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Finally after months of not doing any new pics, here is a new one.

Photoshop & Adobe After Effects (Lens Flare)

Resolution - 1920x1080 Use as wallpaper if you want.

Credit: Starfield - [link]

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Looking at this i imagine myself in a space exploration cruiser drinking some rum while listening to space ambient music of the future and relaxing on a sofa in the main observation deck... And, dare i say it, i'm optimistic enough to believe that this scenario will happen in the next 50 years tops! (and yes i will still be around to experience it cause i'm highly confident in the progress of medicine and healthcare that will extend the lifespan of humanity to 1000+ years) I am a dummy!   Awesome work Clap 
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:D Thank you. I hope you're right, I would love to live that long. 
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I like the bluish tint to the drawing. MAkes it feel more mysterious in a way. :3
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Thanks, Glad you like it :)
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thank you for using my stock, im glad it came in handy. ^^
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Wow amazing!
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the sun looks awesome 8-)
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The blue-esque mood and the details on the gaz giant make my day!!
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:icongrin--plz: Thanks glad you like it
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Good Work .. :-) ...
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Really nicely done. :D
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