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Hello! Mod Athor here with a quick announcement!

Given inactivity of other mods from irl issues, i will be temporarily opening all folders.
People that leave have their artwork automatically removed, so it's easier to have all folders open so that members can send their art and fill out those old folders.
If one folder is closed, try another numeral!

This brings me to the second point. Due to inactivity from mods, I would like to open modship applications.
Those who are willing to help admin the group please comment with the following:

- Do you have experience administrating a group? If so, which groups were/are you administrating?
- How often will you be able to chip in on administrative tasks? (such as checking comments, opening new folders when older ones fill out, etc.)

As for the last two announcements, a friend is making a Fire Emblem Original Characters discord.
1) If you are interested in joining, please follow the link:
2) Should OC---club have it's own discord? It would most likely include social channels as well as specific sections per folder of the dA (such as completely original OCs, etc.).
It would be a place for anyone to comment and share about their OCs, as well as keeping faster communication with the mods.
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Cheap Commissions OPEN
EDIT: If you notice that the prices seem to be wrong you do not have to tell me, they are so on purpose so please just comment if you are going to buy, I am quite excited to think that you commented to buy a drawing but if it is that it is painful, please only comment if you go to buy, thanks for reading. Hello everyone! As you can see I have the commissions open, just read and send me a note if you are interested, send me any reference that is necessary and the type of commission you want, I also ask for a lot of patience, please.You don't need to pay double if you want me to add another character to your commission. Payment: PayPal and Point. USD: Headshot: 5$ Bust: 10$ Halfbody: 15$ POINTS: Headshot: 50 Bust: 100 Halfbody: 150 I don't do: Mecha, Gore, NFSW, Filthy fetishes, Realism. I do: Animals, Ships, Anime Style, Blood, Ocs, Fanarts, Gay, Lesbians, Heterosexual, Canon/Ocs. Examples: ,,, You can follow me and support me in:
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Welcome to the Oc club / Bienvenue au Oc club !

OC-C Acasha by bluemallo
Eng : The OC club is a club where you come show you orginal characters aka OCs. You have create OC of a game like Sonic, Mario ect., a Oc from a original story of yours or you have create a OC from a anime like Naruto or Pokemon,ect. Come join the club and show us your OCS!^^
If you have an OC, and wish to have one single page with all the information there is + gallery of photos of it, why don't you got to the FanFiction Characters and make an Article??^^

Every kind of Oc is accepted!^^

Fra : Le Club OC est un club où vous pouvez montrer votre ou vos personnages originaux. Vous pouvez créer un OC pour un jeu comme Sonic, Mario, Rayman, etc..., un OC d'une histoire originale ou encore un OC de manga/anime comme Naruto, Pokémon ou Sailor Moon par exemple. Venez vous joindre à nous et présenter vos OCS ! :D

Tout type de OC est accepté, alors n'hésitez pas à venir. ;)

--- - - -

Post-Scriptum : If you are interested to join the OC club as a member, a Contributors or a Co-Founders leave a comment or send note to :iconrhaytronik:

Thanks, merci ! :D









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