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Credit and thanks to :iconmokkun-way: for designing his cloak!

Name: (King) Gianluca Yfalm
Age: 14
Birthday: 12/13
Gender: Male
Species: Buneary
Ability: Run Away
Moves: Attract, Dizzy Punch, Protect, Baby-Doll Eyes
Height/Weight: 4'10''/104
Setttlement: Yfalm

After the assassination of his parents, Luca is quite a bit different. Morose, somber, withdrawn. He is sterner than before, but no less gentle. He takes his responsibility as king very, very seriously... but not so much that he can't be seen as his own person, and not just a king. He spends most of his days in the castle, working tirelessly to tend to the affairs of Yfalm. He finds that he can be too emotional, allowing his feelings to get in the way of decisions that require a cold, impartial leader. In fact, he can snap at others when his fuse is too short, and in his drive to be perfect in all things, the boy finds that he's perfect in none.

+Playing piano
+Cold weather
+The hot springs
+Feeling warm (He loves his fluffy coats and blankets)
+Sitting by the fire
+Gentle snowfall
+Fresh fruit
+Fresh fish
+Gentle affection

-Accidentally using moves
-Hot days (which for him is like 40 degrees F)
-Large, scary dogs
-Too much touching!

Gianluca is the first and only child of King and Queen Carlo and Maria Yfalm. The boy grew up very sheltered and pampered by his parents and servants. As a small child, he often 'explored' the gardens outside his manor. As he grew older, he started to sneak outside of the capital Ipehl itself into the snowy fields between towns, scaring the devil out of his mother. When Luca stumbled upon a mother Beartic and her cubs, only surviving thanks to a traveling caravan's guard-Stoutland. After that, his mother and father tightened the leash. He was told not to venture outside the capital any longer. Luca, being a good kid, submitted, but being sheltered so left him with a rather small view of the world.

On his fifth birthday, Gianluca was gifted a Buneary. He took great care of it, too! When he was about eight, he fused with it, earning the nickname 'Snowbunny' among the people of Ipehl.

Although Luca was rarely told "no," as he grew up, he somehow managed not to grow up into a brat. What he did grow up into is a very shy boy. Because he's never been outside of Yfalm, he's very much like... well, a bunny, that's been raised without being properly introduced to a variety of people. Because of this, he's very shy, sometimes even frightened by, foreigners and some strangers. 

Additional Info: The cold of Yfalm prevents mud, moss, grime and mold from developing too much, while Luca's lead a pretty squeaky-clean life of luxury. Compounded with his fear of the outside world, Luca has a pretty bad fear of germs. It's partially why he's always wearing gloves. 
He was made to learn fencing and piano playing by his parents, but he dislikes fighting and thereby, fencing.
He was born on Friday the 13th. For his mildly superstitious mother, this is kinda scary. 
He has a tendency to accidentally use Attract on others. He's quite popular amongst the people of Yfalm, and he HATES when he does this.
He has a large collection of Pokemon plushies, as he's never left Yfalm and there are many Pokemon he's never seen. He always begs people to bring him new plushies when they leave Yfalm. If you visit Yfalm and want some special treatment, bring Luca a plushie.

Additional Info:
His parents were assassinated during the Will-of-the-Wisp event and he was taken captive. He was tortured until his personal knights came to his rescue - afterwards, he was crowned King of Yfalm.

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