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I've been very stressed out with school recently, so commissions are now open. Although, I have to lay down some ground rules, that way I can keep this channel family and user friendly

Commission Rules

What I will draw: People, animals, couples, OC's, fictional characters from movies, tv shows, cartoons, and anime (original versions and goth, punk, or industrial versions)

To be more specific on goth, punk, and industrial versions:

Goth versions will primarily consist of Trad Goth, Grufti, Romantic Goth, Victorian Goth, Vampire Goth, Faerie Goth, Casual Goth, Gothabilly and Corporate Goth.

For Punk versions, they will be Deathrocker, Art Punk, Horror Punk, Old school Punk, and Glam Punk.

Industrial will consist of Rivitheads and Aggrotech + EBM  

What I will not draw: Anything NSFW, Gore, or fetishes of any type including Vore, Expansions, or Impregnation. I will also not draw Hate art, Racism, Sexism, Xenophobia, Ableism, or any kind of prejudcy and discrimination
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