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RWBY - Starting the semester off with a...

By ObsidianWasp
I've wanted to do this for over a month, and now I've finally gotten around to it. Just a quick comic based on a scene from the Vol. 2 premiere of RWBY, with Yang getting smacked in the face with an apple by Nora, I changed the apple to a Delicious Fruit, because why not. I'm actually surprised Monty didn't have Yang make a CSI reference earlier.

also I love how episode 4 references all of the fan shipping names! THANK YOU MONTY!!!!
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Rhysio: Cringey... 

Rego: Shut up Rhysio. 

Vero: Shut up Rego.
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SS: You can't deny that she *pulls out a nail* NAILed it ;P 

SR: No wonder you two get along 
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SS: Hey. You should call legos, REGOs ;D
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-Rego takes out an STA-52- 

Rego: Don't make me! 

Vero: Oh crap! That's where my rifle went!
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SS: Hehe. Wow. That's quite *summons a lightning ball* SHOCKING ;P 
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-Rego takes out a sniper- 

Rego: When people say i miss, they say i mess good Awp-purtunities.
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Yang does have the shades to do that... Probably watched too much CSI for her to care about the bad puns. Still though, I wish someone eventually makes a gif like that :-)

Love the joke. As well as Yang's surprised expression.
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GOD DAMMIT BARBRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I guess you can sat that it was..

(•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■) 


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I knew someone would say that
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OK I'm trying to be mean, but this joke is starting to get old.
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What, the CSI joke? 
To be honest I have no idea how many times it's been used before. I've only seen it used maybe four actual times. 
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I've seen it way to many times.
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But that doesn't why Yang drove off.
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It's a reference to CSI. It would cut to a picture of Miami or something, with the main stars riding a swamp runner right after a crappy one-liner. I just decided to have Yang driving her motorcycle, with a picture of Beacon Academy in the background.…
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Well I never really watched CSI:Miami,
but I can now see the similarities after
watching the intro.
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to be honest neither have I
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