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Albus Severus

Thank you JKR for breaking my art block. XD

As much as I complained about the epilogue, it seems this is the third picture I've drawn on the matter. o.o;; I did like the epilogue, I just hated that it ended the entire series and was not informative in the slightest. All it really said was "Lolz Harry named his kids after dead people and Draco married a random woman."

Yeah anyways I drew this on a page of doodles and liked it enough to color it. Yay for my background of no effort! And I put Albus Severus in Gryffindor cause I imagine he must have begged the hat to put him there.

Character (c)- JKR
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Yay! u put albus in gryffindor!!!!
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!!!!! finally someone sees albus severus as a gryffindor!!!!!
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Oh, cute >3<
Ah, there's some interview JKR did shortly after the release that answered more questions, like how Harry became and Auror and Ginny did Quidditch, then went home to raise children, and then I believe sometimes provides Quidditch commentary? Something like that.

I sort of space out when Ginny is mentioned because I don't care.
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Ohh yeah I read that. And Luna was a naturalist and married some other random naturalist. o.o;;

lol, I really don't care about Ginny either. I've never been one for the whole Ginny/Harry thing, it was just there and I was like "oh, whatever..." XD
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Didn't she marry the grandson was the author of one of the school books, I forget which. I had rather hoped she and Dean would get together, but ah well.

Yeah, nooot a Ginny/Harry fan, and not just because I'm a slasher.
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Yeah, Fantasitc Beasts and Were to Find them. I was always pushing for Luna and Neville to get together, but Neville ends up a teacher and for some reason teachers never seem to have relationships. O:

It happened waaay to fast. Though not as fast as Remus/Tonks. That made me cringe.
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Luna and Neville were a cute fancouple too, but I think with how much Neville grew up in the last book, it's better that they weren't together. I think teachers would have to be married to eachother, if anything.

I love Remus, and I really liked Tonks-- until JKR put them together. Too fast, too random. Poor gay werewolf and his lesbian bride.
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holy crap, this is amazing. i hate you. lol, j/k
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:O Now I'mma make you sleep in the kitchen when you come over.... XD
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awwww, that's not cool! lol, funny, but not cool
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