Training Day 3: Fin

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Day three and Fin didn’t want to get out of bed.

He was curled up against Walter, head buried in the crook of his friend’s neck, totally and completely awake when Walter stirred. Fin moaned and begged for him to stay, but Walter wouldn’t give in, leaving Fin no choice but to get ready and get his ass downstairs.

Fin’s grumpiness lingered as he stepped into the training room alone. Walter had beat him there, as usual. He tried not to let that bother him as he made his way over to the fake wooded area once more. Yesterday he’d been there for knots, but today Gryffon had advised him to do snares.

Apparently snares would be easier once he’d learned the basics of knots, but Fin wasn’t so sure. The videos on screen showed a bunch of complicated set ups involving wood steaks. Ugh.

Nevertheless, Fin dutifully followed the instructions, starting with the simplest snares until he worked his way up to one that took him an hour and probably didn’t even work right. It just wouldn’t be practical to make something like that out in the games.

So he scrapped the more complicated ones to perfect the art of really easy snare making. He did it over and over, trying to focus hard so he could keep the coming events out of his mind. But no matter how hard he tried, the upcoming games kept sliding into his thoughts.

Would his snares catch any people? Did he have the heart to kill them if they did?

What if he caught Walter?
Fin does snares.
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