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Heroes Legion: Clash of the Titans: Pt 2: Chap 2
Heroes Legion: Clash of the Titans: Part TwoBy Maskedhero100Chapter 2: The First Round Heroes Legion: Clash of the Titans: Part TwoBy Maskedhero100Chapter 2: The First RoundRaven Ducard had no idea what had just happened.One minute she had been standing with the rest of her team in an oval-shaped room that had a bunch of benches, tables of food and a single TV screen broadcasting the image of the combat platform in the middle of the arena with the others, the next thing she knew, she was standing in the arena again…facing Techne.The crowd was cheering.The others couldn't be found, they must have been left behind in that…locker room…or whatever that place was.It didn't take long for the two of them to realize what was going on.The Grandmaster had randomly selected them as the first combatants in the first seed of the tournament.A floating droid, no doubt the "referee" flew down between them."The rules are simple: Defeat your opponent and move on to the next bracket. Wait for the buzzer to sound off to begin the fight." The Referee Droid said to the both of them, "May you battle with honor, and may the best fighter win!"The droid then flew up into the air, leaving the two combatants alone on the arena floor."Oh great…" Techne said she wasn't looking forward to fighting one of her teammates, "I have to fight Raven? I don't want to fight her; she's my teammate. I don't want to hurt her.""I don't want to fight you either, but we've got no choice it seems. One of us has to win, and the winner needs to win that stone to keep it out of the Dark Elite's hands. We have to do this Techne…" Raven Ducard said, reluctantly taking a defensive offensive stance before Techne."Your right Raven…" Techne said reluctantly, before charging up her arms with raw electrical energy "I guess we have to do this. Still…Do you think the Grandmaster was telling the truth? About what happens if one of us triumphs over the other?""Maybe…" Raven Ducard shrugged, "but let's just be thankful you're not facing a Dark Elite member. Your tough and scrappy in a fight, but… I don't think you could the heavy hitters on that team down by yourself honey.""Oh, and you're prepared to fight any of them one on one, even Meta-Master?" Techne asked in surprise at Raven Ducard's response."I've picked up some new tricks since the last time, and I've also fought him in practice many times before. You know we used to have friendly competitions, the gang and I, in the old mansion's Battle-Zone simulator. But nothing quite like this" Raven Ducard said to her teammate, taking a battle stance, "I miss those days.""Well….it was probably more fun than Meta-Master's training sessions. Now don't worry Raven, I'll go easy on you." Techne smirked."Funny…" Raven Ducard smirked back, "I was gonna say the same thing girlfriend."At the sound of the alien buzzer, the two teammates began to fight.Techne unleashed enough electrical energy to stun, not harm, or even kill, towards Raven Ducard through her electrified arms in a blast of twin bolts of electricity."SHIELDS ULTIMUS!" Raven Ducard declared, summoning a shield spell to deflect Techne's electrical attack."Nice move, let's see how you handle my lightning" Raven Ducard called to her teammate, "ZAPDARODOS!"Powerful bolts of magical lightning shot out of her hands towards Techne.Techne responded with her lightning attack, the bolts met in the center of the arena.The clash between the two powerful electrical forces caused a small explosion that sent both teenage girls flying backward.They landed on opposite ends of the arena, where they picked themselves up and looked at one another."Not bad…" Raven Ducard said impressed, "not a lot of people in Earth Realm could claim to be able to match a witch's lightning spell with a lightning attack of their own.""Honestly…" Techne said, getting up off her feet "I didn't think that would work.""This is hardly a fair fight…" Raven Ducard said, "My magic would easily win this fight against your powers. So how about we fight hand to hand?""Fine by me…" Techne agreed, and then sported a smug competitive grin.The two girls then charged at one another.They met in the middle where they began trading hand to hand combat moves taught and learned over the previous year.It looked like something out of the Karate kid; they were both well versed in martial arts.Both girls seemed to be well versed and evenly matched in the fighting arts.However, Raven Ducard had also been trained in a few defensive/offensive skills by her boyfriend Shadow Knight that