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Wing Assembly
Don't mind the clothes pin. It is acting like a vice grip.

Just showing assembly of the wings.
Wings Finished
So, while I had everyone on the hook about it, I figured I should close this case for good.

Luna's wings are finally finished.

They are made from real maple keys that have been preserved and painted. They are still semi-transparent, when you bring the light up to them, so they retain their real insect/dragonfly appearance.

I am PLEASED AS PUNCH with the turnout of these wings. And to know they cost me NOTHING in materials...Even better.
I have no idea what these leaves are called, but they fall to the ground like helicopter blades, when the wind takes them. They also have this really intricate pattern that heavily resembles dragonfly or insect wings.

They also look a bit like Luna's wings.

Guess what....

I found Luna's wings!!!!

I cannot express the fragility of these wings, and can only hope to reinforce them with multiple layers of modge podge between layers of purple chalk pastels.
So, December 30, my boyfriend moved from Kentucky, to Texas, and is currently staying with me. This is both awesome, and a bit life changing all at once. For the good, so far.

He was forced to move his cat in, and poor kitty is sort of 'caged' to my bedroom, during the daylight hours, while he is let loose later in the evenings (as I am up at night, and the other cat in the house is a 'day kitty' with her humans), and we didn't want fights and what not. So, we're trying to keep them separate. This has proved to be difficult and rather irritating, as our kitty wants to roam free, like he's used to, and has figured out how to open the bedroom door, and can get out, even if we wedge a rather thick sock in the door. But, kitty will be kitty. Otherwise, everything is as ideal as can be.

My boyfriend is looking for work, right now, in the way of Military Contract work for sat-com, or a security job of some sort (armed or otherwise, so long as it's legit and pays), so he's home all day, not really going anywhere, as he has no idea where anything is, aside from a few places that are just around the corner. But, on the flip-side, because he's home, all day, and looking for work, he's also keeping the area cleaned up. Fool did my laundry!! And he didn't screw it up!!! He even cleared off my drafting table, and the area around it so I could start being creative in my free time, again. Which gets me away from my computer and back into my sketch pads full-time. I've even started painting a bit, here and there. So, aside from the tight quarters, all is well with this, too!

But, there's always the drawbacks of knowing your once very personal space is now a community area, you can feel a bit invaded. But, I can't, nor will I, complain too much, beyond feeling like my personal bubble is just too small for two people, some times. But I'm handling it very well, all the same, with trying to remember that I asked for this, and I was very positive in believing we can pull this off, for the better. All else fails, when we do get our semi-small 2 bedroom apartment (have to have 2 rooms for his daughter he has partial custody of), I will feel as if I have TONS of space again. LOL

Short of the long, I'm trying to not let all those 'little annoyances' get in the way, and keep positive vibes flowing.

Oh! I'm sort of learning to crochet, but the temptations of a very playful and adorable kitty makes me want to keep my yarn in very 'no kitty' zones, which I don't have right now.

I'm going to start taking commissions sometime soon, for either painting Miniatures, jewelry, or my normal drawing. Whichever may happen first. I just need to get through a few things, first, before I am completely comfortable with taking that kind of workload on.

I am going to look into going back to school. But I'd like to be doing online Art School that has a phenomenal reputation, in Illustration, and I really don't know where to start. So, if someone just so happen by this and read down to this part, let me know if you know of a good art school with an illustration or comic art (or equivocal) degree with a Bachelors, or Higher.

Take Care!


United States
There's not much to say. I draw, play video games, write, and go to school. I'm the classic 'starving artist'.

Current Residence: Texas
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Cow and Chicken, and Invader Zim and GIR


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