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Jesse was, for a change, drifting towards a deep and dreamless sleep. He laid in his bed, feeling his body sink into the mattress. The comforting smell of laundry detergent filled his nostrils. Home. It was actually beginning to feel like a home here.

A faint thud caught his ear, followed by a feminine grunt. Jesse opened his eyes. The noise came again, so he rolled onto his other side to face the nightstand. Kitten was no longer tucked into the doll-sized bed he'd bought her, but was standing by the lamp like she was getting ready to make a running leap. He glanced at the gap between the nightstand and his bed.

"Oh, hell no." He grabbed her in a loose fist before she could try again.

She looked spectacularly unbothered as he propped himself up on one arm and held her up to his face. "You running a triathlon I don't know about?" he muttered, kneading his bloodshot eyes.

Kitten shook her head and pointed giddily at his pillow. Jesse frowned. "You don't want your bed?"

Another head shake. Kitten rubbed his thumb, giving him a meaningful look. His heart stuttered, as it often did when she had the nerve to be so fucking cute. He set Kitten down where she pointed with a little chuckle before carefully lying down himself.

Immediately, she made a beeline for his face and curled up against his cheek.

"Whoa, whoa. no… Over here," he said, dragging her back to the other side. She pouted at him, starting to inch back to him the moment his hand pulled away. He laughed uncomfortably at the pout she threw him from between his fingers,

"Come on, I'm still right here. You shouldn't sleep right by my head like that, I could roll over and squish you."

She wriggled free of his fingers, returning right back by this cheek. She curled up into a ball and folded her hands under her head.

"Kitten," Jesse said, a little sterner. "Come on, you don't wanna be this close to me, I didn't shave. I barely did a capful of mouthwash… Did you hear the part where I could squish you?"

She gave no answer at all this time, and he scoffed, giving her side a gentle prod. "I know you can hear me."

It was dark and her face was miniscule, but he swore her peaceful smile widened into something impish. He gazed at her tiny form, glad she couldn't see his own grin. It would only encourage her more.

"Fine, you little weirdo," he muttered, dropping his hand over her. "You win."

A quick cute drabble I did as a writing warm up. Character belong to bittykimmy13 and I, from our trinket universe. Enjoy!
© 2020 - 2021 Obsess-Confess
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You've got to tell me more about these guys! They're so cute <3

This story was so fucking cute holy shit

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Awww. So wholesome <3

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Aaahhhh this bit never fails to make my heart melt 🥺💕
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Awww, this was so sweet and cute. I like these two.

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i loove them. Thanks for reading!

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I love her name. it fits her

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