OC-Challenge 20: Twisted Fairytales! (CLOSED)

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:star: Welcome to OC Challenge Number 20! :star:

:rose: CONTEST THEME: Twisted Fairytales

100 :points: given to InkyRose for suggesting this theme.

:star: Rules :star: Raaghhr by Emoji-kun

We hate 'em but we must use 'em!

  1. You must be a member of OC-Challenge to participate in this challenge! Joining the group is free, of course.

  2. Create a deviation with your original character (OC) depicting a somewhat twisted fairy tale (no fan art or fan characters).

    As the title itself implies, the artwork must be based on a fairy tale but you must be able to "twist" it in such a way that the artwork shows a different side of the fairy tale, though the original fairy tale story itself should remain visible in some way.

    For this challenge, ONLY the following fairy tales can be used:

  3. Choose any of the fairy tales from the list above.

    You may use one or more from the list above but you must CLEARLY SHOW which fairy tale(s) you used! Write in your art description anything that can help the viewer understand the situation if needed.

  4. Since most fairy tales listed above have female protagonists, we encourage you to use male OCs to add more twists in your entry for this challenge.

    You are still allowed to use female OCs of course!

    Any type of OC is allowed (humans, animals, aliens, creatures, anthro, furry, mecha, etc.) You can use your old OC or make a new one for this challenge. You can also use as many of your OCs as you like.

  5. The entry must be new and submitted to deviantart AFTER Aug. 18, 2013. No old artworks.

  6. Maximum of 2 entries per person. You may create only one entry if you choose to.

  7. All types of medium (digital, traditional, pixel, comics, photography, literature, photomanipulation, etc.) are accepted but it must feature only YOUR OWN original character/s.

    You may cosplay your OC in this challenge if you wish to, but you must state in your description that you are indeed cosplaying your OC.

  8. WE DO NOT ALLOW: Commissioned works, fan art, fan characters,  still-life objects, and photos of yourself, friends, and family.

    (Example: Characters similar to those from the animation "The Brave Little Toaster" would be okay. A picture of a flower in a vase without any human characteristics would NOT be okay.)

  9. Your own original character MUST be the main focus of your artwork.

    You may use your friend's OC but your friend's OC should only appear as a side character in your artwork. You must also have your friend's permission to use his OC.

  10. No collaborations.

    You must be the only one who made the artwork. This challenge is meant to challenge YOU ALONE and no one else. We wish for you to try to step out of your comfort zone and try new things in order to improve.

  11. Stock images (models, places, objects, etc.) are allowed for photomanipulations or as drawing references. Textures and brushes are also allowed. Proper credits to all stock owners MUST also be made in your art description.

  12. No using lineart by others. No tracing and / or copying others' works. No using bases.

  13. No Mature Content please!

    Keep it PG-13 and within deviantART policies. There can be blood and injury for this challenge but please keep it tasteful!

    Please read this blog regarding Mature Content in OC-Challenge > [link]

  14. You can make changes to your entry only BEFORE voting period starts. It will be disqualified if you make changes during voting period.

  15. You must write in your description the links to this challenge and to the group OC-Challenge

    You must say that you made the artwork for this challenge. Your artwork will not be qualified to get votes unless you do this.

  16. Please remain vigilant but also be courteous with your co-competitors!

    Send the group a note here regarding your concerns.

  17. Submit your entries to the OCC 20: Twisted Fairytales Folder > [link]

Any questions? Feel free to ask! Robu 2 by Emoji-kun

:star: DEADLINE is Sept. 30, October 10, 2013 :star:

Not sure about your time zone in comparison to mine?
Please refer to the front page or to the group's blog page for our official timer.

:star: Prizes :star:

Second and Third place prizes will only be available if we reach a certain number of entries. It will go as follows:

19 or Less Entries = 1 Winner
20+ Entries = 2 Winners
40+ Entries = 3 Winners


:bulletblue: OC-Challenge - Winning deviation featured on front page
:bulletblue: OC-Challenge - 3 month dA Premium Membership or 636 :points:
:bulletblue: kunehoGod - 1 month dA Premium Membership or 396 :points:
:bulletblue: Critique-for-All - Comprehensive Critiques (if winner wants it)
:bulletblue: AnotherContestGroup - Winner's Package
:bulletblue: kunehoGod - Journal Feature
:bulletblue: ethanoI - a free traditional request
:bulletblue: Kanadesonya - 3 Commissions of choice
:bulletblue: half-infinite - a painted fullbody
:bulletblue: ExplosiveCoffee - a colored sketch
:bulletblue: omn18 - a free full-body drawing

