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WHF Ak Khan



Finally! My first ever Zlesdin! I've been wanting/eyeing this breed for three years now (basically ever since the group/breed was founded xD)  Zoub created for me the perfect horse ever! So happy to have him! 

Custom purchased from Zoubstance 
Original Design 

Section One: General Information 

Zlesdin ID: ZS0159
Owner: White Horse Farm
Breeder: Zoubstance 
Name: WHF Ak Khan (means 'White King' in Kazakh) 
Barn Name: Khan, King
Breed: purebred Zlesdin 
Gender: stallion
Age: shown at 5 years; currently a 2 year old 
Discipline(s): flat racing, hurdle racing, future jumping and dressage, liberty, halter, English pleasure 
Health: healthy
Injuries: none

Section Two: Genetics 
Color: dominant white on cremello dun
Geno: ee aa CrCr nD nW (W2)
Markings: solid
Height: 17 hh/173 cm
Build/Conformation: very athletic in appearance; lithe and grayhound-ish in build. Typical Zlesdin conformation with a slightly convex profile. 

Section Three: Temperament/Personality 
General Temperament: strong-willed
Personality: Khan is the quiet type who doesn't really reveal his moods until he actually snaps. He is a proud horse and has a stubborn streak in him and requires extra patience and a firm but not harsh hand to handle him. He is a "one person only" type horse. He also displays a very strong drive to be competitive.
Quirks: paws at the ground when tied 
Fears/Dislikes: spooks with loud, sudden noises; dislikes whips/crops
Horse vs Handler/Rider: stubborn and rude on the ground or with rider until you earn his trust and respect, then he becomes very loyal and gentle
Horse vs Horse: typical stallion around mares; seems to disdain geldings, and displays unusual aggression with stallions 
Herd Mentality: the loner; he prefers to be alone in his pasture
Intelligence: highly intelligent; he learns quickly and retains information; also recalls bad experiences with people or events 

Section Four: Discipline 
Discipline(s): flat racing over a mile on dirt or turf; hurdle/jumps racing; future dressage, show jumping, liberty and halter prospect; stud prospect 

Section Five: Breeding
Fertility: 66-fertile 
Bloodlines: foundation Zlesdin 
Availability: CLOSED

Reference Used with some alterations 
Zlesdin (c) Zoubstance 
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Such a pretty stally ; w;