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:iconheadacheplz: Cid is so charming!!
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Huh... didn't know the P.H.S. could do that.
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HAHAHAHA Cid made me laugh so hard XD
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AdrianMinotaurHobbyist General Artist
I've always liked Did, but this Cid's a jerk. I'd totally love Rufio in the party, way more then Did. You just make him way more fun! :D
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Gosh if CID Highwind is equally as popular as Vincent, why the bloody heck hasn't Play Arts made a toy figure of him?  
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You tell 'em, Rufus.

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artReallHobbyist General Artist
easy tifa!^^ lol
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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
That's not a nice thing to call her!
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artReallHobbyist General Artist
WHAT??! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's mean!x,X
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chibi-sunriseHobbyist Artist
Cid cannot handle all this lady-like affection! It burns! I like how Rufus was trying to remain calm despite being surrounded by Cloud's increasingly motlier crew. He is still VERY UPSET, THOUGH.

P.H.S. logic: Oh, you're calling someone? Let me transport them to your location, so you can talk to them in person.

It's a good thing Rufus wasn't transported too. He'd be VERY UPSET. And Tiny Bronco is holding all those crazies like a champ. That's our pink hugging boat!
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See this face?! >:-( Very upset!
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..... I confess, I love Cid. But panel six with Rufus made me shoot my goddamned tea out my nose.
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So is the PHS phone like that in the matrix or something?
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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy crap, they ARE using the PHS in The Matrix.
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WHat? you are the author, aren't you?
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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
Of The Matrix?! .................YES. :icondealwithitplz:
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I can't stop laughing!!! Damnit Rufus why must you be so upset!!
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VyanNRHobbyist General Artist
Tifa: ...he's not going to join our party, is he?
Cloud: He's a really popular character, I think he has to.
Tifa: Yeah, but so was Vincent!
Cloud: Oh, God, you're right.

Party: *staring at Rufus*
Rufus: ...
Party: ...
Rufus: I'll have you know that I'm very upset with all of you right now!

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Teleporting phone calls because they save your life when your awkwardly stuck next to Rufus Shinra
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missamon General Artist
How dare the PHS leave Rufus behind! He's an important party member you know!
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Rosae94Hobbyist General Artist
i know it's kinda early i really wonder how will it be your page where Cloud and Tifa are alone before the final battle xD
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Ohnoes! Ruffles is upset! Someone make his ass some TEA!
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is it just me or does poor Tifa look like she's going to lose her mind!?!? Can you imagine what would have happened it the phone was a Panasonic?? I would fear for the planet's safety...
GGRRR!! Cid you sexist piece of shit!!! I'll cook in your kitchen and burn it the fuck down!! Then I'll borrow Tifa's dolphin and throw it at your gut and than tentacle bitchslap your face!!! *noms on Cids heads steals his cigs and dashes away* MWAHAHAHAA!!!! GURL POWA!!!!
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ArtofSilvandarHobbyist General Artist
Oh Rufus...
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MalkavianMarineHobbyist Writer
Hah ! I never thought about panel 6. That's hilarious
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