:bulletblue: OC-Challenge - 1 month dA Premium Membership or 396 :points:
:bulletblue: kunehoGod - 1 month dA Premium Membership or 396 :points:
:bulletblue: Critique-for-All - Comprehensive Critiques (if winner wants it)
:bulletblue: AnotherContestGroup - Winner's Package
:bulletblue: kunehoGod - Journal Feature
:bulletblue: Kanadesonya - 2 Commissions of choice
:bulletblue: ExplosiveCoffee - a colored sketch
:bulletblue: omn18 - a free full-body drawing

:star: THIRD PLACE - Need 40+ Entries To Be Available
:bulletblue: OC-Challenge - 100 :points:
:bulletblue: kunehoGod - 100 :points:
:bulletblue: Critique-for-All - Comprehensive Critiques (if winner wants it)
:bulletblue: AnotherContestGroup - Winner's Package
:bulletblue: kunehoGod - Journal Feature
:bulletblue: Kanadesonya - 1 Commissions of choice
:bulletblue: ExplosiveCoffee - a colored sketch
:bulletblue: omn18 - a free full-body drawing

:star: Our Official Sponsor! :star: gyah by Emoji-kun


who donated 915 :points: in total for this challenge!

Be included in here, too!!! See how > fav.me/d68m5sf

If you would like to donate prizes, please let us know!

You can also donate points to :iconocc-points-store: to go towards the prizes! :D


Hallow 2 by Emoji-kun

Read about them here: :star: Point Donators' Folder :star: Art Donators' Folder :star:


:star: Entries :star:

All current entries can be seen here: [link]

© 2013 - 2022 OC-Challenge
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IneMiSol's avatar
Oh... I... Thought we still had today to finish? I was just about finished OTL Damn it, it's not like I even have a computer in the college dorms and I didn't come home last weekend... Welp, it's over anyway ugh.
Deus-Lux's avatar
Getting overly excited after waiting patiently all week. How long does it normally take to get results for the Challenge?
kunehoGod's avatar
Voting period usually runs 3 to 4 days tops,
then comes the announcement! :D
Deus-Lux's avatar
Okay, thank you.
omn18's avatar
sure, i'll donate those happily :)
HeartIsIce's avatar
Yay now I will have the time for this! (:
omn18's avatar
hi i'm interested in doing this challenge, how do I sign up (i'm a member) and how do I notify you before submitting. Also I would like to donate some work as well. look at my gallery for more ideas about my work..i can do work under pg13 as well, so no worries :)
occ-points-store's avatar
You do not have to notify us that you'll be submitting an entry. 

The challenge folder is OPEN for all the members so you just submit your entry here > oc-challenge.deviantart.com/ga…

And thank you very much for donating! We'll say that you'll donate a free full-body drawing each for the winners then.
ixris's avatar
NamelessObsidian22's avatar
Is it possible for extension?
Deus-Lux's avatar
My submission last night makes twenty! Second places!
Purplefire40's avatar
Wah, made it in time for this challenge!! Glad to hop back into the challenge arena, since I didn't enter the last two!!! *throws glitter*
Jenssiej's avatar
omg i made the perfect twisted fairy tail yesterday, added it today to the contest :p
iamkathybrown's avatar
Ooo, if I join the group am I automatically in the contest? Or should I wait for the next?
occ-points-store's avatar
You're free to join this contest if you join the group :)
Klangadin's avatar
I'm going to work on a story again.  Wish me luck!
ixris's avatar
Really late into the month, but - GOOD LUCK! :heart:!
Klangadin's avatar
Sorry about that. Took forever to figure out how to submit it from my tablet.
ixris's avatar
Pff, I'm nothing in charge of the group, so it's no skin off my nose.  :)  Good luck in the Challenge, though.
ixris's avatar
More questions!

In past Challenges, there was a rule that kind of poo-poo'd the use of strictly B&W lineart style images in the challenge.  I'm not seeing that rule for this challenge.  I'd -love- to do a woodcut-style set of lines for this (am sketching now), but I'd also hate to add color, as that might detract from it.  

Must a piece be colored / fully shaded to be considered 'finished' under the new management, or would a woodcut style (high detail) of just lines be allowed?
kunehoGod's avatar
The norm has always been that all entries must be colored/fully shaded. But I think we can consider a b&w piece if it's highly detailed. Yup! If the uncolored piece if it does not appear to be a simple sketch or lineart, we may consider it! :)
ixris's avatar
I will bust my chops to get my lines finished to my standards on time, so if you decide it's not 'finished' enough I'll have time to work on it a  bit more.  :)  Thanks!
strawberryflamingo's avatar
are you supposed to represent the fairytale in a cutesy disney-like way or the original origins with scary themes?
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