Techne hadn't.He had wanted her to be able to defend herself if her magic failed her, or he wasn't able to be there to back her up.He knew she was capable of taking care of himself, but that's who he was…he was always thinking about her safety, as well as the safety of the team.That's why she was glad he finally came out of his shell and became the team leader he was meant to be during the Siege of Manhattan.So when Techne came at her with a roundhouse kick, she was ready.She blocked the kick with the side of her raised right arm, then grabbed Techne by the leg, and then used it to knock Techne to the ground.Once she was on the ground, Raven Ducard placed her in a restraining lock.For a minute, Techne couldn't move.She couldn't fight.She couldn't break free.Raven Ducard had her beat!That was when she vanished in an envelope of blue light before Raven Ducard's surprised eyes, what had she done?She hadn't killed Techne, had she?The Grandmaster's hologram appeared before her."Raven Ducard wins" the Grandmaster's voice declared.The crowd cheered Raven Ducard for her being the first victor in the first match of the tournament."Wait, where is Techne?" Raven Ducard called out."She's with Stephanie Walker in the exhibition box, see for yourself" The Grandmaster answered, beckoning with his hand for Raven Ducard to look towards the direction of the arena's exhibition box overlooking the platform ring in the center-left area."I'm okay Raven!" she heard her teammate's voice call to her in the distance.Raven Ducard looked in the direction of the exhibition box where the voice had come from.Sure enough, there was Techne.She was standing beside Stephanie Walker, who seemed to be reporting on the events of the Tournament if her talking to a floating camera droid was any indication, waving towards her teammate.Assuring her that she was alright, and confirming to a relived Raven Ducard that the Grandmaster wasn't lying about what happened to those who lost a match.Now all that she had to concern herself about was whoever was her next opponent, and winning this thing if only to keep Meta-Master or one of the other villains from winning and using that Destiny Stone.She gave Techne a thumbs up sign; just before she vanished the same way.Techne and Stephanie Walker then watched with anticipation as the Grandmaster's hologram announced the next battle of the tournament's first round."Next match…Atlanta vs Maya and John Thunderhawk!" he declared.Atlanta found herself standing on the oval-shaped platform in the middle of the arena, and after hearing the cheering of the crowd of aliens in the stands, she soon realized where she was.That was when she saw John and Maya Thunderhawk appear before her, like something out of Star Trek."What the hell?" Maya Thunderhawk said in response to this."Looks like we're up next, who's our opponent?" John said to his sister, before turning around to see Atlanta standing there on the opposite end of the platform; his face sank in forlorn disbelief "Oh great.""We're fighting one of our team members?" Maya asked in equal disbelief, "Is that even legal?""The Grandmaster did say we had more members than the Dark Elite, I guess this is his idea of a fair fight" Atlanta shrugged, "That doesn't matter right now. We need to win this tournament John, Maya and only one of us can move on…so let's get this over with.""She's right. We need to do this. We can't let the Dark Elite win" John Thunderhawk said, looking at his sister with thought."I know…" Maya said in understanding, "But I'd rather be fighting one of the Dark Elite than one of our own.""You probably still will…" Atlanta smirked, "That is IF you can beat the princess of Atlantis in combat. I wonder…Will the fish win against its natural predators?""Huh?" John Thunderhawk asked in confusion, what was Atlanta getting at."Both of you can turn into apex predators, a bear, and a hawk. Both are the enemy of the fish. I am not a fish, but I am one with the ocean. So I wonder if I can do what the fish cant against its natural predators…win! Let's find out shall we, my friends?""Okay then…" John and Maya said to Atlanta, a little eager to find out themselves truthfully "Let's party!"The siblings then transformed into their animal like forms, and then as a Grizzly bear and a giant hawk, they charged at Atlanta.The siblings then transformed into their animal forms, and then as a Grizzly bear and a giant hawk, they charged at Atlanta.Atlanta, being the warrior that she was, stood her ground.She then quickly decided who she would deal with first.Before Maya could swipe at her with her bear claws, Atlanta took to the air to