably miniscule, as if it were an accessory for one of her dolls her father gave her as a child while running away from Scourge. However, that isn't what she needed. No, Adriana needed it to be around a proper fitting size to wear. Yet, this time she wouldn't use magic. She would close her eyes and focus as suddenly the bag in her hand would begin to enlarge. At one point she almost dropped it as she opened her eyes and had to place it on the other arm holding her massive book to stead it."Oop! Almost dropped it" Adriana said to herself as she would be able to now grab it by the fasten and easily sling it over as shoulder as would any lady would do.Suddenly, a huge blast of pinkish plasma energy would be shot right at Adriana. As Adriana noticed it in the corner of her eye, she tensed up as the giantess vixen would instantly stomp back a bit to try to barely evade the blast as it would graze and burn her hair! She only had a few moments as she frantically opened her now giant brown purse to shoved the book into it while she began to hastily fan out the tiny flames out of her hair."Ouch! Who dares attack the great Adriana Bradanska?!?" she let out in anger as she would slowly turn her massive head and see a several rows of Order Wulf-88 tanks guarding the entrance to the Financial District of Siag."You utter fool! Adriana, you shall not advance one more step!" she heard from an megaphone of an all too familiar voice.(OOC: Jojo's Bizarre Adventures: Battle Tendency "Propaganda" theme plays here, again.) "You have gone too far Adriana! By the order of your bruder, Ich shall have you eliminated for the safety of the people of Siag!" Herman exclaimed in front of a row of plasma wielding energy tanks."Herman? Y-you'd actually shoot at me?!?" Adriana said, now in a state of shock and anxiety."Ja mein frau, you have made quite a mess of things thus far! You have become a threat to Siag und Der Order!" Herman replied out in a speaker.She couldn't believe it, while Herman and herself had their differences in the past. The Captain was now actually going to try to kill her. She was having a pleasant day thus far, but this was almost heartbreaking. She knew he didn't like her, but to go to this level? She also gazed at the row of pinkish glowing Order vehicles. She hadn't ever seen those weird glowing tanks before. She presumed one of those were the ones that almost burnt her hair!"Es tut mir Leid, Adriana. All soldat, aim und Feuer!" Herman said as he would point his metallic claw at her as to command off a barrage!Adriana's massive blue eyes would suddenly widen as the comparably tiny tanks would unleash a hailstorm of directed energy blasts right at her! While they were toy sized in comparison to her, she had just felt what their blasts did to her hair. As big and strong as she was, she had no defenses against energy attacks."EEEK!" she loudly squealed out in a rather girly manner as she would rush to take cover behind a nearby apartment building."Not good! Not good!" Adriana would frantically mutter to herself as she would try to crouch and duck as the plasma armed tanks would continue to fire at her position.The sky above her would glow bright hot pink as some of the plasma blasts were directed over her two massive foxy ears sticking out above the apartment. She would quickly grab them and crouch down while panting and thinking of her next move. Even someone with little to no combat experience would able to deduce that this apartment building wouldn't protect her for too long. "Perhaps I can get behind them, or from the side?" she muttered to herself as she whispered and would try to get out of the way and approach them from the left.She would use the rows of housing adjacent to her as cover as Adriana would begin to dash towards the parallel street to the left of the battalion of tanks. While Adriana was still a big target, the Wulf-88 tanks had to adjust their firing archs horizontal axis. These tanks were not designed to fire upon mobile targets as they were meant to melt the heavy armor of both Egg Empire Egg Titans and G.U.N heavy armored divisions, not a stampeding giantess hurdling right towards them from the flanks!"Herr Kapitan! Frau Bradanska ist flanking from the left!" one of Herman's soldiers yelled out to him."Was? Don't let her close in the distance! Adjust your firing parameters!" Herman Ordered while pointing to her coming closer to them."Jawohl!" the soldier replied.Adriana would loudly pant as she tried to close in the distance on the side of the line of enemy tanks. While being 30 meters did allow her to cover more ground with her massive and long legs, it also made her a huge target to get shot at. As blast after blast of plasma would go through the alleyways behind her she would make a stampeding dash in the hopes their turrets wouldn't be able to aim with her fast enough. A hail of purple lights would shine behind her as eventually she would near close enough to do a daring move."Here goes nothing!" Adriana said as she swallowed her fear and began to leap up high and over the buildings between the plasma tanks and herself in order to try to jump over the buildings to crash land right on top of them.Being a vixen, Adriana possessed a natural affinity for jumping. This combined with her immense strength and gargantuan-sized legs allowed her to make an unbelievable leap right over the skyline and in the trajectory of being right onto them! Herman could only let out a frantic gasp as the sun would be eclipsed by her massive frame and he had only a split