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The Gi tribe's poison arrows turned that lion into stone! Does their treachery know no bounds?!
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Cait Sith I spotted you on your personal harem!

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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
Most unexpected comment award goes to this one.
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As big as Tifa's rack is, those tits are not big enough for Yuffie to hide in.
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Plot twist: Yuffie was in Tifa's boobs.  God that sounds so wrong.
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Panel 9, Tifa looks like she has a tail XD Also, Aeris yelling into Tifa's boobs is priceless.
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Whoa Aeris what are you doing!? lol
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Yay, Rikku! I love Rikku!
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Rikku is pretty much a neo-Yuffie.
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deviantsasterHobbyist Writer
Aeris xd
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hahaha Aeris knows where to look!!!
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Moonblaster13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Rikku, what are you doing, this is the wrong game. Go home.
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It's a good place to look into for lost things...

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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
We need to lose many more things...
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Redcap909Student General Artist
Is that the Great Stone Dragon?
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artReallHobbyist General Artist
flip over the cats! lol
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chibi-sunriseHobbyist Artist
Cats are very confusing. No wonder Cloud prefers his talking dog. He can barely understand a thing in that cat house!

Cloud, no. That's is a Rikku. The female kind. She is an energetic thief, though. Troupe leader, can we recruit her?!

:iconzidaneplz: I'm regretting the fact that I recruited you...
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KezulosProfessional General Artist
Lol, last panel, Aerith's face is priceless XD
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So much fanservice... such a small panel... *mindsplosion*

ALTERNATIVE RESPONSE: Oh man, can I search for Yuffie too?  Maybe Aeris didn't check thoroughly eno-- *slapped*
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FawnBirthStudent General Artist
omg.. that 7th panel XD I can see into clouds soul up through his nostrils!
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Fuggin Rikku... wtf!?
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nice last panel reference to riku from FFX and to tifa`s breasts
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