Training Day 2: Fin

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Fin made his way down the the training room in an unusually good mood, considering the circumstances. He and Walter had made up the night before and, well, it involved a lot of good touching that continued upon waking. Fin might have stayed there with him all day had his friend not been the more responsible one and dragged them out of bed. Somehow, Walter still managed to make it downstairs first, but Fin didn't mind.

Today his task was... knots. It didn't seem like a useful skill, but Gryffon insisted that it would help with snares, the last skill he was supposed to focus on. And, he had added, it might assist him in making a slingshot if it came down to it, but Fin was pretty sure he'd end up with the crappiest slingshot ever if he attempted it make one.

Nevertheless, he made his way over to the station past everyone else swinging swords and being impressive. He knew this was important work, but he still couldn't help but feel it was going to be really freaking boring.

With an exaggerated yawn, Fin grabbed a handful of ropes and sat down on the cool metal floor. A screen above him flickered to life and began showing step by step instructions for something called a figure eight knot. Okay, easy. He carefully made a loop and pulled one end of the rope through it. Perfect.

The screen changed. Square knot. A video played, showing a virtual rope folding itself into a complicated pattern. Shit. Fin dropped his first knot and picked up another length of rope. Screwing his eyes up, he wove the rope in and out until it somehow tied his fingers together.

It was going to be harder than he thought.

Sheet bend, Carrick bend, bowline, clove hitch, timber hitch; knots upon knots littered the floor around him by the time he was done.

His arms ached and his back was sore from sitting on the floor, but Fin was satisfied as he left the training center.

And he hoped Walter would satisfy him more back in their room...

TL;DR: Fin does knots. 

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