second to duck and cover!"Verdammt!" Herman let out as he would hit the dirt.She could only enjoy the adrenaline rush and g-forces as she would brace for impact in about a split second. Adriana would grin and tense up her fists as suddenly the vixen would have her massive pair of red heels collide with several tanks below. As they did so her super-weight was so dense that the heels would penetrate the turrets of the tanks to where they would impale the entire crews of the two tanks that were unfortunate enough to be at ground zero beneath her. She could only hear a moment of tiny crying out as her heels shish kebab'd the crews residing within the armored vehicles from below. However, the weight of her massive legs and slippers would soon simply crush these two tanks like tin cans. Not only this, but she also had the added benefit of causing a small seismic tremor that would knock the adjacent tanks over or into disarray and out of formation. This combined with the fact nearly everyone around her who was still alive would have fallen over by this massive touchdown's quake would be most fortunate indeed, for herself.BOOM!The sound of twisting and broken metal would be a annoying yet welcomed one. Not only has she gotten right onto of two of her prey, Adriana was now in close quarters. This meant that the tanks could only either try to pull back and fire their main guns as her, or perhaps fire lesser anti-personnel armaments'. Leaving the giantess vixen up close and personal to get a little pay back for burning her hair."Care to dance, little ones?" Adriana said as now her fear was replaced by a sadistic rage.As Herman would try to push his cybernetic body up off the ground and cough up dust. He was at least thankful that his bionic body had absorbed most of the kinetic force even if it was locked down in his skeletal structure. However, he would only be able to look up in horror to see a psychotically grinning Adriana lift her massive legs up and down to step and crush his remaining tanks. Some of his soldiers were abandoning their vehicles and trying to run for their lives while others were too late and his bionic ear would only hear the screams of the horror as his comrades were trapped inside their tanks only to be crushed one by one.Herman knew Adriana was crazy before, but now this was just inexcusable. This giant monster of a woman was ending the lives of the very soldier's he's had the joy of serving Grief with for years, now being snuffed with her sadistic glee?"Nein!" he thought.He would quickly use his neural implant's link to his prosthetics to issue a emergency command within his own brain. This would cause his cybernetic claw to transconfigure into a sort of energy beam canon like construct. While it looked like Adriana was busy dancing on his soldiers to death, he'd scan her massive body with his bionic eye to look for a weak point. As his bionic hand would transform into his secret weapon, he'd begin to charge it up as it would glow a bright purple like illumination and point it right up at Adriana."Actung! Frau Bradanska! Cease attacking mein mensch at once! Ich am the one you want!" he said as he would aim his energy weapon as it would charge up."Hmm?" Adriana would simply mutter out as her massive pairs of eyes would blink as she looked down."I'll end your reign of terror and life right now, frau!" Herman said as he would aim right up at her humongous pink dress covered chest.She just had noticed Herman below her, but then she realized that whatever the glowing thing he was pointing on his arm at her wasn't good. However, her reflexes were just too slow and he was up too close too evade. She only had one move left as she tried to swipe at Herman with one fell swoop of her massive slippers. She only had a few moments as her massive toe box would collide with Herman. BONK!Herman would only get a shot off, but as he collided with the massive shoe box of her slipper, it would cause him to knock over and fire and miss, causing the beam to strike her shoulder and start to bleed out a massive amount of blood. PZZZT! The beam would fire directly at the top of her shoulder, and while this would give her agonizing pain and cause her to bleed. Her impacting Herman had just saved her life. Still, she would cry out in agony as her shoulder would start to bleed. "OUCH!" Adriana let out.The force was tremendous to Herman, if it were not for his own bionic body. The impact of her giant tank crushing footwear would have surely killed him. Still he would grab onto her slipper while she was distracted in pain and with a simple thought. His bionic hand would turn once more configure to become his trusty green hard-light sword as he would ignite it and try to dagger the energized blade right into her foot!"Dammit Herman! Ow!" Adriana cried out. She would groan in pain and try to shake him off like a bug on her foot as she clasped her wounded shoulder. Adriana was livid and even contemplated crushing the tiny fox man. However, Herman would be shaken off her foot as he would tumble to the ground and roll over. Adriana would noticed that she was able to successful toss off Herman and he had fell to ground. She would then pull back her wounded foot and try to lift up her other one to crush him and finish him off.."I loved you!" Adriana would let out as she started to tear up."Ich hate you!" Herman would yell at her as he would growl and his bionic red glowing eye would search around her massive body for another weak point.
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