meet with John.As she had done so with the attacking metahuman in the qualifying round, she grabbed the giant hawk form of John Thunderhawk, and using the momentum of his attacking swoops inertia, spun him around in midair before sending him flying in a tailspin out of the arena.He vanished the instant he left the circle platform.For a moment, both Atlanta and the transformed Maya looked on in the direction Atlanta had thrown her brother in surprise at having seen this."Huh…" Atlanta said in passing, "guess this tournament follows sumo wrestling rules, you leave the circle, you lose. Nice to know, especially for the rest of who can fly."Maya grunted in agreement, and then charged at Atlanta, rearing up on her hind legs with her paws raised for a powerful two claw blow.Atlanta was quick to meet Maya's attack and grabbed Maya's grizzly paws with her own two hands.They two of them stood there in the center of the arena, locked in a struggle, one trying to overpower the other by pressing against the other's strong arms.The Xeno watching in the stands of the arena watched with eager anticipation, wondering who would win this contest of strength between the Atlantean princess and the native American skin-changer.The two of them seemed to be evenly matched at first, but the Atlanta pushed back, and in that instant grabbed Maya's grizzly bear form by the stomach and lifted her above her head."Please don't take this personally Maya…" she pleaded to her teammate before she then tossed her over her head and out of the arena circle, where she vanished just like her brother.Atlanta had won the match."Atlanta wins" the Grandmasters's voice declared, and the arena broke out into cheers for Atlanta and her first victory in the tournament.Atlanta wasn't celebrating however, she felt wretched inside.Sure, it was single elimination, only one of them could win...but she hated that she had to win her first fight against two of her own teammates.Especially when the Titans and the Heroes Legion had been through so much.That was when she heard Maya call out her name from the exhibition box overlooking the arena in the stands, "Hey Atlanta!"Atlanta recognized it as Maya's voice and turned to see Maya, John, and Techne waving to her from the exhibition box."No offense taken!" Maya called out to her, giving her a smile and a thumbs up.Even John Thunderhawk gave an approving nod, she had beaten them both fair and square.Atlanta felt better now, and with a smile, she then vanished away back to the staging room to await the next match.Once she had vanished, the Grandmaster announced the next match of Round One."Next match…" he declared, "Dark Witch vs Sheila!"As she had seen happen before in the staging room with the rest of the Heroes Legion when Techne and Atlanta were summoned via that teleportation thing the Grandmaster did to fight their matches in the first round, Sheila saw a flash occur before her eyes and found herself standing on the circle platform where the matches between combatants in this tournament were held.But she gawked when she saw who her opponent was, Dark Witch!"You have got to be kidding me," Shelia said in disbelief."I'm not happy about it either cat woman…" Dark Witch said with a scowl, "I was HOPING my first opponent would be my goody-two-shoes double. But, there is always the next battle.""What makes you think you're going to win this battle?" Shelia asked with a smug look on her face."Oh honey, don't you know?" Dark Witch smiled deviously, "You're fighting with the Witch of dark magic! I only need to use ONE spell to defeat you."That was when the gong sound to start the match rang out."ZARCANUM PAIN-EXCRUCIOUS!" Dark Witch shouted, and from out of the tips of her wings claws, two bolts of black lightning magic shot out towards Shelia….who to Dark Witch's surprise, jumped up and avoided the blasts of dark magic.Shaking off the surprise, Dark Witch blasted her pain spell again at the cat-like metahuman girl, who dodged the attacks again, before charging at her like a panther about to maul its prey.The girl was faster than she looked, and more agile.Dark Witch had to admit; maybe she had underestimated the girl…at least when it came to long-range spells.She wondered how well she'd fare against a close-range attack.Shelia leaped through their air to perform a pouncing slash attack on the witch when suddenly Dark Witch cast another spell, "NEGATUS GRAVIRUS!"Suddenly Shelia found herself floating in place in mid-air, and before she could react, Dark Witch attacked again."Goodbye, Kitty!"She then delivered a roundhouse kick to Shelia's chest, which sent her flying out