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Hey, look, it's Asia land! We must be playing an RPG.
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FundelsteinHobbyist Writer
Why does Wutai look like something out of Naruto?
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Wait... why is there Asia land in a JRPG?  Seems a bit redundant.
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I think I completely skipped Wutai in my first playthrough, the translation wasn't good enough to tell me that it was the next destination and I somehow wound up progressing in plot. I think I did it in "after game" while farming to finish the weapons. Wasn't really hard even without materia, could also be a reason I never disliked Yuffie (besides her already named reaction scene to Aeris death of course).
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chibi-sunriseHobbyist Artist
PSEUDO-ASIA! Ahhhh...you're still as beautiful as ever~ (Great job on the background!)

Aerith, you can't even talk to Zack's ghost. What makes you think you can talk to your foster mom's dead husband? Troupe leader, Yuffie stole from a crowd of people three times! Can you do that to--?!

:iconzidaneplz: Shut up.

...sorry, troupe leader.

Cloud, Asia does not exist in this world! You're supposed to call it Wutai!
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JereduLeveninHobbyist Digital Artist
Damn, dude, your backgrounds get me EVERY TIME. You draw everything so painstakingly beautiful, AND you manage to keep every single page HILARIOUSLY good fun.  I dunno how you do it, but I am astounded.
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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't know how I do it either when you refer to it THAT way. :noes: 

As long as I try and make things look how I think they should look they'll come out... how they keep coming out, I guess. Then the jokes are sort of unrelated. I write them first and go "Okay, this is sort of funny" and then spend a year drawing things.

The secret is tedium!
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special attack= exploding cloud


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The character "Fire" in the center of panel 1 is similar to a cat face which is laughing as Yuffie stole party's materia.

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They also failed to realize that Yuffie can't steal Materia that's hundreds of miles away.

Leave a bunch of Materia on your out-of-party members, then PHS their Materia back in after you get robbed.

Worked for me.
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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
Nobody here has foresight like that. Why, if that were the case they'd be making jokes about Aeris dying. Wait....
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I...... that's brilliant.

Why did i always do it the hard way? MY YOUTH ARGH
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I can hear the Benny Hill them playing when every is running after Yuffie. lol
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deviantsasterHobbyist Writer
lol my god
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Aaaarrg gaaraara rafslkdaash'afjs'p!
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FawnBirthStudent General Artist
wow... I don't think i've ever told you, but i really love seeing your art ♥
the time spent on the details of the background alone shows me how much dedication you have, and its really, really admirable! :>
i think out of all the backgrounds you've ever drawn, this one is my favorite! ♥
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Kanji-The-WandererStudent General Artist
Indeed. It is really brilliant !
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xxxDreamingflowerxxxHobbyist Writer
Lolz Cloud you're asking Asian looking people if they saw an Asian looking girl? How smart.
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Rosae94Hobbyist General Artist
like going to africa and ask if they saw a black guy with black hair. xD
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That shot of Wutai is lovely!
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that's how i felt when I got this point of the game. lol Just like Cloud in the last panel. (love the BGM though)
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... if cloud explodes, will there be feathers everywhere?
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Oh, Cloud, we all love you for speaking for us all!
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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
I didn't know we were all that bad at typing.
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We were at the moment we realized that Yuffie conned us.
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