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A group of artists who trade art of original characters, monthly, via a "Secret Santa" type exchange. Months may have themes to draw by.

Membership is subject to vote by admins. Please thoroughly read the rules before asking to join, we do have requirements for membership submissions!

:star::star::star::star:Please see our list of rules and guidelines here! :star::star::star::star:

:bulletred:This group does have quality control. The majority of our members are working professionals in the art field. Please understand that we are looking for others who are on an intermediate to advanced level to keep things fair for all members.
:bulletred:Please read the guidelines before applying to join!
:bulletred:Feel free to invite your friends!
Founded 8 Years ago
Feb 17, 2013


Group Focus
Art Creation

53 Members
77 Watchers
13,269 Pageviews

Gallery Folders

Anashouin Appeal by Pheoniic
Jequirity Phuus by Daroneasa
OC Xchange: Christoph Wolf Plush by Robo-Shark
Sketch XChange: Z and Naiyra by Saetje
Ref Sheets for Members' Characters
XiYao UwU by Yuuki-Leisa
Wang Zi Yun  [OC] by Yuuki-Leisa
[CC] Zombina Arts -FB by Yuuki-Leisa
Vec expressions by Liketheisland
2013 Archive
OC Xchange: Christoph Wolf Plush by Robo-Shark
Alex Paperdoll by ThirdPotato
OC-EX05 by caat
Kyler and Booker foam magnets for Caat by Myrcury-Art
2014 Archive
OC X-CHANGE- Mama Bear by Velvet-Crown
OCX Sketch - Winter Lotus by Saetje
All Dolled Up by anqila
May 2017
Pizza Time!! by CotyKaye
Twinkle Toes! by CotyKaye
Pride YCH - Yori by CotyKaye
Powerful flowers by Liketheisland
April 2017
[OC-AX] Starflower by OCT-Willpower
Petals and petrichor by Liketheisland
OCX for April 2017 - Don't worry, I gotcha buddy! by Myrcury-Art
[OC-AX] So I have a question! by OCT-Willpower
March 2017 Submissions
Drinking Buddies by Jimbury
You're okay, sporto. by Liketheisland
February 2017 Submissions
Love and Kisses by Foxbrideart
Serenade by Liketheisland
[OC-AX] Boo! by OCT-Willpower
February-March 2015 Submissions
Barnes loves donuts! by Myrcury-Art
OC-ArtXchange - Jeremias Schlusser by nam-stram-gram
Love Themed Sketch Challenge - OC-Art-Xchange by TheQueenofKawaii
FebruArchXchange: PANK-ACHES FRUM DA SKYYYYY by ShamelessMagic
April-May 2015 Submissions

Mature Content

Francine by Foxbrideart
June-July 2015 Submissions
OC Xchange - Hans Schneider by WHATiFGirl
August-September 2015 Submissions
Zuzuri's new old look by Myrcury-Art
October-November 2015 Submissions
[OC-AX] I'm not scared of the Big Bad Beouf! by OCT-Willpower
DecembrAnuary 2015-16 Submissions
Impermeable by Liketheisland
Thanks for joining! Please if you have anyone you would like to invite let me know and I will send the a formal invitation! Also If you see this and would like to join please read the lovely rules! You can find them here------> OC-Art-Xchange Rules and GuidelinesOC-Art-Xchange Rules:
*Artist/art recipient pairs will be chosen at random. You will only know who YOU are drawing for - not who is drawing for you.
* Any and all types of characters are allowed. Artists should be prepared for the possibility of drawing an anthro character, a human, a completely original creature, or who knows what!  
*Members need not feel obligated to participate in every month’s exchange. A journal about the coming month’s trade will be posted toward the end of the current month. If you would like to participate, simply comment the journal. If not, no worries!  
* Adult content is acceptable ONLY if the person you are drawing for has stated in their post details that it is okay with them. General deviantART rules apply of course, and no artist is required to draw adult content if they do not wish to do so, regardless of if it was requested by their recipient.
* Do the level of work for others that you would like to see done for you. A do

If you do not follow the rules for joining you will be declined.

Now time to vote for the theme for May! Please comment below to cast your vote!

:bulletpurple: Sunshine
:bulletorange: Ice Cream
:bulletblue: Summer Wear/swimwear designs
:bulletpink: Pool shenanigans
:bulletpurple: different characters' methods of staying cool
:bulletorange: Sweets
:bulletblue: Colorful
:bulletpink: Beach

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ThirdPotato Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Is this group st ill alive cuz I totally miss it TuT
Foxbrideart Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2020  Professional General Artist
If we could find 4 to 5 people who want to start doing exchanges every month again, then I think we could start up again

Foxbrideart Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2020  Professional General Artist
Hello....yeah I am sad this place is dead too...there just aren't many people left to keep doing the exchanges
Foxbrideart Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017  Professional General Artist
OMG I've been soooo busy I haven't been able to even sit at the comp much >< I'm so sorry!
Liketheisland Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2017  Professional Filmographer
So will the May 2017 folder be open for submissions soon? I finished my pic long ago but wanted to put it in the proper folder. Also, is the June theme going to become the July theme?
Foxbrideart Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2017  Professional General Artist
omg....ummmm I'm so sorry....I have been so caught up in a new job, that I haven't had time to monitor this! >< I will try and be better! I thought the May folder was open? Let me check it. It's open! Go for it! I was wondering if we could wait for July! I will let yall pick whatever theme! It can be open!
Liketheisland Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2017  Professional Filmographer
The thing is, the inside of the other folders have a "contribute to this folder" button on the right side, but the May folder doesn't. And even when I try the "contribute art" button on the home page, the only options I get are the ref sheet folder and the ones for March and April. But waiting for July is fine with me. Congrats on the new job!
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Liketheisland Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2016  Professional Filmographer
So is this group still active, or-? 
Foxbrideart Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017  Professional General Artist
we have not been active for a while because people did not have time to participate. That left only two people trading every time which wasn't really fun. If people want to start up again...I guess we should take a poll.
Liketheisland Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017  Professional Filmographer
Yes! Please! I miss having other artists around who I can relate to more easily (similar ages, tastes, skill levels, and places in our careers) than who DA's general user base appears to be.
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