of the arena podium…and out of the match in a flash of light."Dark Witch wins" the Grandmaster's voice declared.Smiling a smug satisfied smile, Dark Witch vanished in a flash of light."Next Battle…" The Grandmaster called out to the stadium stands, "Silicon vs Meta-Master!"From the Heroes Legion box, alongside the defeated Heroes Legion members, Stephanie Walker gasped in fear upon hearing this.Silicon versus Meta-Master!?Silicon was about to go up alone against a villain that had taken all of the Heroes Legion to defeat, and even then, they had barely managed to survive.The same villain that had given him his powers, and murdered his best friend and surrogate mother, and also had recently temporarily brainwashed him into a killer…he was probably the only one save for Marcus to have a personal beef with Meta-Master.So far the Grandmaster had been keeping his word on not tolerating or allowing deaths to occur in these battles, still, she couldn't help but fear for Marcus's life.Could liquid metal stand a chance against the most powerful psychic supervillain on the planet?That was when she saw both Meta-Master and Silicon appear on the podium.For a moment, Silicon was surprised, maybe even a little fearful of just who his opponent was…but that soon faded when he remembered everything that Meta-Master had done to him.He then bravely stood his ground against his and his teams Archenemy."How appropriate…" Meta-Master mused, "I made you, and now I get to destroy you as well.""Haven't you been paying attention?" Silicon asked snidely, "The Grandmaster's tournament doesn't permit fatalities.""Indeed…then I'll just have to settle for destroying you and your friends after I win the prize," Meta-Master responded, not missing a beat."Then let's have at it Meta-Master!" Silicon declared, taking a battle stance to await the gong to sound.Meta-Master looked at him with mild disbelief, "You honestly think you can take me on boy?""I've had enough free time to come up with ideas on how to bring you down if we ever met again" Silicon answered with narrowed angry eyes, shapeshifting his arms into liquid metal spikes in the process, "Psychic powers won't stop you from bleeding!"Meta-Master chuckled, "So the young pup has grown a spine…but still lacks a brain."The gong sounded, and the match began.While Silicon tried to stretch out his arms and body to stab Meta-Master through the chest, Meta-Master simply raised one of his arms and directed his hand at the approaching Silicon.Silicon's liquid metal body suddenly then exploded into twenty-five puddles of silver when a powerful psychic energy blast ripped through him…and Meta-Master stood there, holding out his hand in Silicon's direction with triumph.The puddles of the alive, but badly beaten Silicon began to reconstruct themselves like the T-1000 in the second Terminator movie.However, Meta-Master was not willing to let his outmatched opponent get up to fight again.He focused his powers around the nearly reconstructed liquid metal form of Silicon, and surrounded it in a sphere of psychic energy similar to a psychic barrier shield, and compressed it to the size of a basketball.Silicon was reduced to a basketball-shaped sphere, held in place by Meta-Master's mental power, unable to shapeshift or do anything to fight back or defend himself."I've had time during my imprisonment to come up with some ideas of my own!" Meta-Master said to his foe.To add insult to injury, he drew the floating sphere of Silicon towards him, and after dribbling him, he tossed him out of the arena like he was a basketball player in the NBA.The trapped Silicon then vanished before the villain's eyes when he crossed the disqualification/elimination line."Meta-Master wins…" The Grandmaster's voice declared.Before he vanished, Meta-Master turned to look at the exhibition boxes on either side of the arena.One was currently empty, and one held that human reporter woman and four…no, currently five Heroes Legion members inside it.He then realized that the other exhibition box was probably meant for the Dark Elite, and if none of his team had fallen yet…oh, this was too good!"Five 'Heroes" defeated…" Meta-Master grinned smugly, figuring that wherever he was, M-Leader could hear him speak "and none of my Dark Elite to be found in our exhibition box over there. It doesn't look good for the 'good guys' does it, Marcus?"Meta-Master believed his victory was assured.All he had to do was ploy through this meaningless tournament and claim his prize as if there was any way for him to lose.The Heroes Legion could barely stop him before as a unit, alone in single-elimination