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ENDeviant Sh*t by bigsheezy
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Sexy Kitty | by Evenink_cosplay by eveninkcosplay
Wednesday Addams | by Evenink_cosplay by eveninkcosplay
Sexy Kitty | by Evenink_cosplay by eveninkcosplay
Wednesday Addams | by Evenink_cosplay by eveninkcosplay
Literature Fan fiction - OPEN
More snags in the storyMore snags in the story---------------------------The way "Remembered Eternity" is going has put me in a major snag... yet again.In the previous chapters, one of the Planars was erased from existence by Innocent, one of the Aspects, and has issued a five-day time limit to the protagonists to:- Deliver Melody and all of her other selves to them;- Deliver Demyan to extract Merit; and- Save Gon'an, which they consider the only country worth saving.Of course, the Aspects are not doing it for the best of reasons, as they 1- see the Planars as "worthless excuses" and "waste of air", among other things. 2- want Demyan to "have it worse" - basically letting him live, but making him suffer a worse fate than death;3- represent the different emotions and times that Keith died, with some of them clinging onto Melody as one of the only good people in their lives...One of the snags takes the form of a warning that Innocent threw during their worldwide broadcast. The Aspects will track down, torture, and erase from existence, several men that influenced Karyana's life. Already, this had led to some problems. One of them was that in "The Worldmenders' Saga", ALL of the characters were meant to return as different people, using their previous names as anagrams. The idea was that each character would be given the chance to:1- remember their pasts;2- make the choice whether to keep their old memories or let them go;3- instill some wisdom to the group, and provide some aid;4- give those character arcs a happy ending, or one last villainous moment before fading away entirely.Here is where things start going wrong. First, according to the message, the targets will be Alban, Onyx, Cunon, Scyens and Demyan. However, theunholyborn messaged me one or two days ago, saying that the reincarnated Xamaris wants Yu Shaia to stay alive to torture him and make him "feel worse" (which included an Erotic Role-Play that downright turned into corrupting Saena - Yu Shaia and Meilin's daughter - and attempted corruption and RAPE of Meilin - Yu Shaia's wife AND one of Karyana's previous lives), and will also target Ermanho - the leader of the Levan Savannah.Second, the incorrect assumptions of the Aspects basically led to Medierth's near-destruction, as well as the near-death of Karyana, her family and her comrades. 1- Meilin and Yu Shaia had been brought back and tortured by the Aspects because Innocent thought that those two knew the truth about Medierth... which they didn't. 2- The Aspects erased Eligius as well as the entire population that lived in the four corners of the Emerald Sea because they believed that Eligius' relationship was romantic in some way... which was actually more of a mentor-student relationship.3- Given that the Planars were the last humans of the Old World (ours) and that their direct actions (even though influenced by Merit) caused so much strife and turmoil in Medierth, they had kept as much of a "hands-off" policy with mortals as possible... which makes them as much victims as Keith was thanks to Merit... so his Aspects targeting the Planars does not bode well. What's worse is that, should they abdicate, it would not change a thing, as Keith himself believes that it's "too late for them to be defiant".4- Keith himself believes that Melody's true wish was to "end it all" (meaning destroy everything)... which was not the case. Her true wish was to go back home (return to Medierth) as the Old World (thanks to Merit's meddling) brought her too much suffering.5- As much as Keith/the Anarch loved Melody, she was actually scared of how trapped she felt. With his "alpha lion" view of things (eliminating all males to possess all of Melody's selves for himself), this was not what Melody wanted - as much as she cared for him and Kerry, she was not ready to be in a relationship due to past trauma, and did not want to rob Kerry of a better future as she knew that her mission to take down Merit - which Keith was also doing without her knowing - and her own projects would take too much time away from them.6- Of all of Karyana's other selves, only Melody actually loved Keith. The others were either neutral towards him or even hostile.Third point: a link to the next series - The Worldmenders' Saga. As stated before, all of the characters would have new names and shapes using anagrams of their previous names. If I go for the mentioned targets - removing Demyan due to being the only one who will not reincarnate but will actually remain the same - the list goes like this:1- Alban Ma LeonAnagram: "He is Alban Ma Leon": Lionman Hale Beas- This character is meant to be one of the first characters that Alex's group will save. - His role? He is meant to help save Siria - the headmistress of Naturaya's traveling circus and the princess of Naturaya - from being used as a puppet ruler by the Outcriers.- When Siria returns to Naturaya, Siria and Hale will replace the former king... which leads to the next one on the list:2- RaemuAnagram: "I was Colonel Raymonds": Lionman Lord Casey Ows- the elder king of Naturaya.