I self published!

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Alright, here's the deal: I'm going to be studying creative writing in England starting September and I'm trying to raise money for my trip. To do that, I've self published my novel! Check it out here: www.amazon.com/Go-Away-Empty-e…

Here's a summary of it: On a morning like any other, Marion Rutherford wakes up to find himself dead with no recollection of how it happened. A pair of horses announce that Marion was the first of the year to die, giving him the status of Ankou. As the Ankou for his town, his duty involves ferrying the recently dead to the afterlife for one whole year.

Too bad Marion's not a people person.

So I would be really grateful if you guys would read it/tell someone to read it/borrow it from the Kindle library/even just download the sample. Thanks! :D
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Oh wait...you have to have a Kindle? D:
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Nope! You can download a kindle app for a smart phone or kindle for the computer, both free. :D
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Ahh what kdfljgdfj
I was going to use a gift card I had no idea that there was only one option of payment! asdjsf (Okay, so maybe that was a given.)
Oh well, my first bill I guess??
I'll start reading it later. owo
Thanks. XD
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Ah, I'm sorry it wouldn't let you use the gift card! D: Thank you so much for buying it though! <33
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It's okay. ;w;
And no problem! :'D
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Ha hah, I don't have a smart phone, but I have a computer. XD
I'll go download that then. o3o
Hopefully it works! I have no idea of what I'm doing. OTL
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