matches, they didn't have a hope in hell.Once he got that stone, he would begin to set right what Marcus and his idiot students had set wrong that day in New York City.The Metahuman Empire would begin again, the metahumans would supplant Humans as the dominant species and he would rule on high as the most powerful living god the world had ever seen.Once he had vanished, the Grandmaster called out "Next match, Ravager vs Chameleon!"Back in the Heroes Legion's exhibition box, Techne sat on the floor, cradling the now fully reconstructed Silicon who had also reverted to flesh and blood again."Jason, are you okay?" she asked him, worried about him."Ugh…" Silicon moaned, still dazed from being dribbled like a basketball, "I think so Raven…""He's fine" Maya assured her teammate, "he's just a little dazed and confused right now, he'll bounce back.""Please don't say that Maya" Silicon pleaded, holding his aching head, trying to stop the world from spinning."The next match is about to begin!" Shelia called to her friends and teammates, "its Ravager vs that Chameleon guy.""Is it just me, or are all the matches so far seeming to be set up that we end up fighting each other more than we fight the villains?" John Thunderhawk asked inquisitively."The Grandmaster DID say we had more on our side than Meta-Master's team, maybe this is what he meant by making things 'fair'…it doesn't seem fair to me. The Bad guys can't win this; they'd make things a living hell for everybody with that stone! How can these aliens condone such a thing?" Shelia said in dismay."Unfortunately it IS fair Shelia" Maya pointed out, "We have as much chance of winning as The Dark Elite do.""That's the point, don't you see?" Stephanie Walker said to Shelia and the others, "the battle between the forces of Good and Evil is and has never been one-sided in victory. Sometimes evil wins, sometimes good wins. These aliens want to know which side is stronger here on earth among the forces of metahumans.""You don't sound worried," Silicon said to her, finally regaining control of his senses to get up off the floor with a little help from Techne, "aren't you worried we won't win?""Not a chance…" Stephanie Walker looked at them, with a confident smile, "I have too much faith in you all to entertain that possibility, besides…Meta-Master is not the ONLY one with that level of power, remember?""She's right, with M-Leader we might have a chance." Maya Thunderhawk agreed."But M-Leader's never defeated Meta-Master, at least not on his own" Silicon pointed out."They are about to fight!" Techne declared, and the five of them stopped their conversation to watch the match between Ravager and the newcomer Chameleon.On the podium, the two heroes faced one another, waiting for the gong sound to go off."Four of our side down, and none of theirs…" Ravager said worriedly while looking at the exhibition box the others were watching the match from within, he looked at Chameleon, "and now its Heroes Legion vs Heroes Legion again…this doesn't look good for our side.""Trust me…" Chameleon assured him, "That'll change in the second round of the tournament.""I hope your right," Ravager said nervously, "I'll try and go easy on you.""Don't hold back" Chameleon said to him sternly, adopting a fighting stance "neither of us can afford to pull our punches if we expect to keep the Dark Elite from winning…even when pitted against our own teammates."Ravager was taken aback by this, but then he nodded in agreement.Inflaming his whole body in plasma energy, he adopted a fighting stance as well and waited for the gong to sound.The alien gong sound rang...and the match began!Ravager shot out his left hand, sending a jet of plasma energy towards The Chameleon.Chameleon simply dodged to the side to avoid the plasma beams with an animal like leap to the side.Ravager tried his best to blast Chameleon with enough energy to knock him out of the arena, but Chameleon was quick.He was as agile as a frog and slippery as a snake!Then something strange began happening to the Chameleon before his eyes, the scales on his skin began to shimmer…and before he knew it, he had vanished from Ravager's sight completely.So he wasn't kidding when he said he could turn "invisible" like Randall Boggs from "Monsters Inc.", how was he supposed to find him now?That was when an idea came into Ravager's head, and after charging up his two hands, spun himself around in place while also letting loose two of his plasma beams through each hand.The beams never traveled past the battle circle, they just vanished entirely.It was some kind of built-in safety feature of the arena to protect those