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Attaching Cat Ears

A follow up to my tutorial on how to make cat ears! I had a few questions about how to attach them to various things, so I made a new tutorial. Hope it's easy to understand! If you have any questions, feel free to ask~

And please tell me if I misspelled anything, ahah.

How to make cat ears: [link]
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Okay... I'm gonna cosplay Mickey Mouse so judging by this advice I should sew the ears to the wig...
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Do you think that the hairclip technique would work for larger/taller ears, or would they fall over?
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Oh thank you for this, I messed up with the hair clips on my Lucy ears/horns (basically looking at this made me realize I took the wrong approach with clips, the hair clips were sewn on the way you would for real hair and not for wig hair) I was worried if they would slip out so now I know how to make that not happen :D 
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Any advise for attaching it to a hood?
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Are you making the hood or do you already have a hood? If you're making it, go with a pattern like this: [link] and sandwich the ears into the seam before you sew. (If you are making a hood and that didn't make sense, lemme know and I'll clarify. :D) But if you're sewing them onto a hood after the fact, try the hood on and make chalk markings where you want the ears to go. I think you could then probably get away with just sewing the ears directly to the outside of the hood without cutting a slit into it. Just make sure to finish your edges. Hm, give me a day or two and I'll update the tutorial with new methods.
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okay, awesome! Thank you so much :D I haven't really decided yet which way I'm going to do the hood, I'm looking into different options. This is really helpful :dummy:
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I might use this tutorial someday soon~! Now I just gotta find a tutorial for fennec fox ears~! :meow: I'm glad you made this!
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Awesome! I hope it works out for you!
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I just used this! thank you~!
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You're welcome! Hope it worked out well for you!
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Might have to use this! Thanks!
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Love it! Thank you so much, it helps a lot to see it
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