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The Mission

The purpose of this group is to honor the not so perfect original characters that just need that sort of loving that they usually don't even get in the story they are from.

Our Mission as members is easy. Show off your OCs that are anything but 100% perfect. They don't have to be grotesquely ugly or practically brain dead to be imperfect. They just have to have minor flaws that set them aside from the Mary Sue's and Marty Stu's.

Definition of Mary Sue via Urban Dictionary:

An original character (fem.) in fanfic or an original story, usually on the internet, who is far superior to all other characters. She is typically beautiful, intelligent, kind, and in all other ways "perfect". She usually serves as an important part in a pivotal plot element (ie: a prophecy) and becomes romantically involved with the author's favourite character in the story. The internet fiction world runs rampant with these characters.

Just make sure that doesn't emulate your character and this is the place for them. So make a statement out of this group!

Perfection doesn't exist in the real world no matter how many people try to think so! Why make characters that no on can relate to? Make them imperfect~

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Gallery Folders

Yaz Plz by Pheoniic
The Misfit by schnurrDOSE
General OCs
Angels in the Car Wash by LilyandJasper
Art Trade: No Junk Food Allowed! by LilyandJasper
Female OCs
Hanahaki vent by LilMinkurs
Buff Leanne by RailToonBronyFan3751
Inktober 2018 U can't touch this by Terrible-Dark-Blade
Venus Trick or Treating by HEARTZMD
Male OCs
US by Wackart

Mature Content

Kelpie Xavier by LilyandJasper
Kamill CassaNova by C-Cream
Cofagrigus Blake by LilyandJasper
OC Couples
Sailors Saturns (The Twins of Destruction) by AShineDown
Art Trade: Eucalyptus and Maou by LilyandJasper
AU - Monstrous Love by Lear-is-not-amused
Kerwin And Janine by he4rt-br34k
OC Prose y Poetry
Creature OCs
New Original Character - Conway The Con Dog by FierceTheBandit
Danger Noodle by shaiatka
Colby the Hedgehog by Kai45
LOZ-ALTTP: Dorga's Cave by timberking
OCs in Their Imperfections Contest
Hyream's Week - page 1 by psionicbird

Mature Content

Shiyan Gomenasai by Moyiacat31
I'm not crazy... Am I? by blakemitch1696
Zerio gaming by DamaiMikaz
NB and Agender OCs

Recent Journal Entries


Hello you awesome people!

I am accepting applications of sorts for those to be the new admins to OC-Imperfection!

I need a few things from those interested.

• You must show that you have ran a group for over one year. this means a few things:
-show that you are admin (preferably founder) of a successfully ran group
-tell me your function and roles in the group and groups in the past
-if you can show me correspondence screencap from on year ago or older that proves that you were administrator, it is recommended that you do. You can also link to a journal entry that is one year old or older.

•You must tell me what you will bring to the group! What you have to offer and what you hope to accomplish. And I also require that that involves me staying as a contributor or something of that nature so I can make sure this group is taken care of!

I know this is a lot but this group has been with me for a long time and I really just want to see it flourish since this is also my most favorite group I made!

Thanks for your time!

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Is this group still alive
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Sorianumera Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello dear OC-Imperfection Group,

Is this group still active or is it dead?
My submissions expired twice and I really love the concept and idea of this group
about imperfections of the OCs. 

It would be great, if it is still alive :)

Have a nice time! :party: 
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Thanks for having this great group! :D

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I hope I haven't been awkward in any way

(OK , iv'e actually sorted this out by resubmitting, but comments can't be removed, only edited-
just ignore this, sorry for being so daft)
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I would like to submit, but I don't see the button...
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