- His role will be relatively minor, with him being linked to Siria's story arc, with him abdicating (and possibly passing away) some time after Siria's return.Side-note: 1- Given that theunholyborn gave him a surname - Murdock - I may have to rewrite the anagram.2- While he was not targeted by name, theunholyborn did target him and the other male Planars to be hunted down, tortured and erased, including:3- ScyensAnagram: "I was Enzo Cy Giuseppe" = Wise Guppy Zen'Soyi- a royal strategist and inquirer to the mermaid kingdom (I have yet to find a name for it);- He knows the story behind Lord Zaya and Lady Adzo's name switch, and wishes to help the couple while keeping tabs on over-world affairs;4- CunonAnagram: "I was once named Cunon": Canine Daemon Cwon-Su- Daemons in 'The Worldmenders' Saga' are meant to be creatures that can take multiple forms or shapes, as they represent thoughts or emotions. The word actually means 'Spirit', which makes them the equivalent of Keith's Aspects (in a way);- One of the characters is directly linked to the Daemons, so it would only be fitting if the group met at least one during the story.- The name is a derivative of 'Kwon' (a Korean name meaning 'King') and 'Su' (a Hebrew name meaning 'Lily' or 'Rose'). However, this could also be derived from 'Soo', a Korean female name meaning 'Water'.5- Onyx KinslayerAnagram: "Onyx Kinslayer": Nikolay Rexsyn- A second-in-command to the Rex tribe, now led by Lord Yadrake- Knows the story about Lord Yadrake, as well as tasks the group into finding out why the latter has been growing increasingly aggressive and irritable- One of the few Rex who isn't boastful or reckless, serving as a tactical expert during the battle to free the Sanake tribelands from the Outcriers.Of the targets, the only one I have yet to make an anagram for is Ermanho... which I will try to do tonight.Fourth point: the lack of "win conditions" for 'Remembered Eternity'. Given that the world only has five days before it - along with everything else - is erased from existence, I tried to come up with some possible victory conditions to lead into the next series... though theunholyborn has brought his own ideas.Here are the ideas and the issues around them:1- Placing Medierth under a time-lock or starting a new loop that breaks the continuity.Issue: The Anarch will not only refuse any form of time-manipulation, but due to having seen multiple timelines end before it reached the current one, he does not want the cycle to start over;2- Having the Planars abdicate and relinquish their powers before the five days are over.Issue: they will still be hunted down and erased from existence by the Aspects.3- Agree to their conditionsIssue: given the Aspects' actions, as well as the hatred that some of them have towards Karyana (for personal reasons), this would not end well. Add to that the fact that the actions of the Forgotten Army led to Citadel's destruction, the deaths of Olin Mistfoot and Elany Windforge (temporarily revived to fight Xelnos and Sayeth, with her remains used to create Aphrah), the complete annihilation of the Emerald Sea and all of its inhabitants and the torture and erasure of Eligius on false charges... I highly doubt that Karyana would accept to give herself up to them.4- Use the Forgotten Army's broadcast system to deliver the truth about everything that happened to the population of MedierthIssue: given that the Forgotten were unable to recognize Melody and only did so for Melothios, and with some of them hating Karyana - either they are from alternate universes where she is evil, or they see her as the "Whore of the Planars" -, it is highly possible that they will not listen and see this as a refusal to agree to their conditions, which would only make things worse.5- Theunholyborn's idea: use Melothios to destroy MeritIssue: Melothios was created thanks to Merit, and the latter was able to easily manipulate both it and Melody into killing Karyana... just to mess with her for being close to Keith. I feel that this completely undermines the entire story, as the focal point is Karyana. Adding this conflict into the story without "shoe-horning" everything was hard enough, and I feel like giving either of the warring parties what they want would just completely throw out the character growth that Karyana went through, and diminish the trauma she experienced, in the current book.The original plan was for the world of Sherad (an anagram of the word 'shared') to be a world in transition. However, theunholyborn's idea was to make the actual transitional world be Genra (an anagram of the word 'anger'), and have it be a world locked in conflict between the forces of Order (under the oppressive rule of Merit) and those of Chaos.My overall idea for 'The Worldmenders' Saga' was to have multiple arcs in a more "slice of life" fantasy style, with the group learning from their travels and experiences, and even Alex sharing his thoughts in a diary-like format.So... yeah... I'm still scratching my head in hopes of finding a way to transition from one story to the next without throwing everything under the table...
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And that's when I told him it wasn't Vodka! by Eternity9
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Welcome to the Oc club / Bienvenue au Oc club !

OC-C Acasha by bluemallo
Eng : The OC club is a club where you come show you orginal characters aka OCs. You have create OC of a game like Sonic, Mario ect., a Oc from a original story of yours or you have create a OC from a anime like Naruto or Pokemon,ect. Come join the club and show us your OCS!^^
If you have an OC, and wish to have one single page with all the information there is + gallery of photos of it, why don't you got to the FanFiction Characters and make an Article??^^

Every kind of Oc is accepted!^^

Fra : Le Club OC est un club où vous pouvez montrer votre ou vos personnages originaux. Vous pouvez créer un OC pour un jeu comme Sonic, Mario, Rayman, etc..., un OC d'une histoire originale ou encore un OC de manga/anime comme Naruto, Pokémon ou Sailor Moon par exemple. Venez vous joindre à nous et présenter vos OCS ! :D

Tout type de OC est accepté, alors n'hésitez pas à venir. ;)

--- - - -

Post-Scriptum : If you are interested to join the OC club as a member, a Contributors or a Co-Founders leave a comment or send note to :iconrhaytronik:

Thanks, merci ! :D









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