Tiny Charlie ficlet part 2

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The silence drew on indefinitely. Her wristwatch informed her it had only been a few minutes since Dean had left, but it felt like half an hour at least. Charlie had paced around the table top at twice -- about the length of a double-tennis court at her diminutive size. Only a few ballpoint pens, some faded graphs of temperature fluctuations, and an antique radio kept her company. Charlie wandered over to the radio, running her hands over the magnified ridges and grainy texture of the speakers. It all seemed so foreign. So incredible. It was hard to believe it was such an innocent object.

"This is so crazy." She mumbled to herself, still reeling from the weird reality that was her life. Shrunken. She couldn't stop replayed in her mind how it had felt to be carried in a giant hand... Warm, constrictive, nerve-wracking...

She just had to ask for an adventure.

Charlie gripped the radio power switch with both hands and pulled it to the right. She winced as the radio blared static, nearly making her stumble away in shock. Charlie groped for the volume switch on the oversized panel. She sighed in relief as she quieted the old thing to a low volume. After that, she fiddled with the station tuner. Clearly, radio stations had changed since the time the precious Men of Letters had been down here. She wasn't even sure the radio was still in working conditions, but was pleasantly surprised when it caught onto a clear station playing "Funky Town". The familiar upbeat tune made the tiny girl smile and bob her head in the rhythm. She hummed along, and soon burst into song along with it. Humming eased her nerves, but singing was even better. She even started to bust out a few funky dance moves, swiveling her converse-covered feet on the polished tabletop. Anything to take her mind off the fact that she was trapped at only a few inches tall while Sam, Dean, and Dorothy were vulnerable with a wicked witch loose in the bunker.

A loud clunk shook her from her private dance party. Her first thought was the wicked witch; after all, that was how she got into Dean's room. She was traveling by the vents. Charlie looked fearfully at the door. Dean had been trying to protect her, but he might have trapped her instead. Scrambling behind the antique radio, Charlie made herself as small as possible. Maybe if the witch thought the room was empty, she would move on. Charlie barely dared to breath as the noise in the vent grew closer still.

Every metallic clunk made Charlie's blood pressure spike. The faint buzzing noise escalated and she frowned.

The Wicked Witch doesn't buzz.

The grate crashed open, the hinges clinking delicately somewhere in separate corners. Charlie peeked out behind the radio. Instead of ominous green smoke, there was some sort of winged humanoid creature flying her way. No bigger than five inches tall, its flight was scattered and weak. Eyes locked on the the fast-buzzing wings sprouting from its back, Charlie had to gape at what was coming towards her.

"Fairy?" She exclaimed under her breath.

"Outta the way!" The fairy barked.

With a gasp, Charlie ducked down just as the out of control fairy nearly kicked her in the head. Still crouched down, Charlie watched the fairy skid across the table. She rolled a few times, sliding steadily towards the other edge. A yelp rang out-- it was a girl. Though the fairy scrambled to cling to any of the old papers or pens on the desk to anchor her in place, it was no use. Her wings seemed to have a mind of their own. The buzzing flight pattern was interrupted periodically by a wheezing grinding sound and a spazzing jerk from the pair of wings. One last jerk sent the woman right off the edge of the table.

"No!" Charlie was barely aware of the shout exiting her mouth. She ran to the edge. The fairy was still clinging to the edge of the the huge table with sweaty hands, her teeth bared in a struggle.

"I've got you! Hang on!" Charlie dropped to her knees and grabbed her wrists. She heaved with all her might, her back straining as some of the jerking wing motions translated during the process. Her skinny arms trembled vigorously as she pulled. Some of the weight was relieved as he fairy managed to brace her boots on the edge of the table, pulling herself up the rest of the way.

Both women sighed in exhaustion as the broke apart. The fairy crawled towards the middle of the table with a pained groan, her wings still acting up violently.

"My wings!" The woman cried out. "Cut them off."

"What?" Charlie sputtered, overwhelmed by this burden. "I can't-"

The wings sputtered again, causing the woman to jerk up and to the side. Charlie maneuvered quickly to pull her back towards the center of the table. The woman grunted, pulling out a thin ebony blade from a sheath on her ankle. She pressed it into Charlie's hands.

"Cut the straps!"


Upon closer inspection, it became evident that the wings were only made to look organic. In reality, they appeared to be a separate contraption altogether, secured to the woman like a snug backpack.  

"Hold... Hold still." Charlie stammered.

The woman grit her teeth and dug her booted heels in to stay steady as Charlie gripped her shoulder and slid the ebony blade between her shirt and the strap. In three cuts, the canvas strap fell free. Charlie did the same to the other side. Freed of the volatile flying contraption, the woman sprang to her feet. She dove for the kill switch on the underside of the winged pack. The spasming wings fell still, docile and unmoving on the table.

The girls stood back, exhaling in vivid relief.

The woman pulled off her leather helmet and goggles, tucking it under her arm. She ran a hand through her short, platinum-blonde hair and blinked her big brown eyes. Turning those eyes into Charlie, she smiled tensely.

