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Dimitri - Furfrou Gijinka



(Credit and my thanks to :iconmokkun-way: for designing his outfit!)

Name: Dimitri

Age: 12

Birthday: 6/3

Gender: Male

Species: Furfrou

Ability: Fur Coat

Quick Attack
Cotton Guard

Height/Weight: 4'9''/105lb

Settlement: Kirdenten

Personality: EXCITEMENT. Being a feral type of gijinka, the wild Furfrou Dimitri bonded with is an exceptionally excitable puppy. He's always eager to do something, whatever it is. If you're excited, he's excited. He loves moving around, playing games, chasing birds... 
Dimitri is exceptionally thick. He's honest to the point of bluntness, he doesn't pay much mind to what others say about him. He's also very possessive and protective, as well as clingy. 
Dimitri gets attached very easily and very firmly. He LOVES other people! 
When he's not a ball of excitement, Dimitri is usually recovering from bouts of excitement. At that time, he'll be pretty calm, but still lighthearted.
The fluffball is also an emotional rollercoaster in and of himself. He cries at the drop of a hat, from sadness, worry, or happiness. 
At times, he feels very insecure, as well. He worries about what people think of him, and whether he's good enough for his new family, being born a Furfrou, and only having gained a human body, rather than being born a human - let alone being born to Ric and Ail like a normal child. 

+Making lots of noise
+Chasing moving things
+Being petted
+Free things
+Warm clothes
+Friendly people
+Digging holes
+Sleeping by bonfires/fireplaces

-Being yelled at
-Being scared
-Books (He can't read, obviously)
-Too much noise
-Horse Pokemon. Scary!
-Strong smells
-Acidic fruit
-Open fires
-Being told what to do

A little Furfrou was rejected by its mother. It was smaller than the other pups in the litter and was forced on its own. As it stumbled through the forest, it began to rain, then storm. 
A twelve-year-old boy, rejected by his family years before, was running out of steam. He didn't think he could go on much longer. No food, no warmth. He'd lived a life of scrounging for food, begging, stealing. One day, he made his way to the forest. The harsh rain battered him as it began to storm. Before him, he thought he saw something small and white. Walking towards it, he aimed to get a closer look - when lightning struck. The tree the Furfrou pup had been hiding under was cracked in two by the lightning, one half falling down. The boy looked up, seeing the tree coming towards him. He just barely managed to jump out of the way, but a branch struck him from behind. The boy hit the grass beneath him, somewhere between consciousness and blacking out. The Furfrou puppy approached him, frightened, but also curious. The boy reached out, touching the Furfrou - and in an instant, they were one!

The boy stood up, energized by his new body. He looked down at his hands. An unusual fusion had occurred - the Pokemon, a wild, feral Pokemon, was in full control of their shared body. He felt... better. He knew that he had to take advantage of this chance. Running through the woods, he eventually found an outcropping in a hillside and hid inside it, sleeping the night away.

The next day, the newly-made gijinka was on a mission. Strengthened by their fusion, the Furfrou boy made his way to Kirdenten, determined to get food and clothing to survive.


Some time after coming upon Kirdenten, the scruffy, skinny pup found the Vivillune, home of Ric and Ail. Intending to snag a bite and then run off again, the boy was caught by surprise when he realized the owner of the shop was right in front of him. Rather than calling the guards, however, the man gave the boy a choice - leave, or simply enter through the front door, and get a free snack. There was no need to tell him twice - the Furfrou scampered around the store, opened the door, and entered Vivillune. Much to his delight, the man, named Ric, followed up on his offer and gave him a treat - a cherry tart. After a short conversation, in which Ric offered to call the boy Dimitri, the young boy ran off, with the knowledge that Ric would give him a snack each day.

Days passed, with Dimitri and Ric growing friendlier towards each other. Soon enough, he allowed the boy to spend the night. Ric learned of his fear of thunderstorms and his like of fireplaces and blankets, as well as his love of meat dishes. In fact, Dimitri 'repaid' Ric's kindness by bringing him a Swanna he'd hunted down for dinner.

In time, Ric saw Dimitri as an apprentice. His wife, Ail, even became friends with him, reading him stories and trying the foods Dimitri learned to make with Ric's help.

When Ric received an invitation to go to Yfalm's Dance of the Snow Lily, all expenses paid, he even took Dimitri with - along with his wife, of course. And in Yfalm, Ric found himself admitting that he was seeing Dimitri as a son to him, not just an employee and friend. 

Later, when the Will-of-the-Wisps descended on the continent, Dimitri was nearly taken by the spirits. Ail found herself realizing how much she cared for the boy when she ran out into the darkness of the woods, in the midst of a storm, to find him and bring him home. 

Now, they live together - Dimitri even calls them 'Mama and Papa.'

Add. Info: 
If the app is tl;dr, Dimitri is a feral gijinka.

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Hi Dimitri. You're always so happy. It's no wonder your papa and mama love you and Avery.