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Hi guys!

Sorry for long silence!
My main updates are and will be happening on facebook, twitter and instagram now!

link  Instagram

Just wanted to say that I am very happy that summer is here!
I am also taking up a challenge of posting 1 photo a day for the next month, so tune in!

Some features of my work in press:
Golden Age Magazine Issue 18 by Obsessed-by  Feature in En vie Magazine Dec2013 by Obsessed-by

Also very happy to share my editorial "Folding Origami" for FLAWLESS MAGAZINE with a fantastic team and model!…
I am very excited to share with you a screenshot of my interview for "Infirnity" Magazine!
Hope you will like it! There are some more images featured in Mag! Huge thank to Rick for sending me this!

I am also taking part in Metro Photo Challenge in "Smell" category with my image "Wildings" and if you like it, I would be very grateful if you could spend 5 seconds to vote for it! All you need to do is follow the link on my FACEBOOK PAGE  and vote by clicking the "tick" in upper right hand corner of an image!
Wildings by Obsessed-by

I hope for some of your support!

P.S. Are you guys on #twitter?? Let me know your usernames! Mine's @annashenphoto

It's terrible weather outside and everything around seems just to crush down. Autumn has started so quickly and life's suddenly not so easy anymore. However I am still planning to shoot a lot this year, maybe just not as much as in summer, because I am busy looking for a new place to live and new job. I feel a lot like a little lonely child in London sometimes. But well..

The good news is that one of my editorials that I shoot this summer was published and you can have a look at it at now by following the link…
My new website is up! It is very simple at the moment, but at least it is finally there!
Please let me know if you noitice something not working there, because it's the first time I did something like this and it's definitily not my strong side!

Here it is:

I have also just started a Facebook page where I will now post my images, behind the scenes, castings, surprises for my followers and other photographic adventures! You're welcome to join!

Forever Wild by Obsessed-by
I wil be staying close to beautiful forest for a couple of months, that is very exiting.
I'd love to feature some wonderful and inspiring images of forests around the world from different deviants. What is your favorite picture of forest?

Something lost by huhahohi  Drift Too by IMustBeDead
Shelter by raemarshall <da:thumb id="215384570"/>
<da:thumb id="329777364"/>  Morning Magic by FlorentCourty   
Moon Essence by Ninjatic <da:thumb id="358682320"/> 
Dead swan by Luthiae  Freefall by BethMitchell
rrr by missKitiketka  vat triptych 9 by ezorenier
vat backstage by ezorenier  Week Fifteen. by ennabird
owl by GreatExposure  Fairy dreams by leelloor
burn our souls, release the wicked II by TheNightSheDied <da:thumb id="175787790"/>
Feeling the Silence by FedericoMeuli  sleeping in the forest by goraakkaya
In your eyes by AlexandraSophie  Summer memories by Nazrin-Polad
Into The Cold by Nelleke <da:thumb id="350091396"/>

And some of mine:
Oh deer by Obsessed-by  The Cottingley Fairy by Obsessed-by  
Golden hour by Obsessed-by  Forest Spirit by Obsessed-by

Hey guys!

I am terribly busy with my dissertation, but it's almost over!
I can't wait to lay my hands on my new camera, which patiently awaits on the shelf!!!!!

Meanwhile, I would like to invite you to check my new portfolio in frames of Exposure 2013 awards and vote for me, too or leave a comment, because I would really love to know how my pictures make you feel.
I would appreciate if you write feelings or words that come into your mind seeing my pictures on my profile on the link above.
I'd love to give something in return, so if you want - I will feature you in my next Journal #Summer Inspiration Feature, just let me know!!

I have also been invited to take part in Gallery Show opening projection for this competition in NYC with one of my images (guess which?), so I am really keen to see it.

I am also participating in points giveaway by :iconmonobun: Check it out here -…

I can't wait for summer!
Morning Elegance by Obsessed-by
Wow! This is truly the last thing I would have ever expected to get a daily deviation for, but this is happening and I want to ssay a huge "Thank you!" to :iconmintyy: and :iconelandria: for featuring a free resource I made for my watchers

Free Misty Bokeh Textures by Obsessed-by
Go to download button in order to get an archive!

A lot of the things have been happening lately!
I just found out that my work and also my first DD Imaginarium
Imaginarium by Obsessed-by
is being exhibited alongside some other photographs in one of the Riga's clubs, because it got into the final of local competition! I still haven't seen it, but I have time till the end of April! I promise to make some pics of it!

And last, but not the least - at the end of this month I am going to a photo trip around France! How cool is that? A travel agency has chosen me to make photographs for their website! So, there gonna be loads and loads of pictures!!!
I will later also create a facebook page, so stay in touch and check it out, I will post a link to it here in my journal!
I promise to make some absolutely breathtaking photos!

Meanwhile, be my buddy on flickr: link

Always yours,

I want to say a huge "Thank you!" to all those who follow my work and support me!
This is a feature of some of my watchers' works! I chose deviants randomly, since I couldn't feature everyone (maybe next time), however all of you mean so so so much to me, since dA is the first portal I ever shared my work on!
Thank you once again!

