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[MYO Starduster] Annelise


Oh my goodness I was able to snag a slot I'm so happy!  I love Pen's and sapphu's art of these guys, so I wanted to put some effort into this and I like the outcome of this girl.  This is also homage to one of my favorite films. Couto to whoever knows it.  This took about 2 days to complete. I may change the image as the character grows into her own, but who knows.  Okay now onto the main event.



Name: Annelise (means graceful oath)
Nicknames: Lise

Pronoun: she, her


-- As all stardusters she fell from the heavens, breaking away from her Lantern Dragon counterpart, not that she remembers.  She awoke in a forest that was forever green.  She was discovered by bandits taken to their hideout and put into a cage believing she was a baby unicorn.  They sold her to a royal that discovered that she was not one of the mystical beasts of legend, but raised her anyways as she began to show her magic ability and intelligents.

 -- Her upbringing leaves her sheltered and wanting more.  She leaves the castle and her old life using a traveling carnival to travel the world.  She does miss the library and home on occasion.

 -- She met her companion while posing as a Unicorn at the traveling carnival. Cenric is a baby manticore that was picked up after being injured by unknown means.  Annelise nursed Cenric back to health and they have stuck together ever since.




N/A for now

If you want your ld/sd to interact with Annelise don’t be afraid to note me :>


Art/Design by me

Stardusters are a closed species by Sapphu over at Sapphu-Adopts 

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She is a total beauty! I adore their colours.
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Thank you so much!
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The last unicorn? Looks good!
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*pelts you with coutos*  You got it! and thank you.
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Thanks :3 I also love that movie. Recognized the similarities right away <3 very pretty character.
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holy crap she's gorgeous! Those two days were totally worth it, I'm in love with the style you used here.


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