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Man Red XIII has an annoying way of talking. And since he drops it halfway through the game it makes me think the translators were trying to be 'cute'. Bastards!

Nice uh... monster design. I like how half the monsters in FF7 are trying so hard to be a Resident Evil game, not to mention the whole deciding to do pre-rendered backgrounds. Very 90's.
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Red has distinctly different speech patterns pre- and post-Cosmo Canyon in the Japanese version. The translator made an attempt at reflecting that in the initial scene, but apparently kind of gave up after that. Before Cosmo Canyon, he tries to speak "all proper" formal Japanese, after that he's more like little boy/country bumpkun. Classical "lost in translation" unfortunately.
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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
I feel like they gave up with Cyan and Frog's speech pattern in their respective games too. :laughing:  God dammit Woolsey.

If Red did it after Cosmo Canyon that's interesting. Gotta think, what changed? Well, we know he learned not to hate his father. Does that mean Seto spoke like a country bumpkin?
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Freki2019Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think it has to do with him trying to seem wise and like an adult, hiding the fact that he's basically still a teenager, but once his weird floating grandpa tells everyone the truth, Nanaki gives up the act and begins talking like usual
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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
r/iamverysmart Red makes me uncomfortable...

Thank goodness he goes back to bumpkin.
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NanoRimStudent Digital Artist
"Feral lassie"

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I really like this characters~ (In all friendly '^' ! ) 
A Dog-Tiger Native American~ How can you made something more badass? 8D
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I love to name Red XIII his real name.
Cosmo Canyon people: Nanaki! You're back!
Cloud: Who's Nanaki?
Cosmo Canyon people: Nanaki is Nanaki.
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DominotheSkollHobbyist Traditional Artist
I totally do that too xD
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Oh my god that sounds hilarious!
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That makes Cosmo Canyon the funniest location in the game.
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Unless you go ahead and name every character Sephiroth. Then the entire game is hilariously nonsensical.
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Actually, the monster designs were more John Carpenter's The Thing then Resident Evil.
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eddyslilsisHobbyist General Artist
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FrancisKingsStudent Filmographer
I named him (SPOILER) Nanaki second time I played the game, it just sounded right xD
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Cyan lol XD That's hilarious XD
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God I love how you end things here and there.  It's so positively abrupt but hilarious.
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RosyanHobbyist General Artist
Why are everyone always calling Red a dog? For me, he looks more like a lion.
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So... he would say "Maybe I'm A Lion"?

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naruto9000believeitStudent Digital Artist
Usually I just call Red XIII "Red"; it's pretty simple :|
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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
Then I will call him Blue.
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"... THIS DOG IS FUCKING TALKING!" Yeah, I know right?
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ObstinateMelonHobbyist Digital Artist
What's next, a robot cat?!
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No, a underaged female ninja, THEN a talking robot cat.
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And then an emo Vampire Frankenstein guy with Spawn's cape.  And then there's an old crank that wants his tea.
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