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I don't know if I like Pervy Buddha, guys.
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I like how politely Aeris asks for Yuffie back while also subtly insulting him.

Also, DUDE, SHE'S 16!!!
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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
Happy you're enjoying your read-through. :laughing:
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QueenChinchilla187Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know you don't come on here anymore, but your comic is genius!
Just felt like throwing that out, in case you decide to ever come back.
I know you've been hearing that every day when you were still doing it though, so sorry if it's getting annoying and repetitive, lol.

Your other work is amazing, too, of course! c:

BTW, this page reminded me of that NAMBLA episode of South Park, haha.
Could it, by chance, have been a reference to that? :р

Also, I know what it's like to have a major fu**ing art block, - I wanna draw so many things, I have them already sketched up in my head (like Dyne, for instance, coz there's literally, like, NO fanart of him anywhere, I don't get why), but I just can't force myself to pick the damn pencil up! Shitty health and depression won't friggin' let me!...

So I hope you feel better soon, whatever you may be going through! <3
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Yay for Jack Frost! Hee hoo, guys! 
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He does look like a Jack Frost doesn't he?
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This is old but 16 is the age of consent in my country so he might just be british.
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FrancisKingsStudent Filmographer
Age of concent in Japan is 13... O_O 
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PurpleKamaHobbyist Digital Artist
16 technically, but yeah.
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LiefKatano Traditional Artist
You have earned all of my respect points for referring to Jack Frost.
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Sixteen is perfectly legal and marriageable, Cloud~

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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
..... I need an adult. :iconsobplz:
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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
Phew, that's good.

Wait, you're not a minister, are you?
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Redcap909Student General Artist
magnificent gunge
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chibi-sunriseHobbyist Artist
...cool-looking ninja is too high level for Hellfire and GUNGE to work effectively. Whoo!

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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
Your protests make it funnier!
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You need a V8 Cloud...
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Kyruto-ChanHobbyist General Artist



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Jack Frost SMT reference? Sweeeeet!
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Oh, Aeris, you will never not be precious.
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Cloud mistook Corneo for Jack Frost? That really gets my hee ho boiling!
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Shin Megami Tensei/Persona reference?  Some cameo should be good... maybe Hito-Shura or Teddy? :D
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Well, I just want you to know, _I_ get your obscure video game reference.  And I'm just glad Corneo is stopping at 16.  I'd hate to see him go after Alice.
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MagicaITrevorHobbyist Writer
I wonder how many ways Cloud can think of to say 'Dude, she's 16' in unique ways...
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