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Naked Cloud strangling Rinoa, you saw it here first! Actually, I shouldn't be so presumptuous, that probably already exists. This IS the Internet after all. And look, she's remembering dead Aeris with her ribbon! Wait...

Sad part is that Rinoa was funner and cuter to draw than AC Tifa. I don't need to explain why that's sad. I should never need to explain that.

And I do find it creepy that the old guy in the game is so stoked about having a "cute girl" working out of his van. I didn't even make that up.

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This page is awesome
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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
Ha ha, thanks again.
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I'm not sure why but I like Tifa's outfit in AC. But she looks hotter in her original outfit.
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Am I the only one who likes Tifa's Advent Children outfit more than her in-game outfit? Especially with this art style. It's doubly weird as I usually appreciate fanservice.
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I prefer her Advent Children outfit because it makes SENSE. If you are gonna be kicking people as your main type of attack, wear some freaking pants. A miniskirt would be horribly inconvenient.
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AdrianMinotaurHobbyist General Artist
Should we call it fanservice or manservice?  I'm pretty sure it's not for girls, except lesbians, but I do realize there's fan service for girls too. Just a lot of manservice, although that does exclude gay men, you know what...forget it I quit! I ruined it! Man service is dead!
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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
Of course it's dead, there's not enough boobs in the world that could offset the tidings of Reno fangirls! ...Or whichever pretty boy is popular these days, I'm not sure.
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I bet this is how the story ends

:iconsquallplz:*cocks gun* :iconsaysplz: Your game sucks and you attacked my dear Rinoa!
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Thank you Rinoa. I always did like her back in FFVIII
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And now I want to see you do a FF8 comic when your done with this...
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Kitsune137190Hobbyist Writer
I only ask this question because of this page: Will you draw an FF8 comic?
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naruto9000believeitStudent Digital Artist
^^; Well, I CAN take Tifa more seriously and see her as a fighter while she wears that outfit, but DAMMIT, SHE LOOKS SO MUCH HOTTER IN THE OLDER GAMES, for some reason ¬__¬
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Well, I for one see Tifa more "as a fighter" while she wears the FF7 outfit. It's just more badass, I think.
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blessedboydragonHobbyist Artist
There's mods that allow you to use the AC outfits in the game on the pc.
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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
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blessedboydragonHobbyist Artist
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chibi-sunriseHobbyist Artist
RINOA. You ruined a HOLY FANSERVICE moment! :iconcloudumonstrplz:
:iconrinoaplz: Eeeeek! Squall, save me!
:iconsquallplz: ...whatever.
Rinoa being cuter than Tifa. "...I don't want to play this game anymore." I also like how in the third panel, Aerith's all "Would you look at that ARM?!"

And now, Aerith and Tifa will beat up a potential pedophile. You should be proud of this page. (Although, I always thought he called Yuffie cute as in 'cute as a button' not cute like 'I'd-date-her' cute. I guess you can't rule out anything in a game like this)
ObstinateMelon's avatar
ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
Why you always gotta ruin fanservicing, Rinoa?

Too hoo, that meager quote keeps coming back, I love it... and yes, I knew the way to a girl's heart was through the arm!

I should go find a real pedophile to beat up, then I'll be even prouder. I'm not ruling it out, it sounded just as creepy in the game. xD
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chibi-sunriseHobbyist Artist
:iconkyuubeyplz: It was in her contract.

Girls love muscular arms after all!

Oh Japan...when will you learn that pedophilia is CREEPY?
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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
Your contracts suck, Kyuubey.

When they all stop being small over there and can tell the difference between children and adults. Nyuck nyuck nyuck.
chibi-sunrise's avatar
chibi-sunriseHobbyist Artist
Yes. Yes they do.
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blessedboydragonHobbyist Artist
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KaraouqHobbyist Traditional Artist
lol tifa's almost back to normal
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