Explosions by Catandhearts:thumb341826363:
Croatian beauty by antoniavs:thumb319821052:
 Dsc0002 by kayf77 S o f t C o t t o n by EclipxPhotography
Fingerprint - Arcades by nicolasjolly Life dead indeed... by Ikabe
The Pursuit by iNeedChemicalX bloodsaturation by BritLawrence
Little snowdrop by Redanshy:thumb356630391:
shadows of the sun by Pearx3 Once upon a time... Lucky Hans by kumArts
Ladybird by karz09 Dreams by TakeTheMoment
Breathless and Falling by KatieLindPhotography Flow by ItHappenedToAlice
Snowflake I by JosephTimbury always remember me. by 8nikki8
Rulers Fall 8 by NicPi birds by Monika099
Day 6 by cloduy The inbetweener by Roguellgreen
:thumb150458802: The Shell-eye by sinanTR
.winter sonne. by awphotoart Porcelain Heart. III by firepaved
.:: Shy ::. by Whimsical-Dreams Lost and found. by mylittlebluesky
All my destinations... by AshleyWatts-DA Dunstanburgh Seascape by newcastlemale
Bottle me by bebefromtheblock The Big Sleep by kosmodisk
Kamienna by a14onymus silence of soul by ccconvoitise
:thumb79741671: city photography by kuttanga
Yellow Fade by l33tc4k3 explorer II by LyraWhite

All Christmassy feature!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 24, 2012, 6:06 AM
It's Christmas time and I have prepared small presents for everybody :)
Here's an inspiring Christmas feature from talented deviants! Let all your dreams come true <3

Christmas by gemlovesyou
Soft cotton. by andokadesbois
Kingdom of Moonlight by Eka-Ekatherine
fairytale wedding by islandtime
lost in the space of my own by tynaS
untitled_42 by dihaze
Roundandround. by kittysyellowjacket
'Achelois' by Genevieve-Amelia
Carousel. by kle0012
848 - goodbye my winter by SlevinAaron
Freeze by o-kaykay
winter passion by Orwald
keep me safe by inessa-emilia
Perish by Nicolas-Henri
SILA II by mehmeturgut

Mature Content

87 by Mastowka


Dear friends, :hug:

The picture I took at night during Olympics in London is taking part in METRO Photo Challenge!
London 2012 by Obsessed-by

Please support me by voting here and sharing it -->…

Thank you!
My friends made me enter One Life Photography Competition and now I have a portfolio on their website!!!
It was a present for me and my entry is a last-minute, so please, support me, guys!

Check it out and press collect and share if you like it! -……
All the pretty horses by Obsessed-by Never Bloom Again by Obsessed-by
7 Seas by Obsessed-by Wafer-thin dream by Obsessed-by
Cactaceae girl by Obsessed-by Volatile Times by Obsessed-by
Lavender wedding by Obsessed-by Green night by Obsessed-by

Some of my new unseen pics also appear there!
Support me here -… and get some of my textures as a present from
me! ALL you need is to sign in with facebook and press COLLECT, it's not an app, so it will not appear anywhere on your facebook or ask for your details. EASY!

Hope for some of your support guys! :kiss:
And thanks to everyone, who already COLLECTED me!
Hello sweeties :)

It has been a while, cause life is absolutely crazy in Olympic city and I must confess I only get few hours of sleep at night these days.
Tower Bridge 2012 by Obsessed-by

I've been involved in numerous projects with people I met here in London and it was absolutely awesome!

I spend a lot of time discovering the city and it's outskirts and it has never been so interesting before. I also got a little bit carried away by night photography, so I will be posting some of it soon here or on flickr.

And yes! My main message for tonight is: I'VE GOT A FLICKR -… !
And I want you to add me and share your contacts with me, so I can also add you.
It's very chaotic for the time being, and it is almost about my 365 self-portrait project or some random stuff that doesn't appear here, but I will be glad to see you there!
And I promise to be more active there!


Dear friends,

It was a huge surprise for me to open my deviant page today and see so much feedback as never before in the past 5 years that I've been dwelling on deviant.
It's all amazing works of yours that first inspired me to try photography myself and still keep inspiring me every single day.
And seems I reached that stage when I start to inspire others and it makes me feel really happy.
Can't wait to share some of my recent shootings with you!

Imaginarium by Obsessed-by

And I'm sending many kisses to two fantastic people, who suggested and featured this work - :iconvisualpoems: and :icondemonmathiel:

Thank you!


London, my new home!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 10, 2012, 2:07 PM
I've been going through a lot of changes lately, but the biggest one for now is that I finally moved to the amazing London.
My new home.
I would love to discover some talented English artists, models and stylists to cooperate with.
So don't hesitate to contact me, if you are one of them!

I am going to take tonns of images here, because this city is just full of inspiration :heart:

A small, but very English feature for this evening. :heart:

London by rh89
Stonehenge in Winter by Pygar
westminster bridge by toko

My 1st feature :Inspiration:

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 3, 2012, 2:20 PM
It has been a long time since I wanted to make a feature of some fantastic works on dA.
So let me share the recent inspiration with you! Show these amazing artists your  love :heart:

Cache-cache 04 by eulalievarenne:thumb257181455:
Letters Addressed to No One by fourteatwo The Dirt in my Hands by ChrisK-photo
Le Violon Rouge by iNeedChemicalX Feeling of peace by PicturePuttonen
031. Woman by karinelips B.B. by rosesforher listen by SabrinaCichy
never let me go by waveystar Red pain by perhydrol
:thumb303735577: Rain by Novic

And my little self-promotion:
Dream catcher by Obsessed-by Spring tea party by Obsessed-by
Golden hour by Obsessed-by All the pretty horses by Obsessed-by
Last drop of summer by Obsessed-by Chaenomeles japonica by Obsessed-by