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Cat Ear Tutorial

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NEW!!!: Tutorial on how to attach cat ears to various items: [link]

My first tutorial! I made this method up, so I thought I'd share. (I'm sure someone's thought of it before though.) I hope it's easy to understand. If I misspelled anything or something sounds weird, just let me know.

So I made these cat ears for my Cat Returns cosplay and when I was done, I thought to make a tutorial. The ear in the early pictures is a felt one I did real quick for pictures. My final product ended up being in fleece. And now they look lopsided on the wig. Gah. I haaated sewing them to the wig.

Pattern: [link]
Forgive me, I have no idea what size this will turn out to be. >> But it's easy enough to resize it.

Also, I would love to see any ears made with this!
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Used this to get the right shape for the ears on my Catwoman cosplay headpiece  Finished Catwoman Headpiece by Arkannes  thanks!
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best tutorial! I love it! :D thank you!!!!!!!
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Awe. These turned out so cute. Thanks for the tutorial <3
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so THAT'S how you get the bendy part! ermagerd!
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Made a pair with faux fur and polar fleece swiftstep-forever.deviantart.c…
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Because you wanted to see the ears I made with your tutorial.…
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you think it will work for ichigo from tokyo mew mew? . .
? W ?
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This is so cute, it'll make a great gift for a friend!
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do you stuff the ears im just wondering :3?
and thanks now i can make a better panthro ears :3
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Those in the tutorial I didn't stuff, but if you want to you can! In this additional tutorial I did stuff the ear so you can see what it looks like: [link]
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These are exactly what I was looking for for my Yoru cosplay!
I was wondering, how did you sew the ears onto the wig?
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There is another tutorial for that :D [link]
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THANK YOU for posting this tutorial! I used this to make ears for my Happy cosplay!
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Thanks a lot! This easy to understand tutorial helped me quite a lot yesterday when I tried to make my first cat ears. They are nearly finished now.
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Great! Glad I could help! :D
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Excellent!!!! Just what I was looking for!! Thank you so much!!
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Thank you so much! This looks very simple to follow (excellent, because I suck at sewing!), with brilliant results!. I'm going to cosplay Grell from black butler/kuroshitsuji as the Cheshire cat, so ears are kind of vital! :D Thank you again! :heart:
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You are welcome! I'm glad you can use this~ :3 I would love to see a picture when you're finished.
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awesome,I'll totally use this for my mlp cosplay!
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