in the audience stands to spectate this tournament from collateral damage.One of the dual spinning beams struck something, and Chameleon came shimmering back into view.A little singed where the beam had struck him, but he was all right thanks to his healing factor doing its work.Only his pride had been wounded."Ouch! That stung!" Chameleon said, and then looked at Ravager who was getting ready to blast again; he smirked knowingly as he began to feel his power take hold "Nice move kid. But I've got some moves of my own!"To Ravager's surprise, Chameleons' arms began to flare up with plasma energy and he sent two beams of plasma energy to meet with Ravager's plasma attack.The two plasma beam attacks met in the middle of the space between them and thus began a power struggle between the two superpowers.Ravager was amazed.Chameleon hadn't been lying last night; he really COULD mimic and copy other metahumans powers in proxy to himself!That would mean he was now fighting against someone with the same power as himself.Something that he had never considered nor trained for with the others in combat simulations or training sessions before this moment, so he wasn't sure if he could beat Chameleon back with his plasma powers.If he couldn't beat back his beam…then maybe it was time to consider using his Tunguska Blast power.If only as a last resort since he didn't want to hurt or kill Chameleon, even though he was practically a stranger from an alternate future who just showed up and joined them out of the blue.Though he thought to himself, it was possible that since Chameleon seemed to be mimicking his plasma powers so well, he very well might be able to take a Tunguska Blast full-on without getting hurt.So worst-case scenario, he was wrong and he seriously injured the mysterious young adult from the future.Best case scenario, he blasts Chameleon out of the ring and wins the match by way of the Sumo Wrestling similar rules of this tournament.The two beams seemed to be evenly matched, until suddenly Chameleon dug his toe-claws into the ground to anchor himself, and then began to infuse his plasma beam with a different kind of energy…. crackling purple-hued energy.Ravager recognized that energy, it was miasmic energy…the same kind that Shadow Knight manipulated.He remembered during their training sessions with combining powers, with Shadow Knight testing out a new type of gun that he, Marty Osmond, and Silicon had developed to add to his arsenal.A new shadow gun that could shoot out miasmic binding energy in a laser beam like form instead of in a single bullet.They had found out soon after that both plasma and miasmic energy didn't mix well.Crossing the beams, lead to some explosive effects.Needless to say, the gun had exploded and Shadow Knight had gone back to using his regular shadow guns until the design could be improved.Velocity had likened it to a scene from that classic 80's comedy film "Ghostbusters" where the whole crossing the proton streams of the proton packs resulted in the same effect.The miasmic energy merged with Chameleon's plasma beam, and the next thing Ravager knew, he had been blown off his feet by the resulting explosion.He flew right out of the fighting ring and vanished.While Chameleon who had anchored himself to the ground with his talons, weathered the concussive effects of the explosion, only barely getting singed…and healing from that soon after."Chameleon wins!" The Grandmaster declared."Sorry kid…" Chameleon said, looking at where Ravager had vanished, "but I had to win this fight…I know who is on the next bracket for the winner of this match in the next round. He would kill you. I couldn't allow that. Besides, it is better this way."Chameleon's eyes then flashed with anger and hatred."He and I have some unfinished business to attend to...regarding a certain choice he made long ago!" Chameleon hissed.That was when Chameleon vanished."Who is left on the first round bracket?" John Thunderhawk asked."How should I know?" Shelia responded, "It's not like they have a big scoreboard on display out there. The Grandmaster seems to be holding onto the bracket chart.""Next match…" The Grandmaster's voice declared, "Shadow Knight vs Roulette!""Another 'teammate vs teammate' match?" Techne declared in exasperated dismay, "It's not looking good for our side. We seem to be kicking our ass instead of the Dark Elite's!""Have faith…" Stephanie Walker said encouragingly to the young metahuman, "This is only the first round, it's not over yet and we still have the advantage in numbers. We can still win this!"
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