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A bit of a delayed birthday gift to my friends :iconteamlando:. They are awesome! Check them out~

Photoshop CS4
Wacom Intuos4
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I love the style of this! The different shapes and colors really make me spellbound.
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That's interesting!  What comes to mind is that she is offering herself spiritually.  The object in her hand appears to be a vessel of knowledge.
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Oooh I really like colors and textures here! *_*
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These colors...and the style here, are *fantastic*
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this is very stunning!
i love the colours and the unique appearance of the character!
so beautiful! <3
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I loooove the colors here, great work... again ;]
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i saw the WIPS of this on tumblr, its amaaaaazzziiiiiingggg
so so so so nice
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Breathtaking and mesmerizing. I love the surreal magical effects and how they seem to have been done with a sponge-type brush or something similar. So neat and different from the glowing spheres or mist I'm used to seeing as magic effects.
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Love your loose style Lili! Lots of movement!
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Great colors palette :) love it! <3
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She's beautiful~ The lighting and the motion in this piece is really captivating :3 What kind of magic is she calling on, I wonder?
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Thank you :D I'm not sure to be honest~ Something nice~~
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The color captured me, very intense and mysterious piece. Nice work, love it!
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hayyy great to see your art again! hope you are fine :)
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Thank you dear <3 And yes, I am!!
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a big hug! We miss you here on dA!
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