"Thank you." She said breathlessly. "Without your help, I'd be a pile of scraps myself. I owe you my life."

"No problem." Charlie chirped with a shy smile. "Couldn't hold out on a fellow... Tiny person."

The blonde arched an eyebrow at her, but extended her hand. "The name's Mia."


Mia nodded politely, keeping the handshake brief and professional. She turned her gaze back over to her dead set of wings. Mia set her helmet aside and knelt down by the wing pack, turning it over with a forlorn sigh.

"This baby never gave me a lick of trouble back home in Oz. I guess being dried out in a wall for over a century didn't do any of us any favors."

"You're from Oz?" Charlie echoed.

Mia bristled. "You know of it?"

"Well, yeah. L Frank Baum wrote a whole book on it." Charlie shrugged. "My dad would read that to me cover to cover when I was a kid."

"Ah yes. Dorothy's father. A Man of Letters." Mia muttered, grunting with effort as she pried open the metal panel of the jet pack. "She mentioned him once or twice."

Sighing as she peered into the complex inner workings of her jet pack, Mia drug a hand over her face. "I'll need an engineer to figure this mess out."

Charlie snuck a look over her shoulder. "I could give it a shot."

"You?" Mia repeated skeptically. "You've never even set foot in Oz before, girl."

"But I know my way around a hard drive." Charlie said boldly, putting her hands on her hips. "Same basic concept. You just need all the pieces in the right place." She puzzled over the unique mechanism for only a moment before deciding- "The transistor's burnt out. That's an easy fix. We can lift some parts out of the radio."

Mia gawked as she marched around the other side of the large wooden radio.

"You gonna give me a hand with this or what?" Charlie poked her head back around the corner.

Mia arched an eyebrow. Nevertheless, an impressed smile sprang to her scarlet lips as she came over to assist Charlie.


Charlie easily got lost in her task. It was a challenge-- and she lived for a good challenge. Mia proved to be an excellent help in cutting down the giant radio pieces to mimic the jet packs parts.

"Here," Mia grunted, handing off the little battery Charlie had designed. Charlie took it without looking, setting it in carefully amongst the gears.

"So how'd you know Dorothy?" Charlie asked conversationally. She used a piece of the metal speaker mesh Mia had cut off as a guidance tool to merge the open wires together. Sparks sizzled. A good sign.  

"We were... companions in Oz during the rebellion. Until the wicked old bitch zapped me in the back."

"I know how that is," Charlie mumbled with a wry chuckle. Suddenly, a thought occurred to her from her depth of Oz knowledge. She went rigid and stared at Mia.

"A-Are you a munchkin?" Charlie froze. "Does this mean I'm a Munchkin now?"

Mia scoffed. "Is that what the old man called it? He was always coming up with the most bizarre names for things."

She patted Charlie on the back with a warm smile. "You're still you, kiddo. Just smaller packaging is all."

Charlie relaxed with a little smile again, deciding to take her word for the time being. After a few more tedious minutes of tinkering, Charlie shut the panel on the jet pack motor and stepped back.

"That outta do the trick. Let's give a it whirl." With Charlie holding out the pack by its broken straps, Mia pulled the start cord. The wings buzzed to life with a steady thrum.

"Whoa!" Charlie loosed a yelp when she felt her feet start to leave the ground. Mia yanked the cord again and the wings powered down.

"It works!" Mia exclaimed. "You did it, Red!" She wound her arms around Charlie in a fiercely grateful hug. Charlie couldn't help but wear a proud face. If only she could put this on her new and improved resume.

"It was nothing." She said, letting Mia take the pack into her own arms.

Mia shook her head, disposing of the broken straps and fitting on a spare pair. "You saved my skin. You really are a genius."

Charlie was still blushing proudly when Mia came to stand before her, fully outfitted for flight. She reached behind to start up the wings. Mia's feet lifted off the ground, but she managed to keep at a hover of only a few centimeters off the table.

"What do you say we get out of here?" Mia announced over the motor's hum. "The witch is still loose. Talent like yours is wasted locked up in a box."

Charlie thought back to Dean's stern command to stay put. Of course, at the time it hadn't really been much of a choice. She was too small to help hunt. Too small to even open the door on her own....But Mia certainly wasn't a helpless bystander, even if she was only a few inches tall. Dean was wrong.

"I don't have any wings." Charlie shrugged.

The blonde gave her a once-over, head to toe. "I'll carry you." She decided.

"Hm?" Charlie squeaked.

Mia shrugged. "I don't see anyway around it."

A delicate flush tinted Charlie's pale cheeks as the woman gathered her into her arms bridal style. She was stronger than she looked. Charlie wrapped her arms around her neck for stability, tucking her heels together close. Mia jettisoned off the table top, sending old papers fluttering to the floor from the strength of her ascent. They looped around once to gain altitude, then zipped into the vent in search of Oz's most notorious wicked witch. 
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finally able to read this 8D forgot about it for a while, but I remembered it today and was able to read through it >v< 

I wish it could have happened too D: it would have been so much cooler xD