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Hush - Alasdair and Grey

Sketch for MentalcaseVole ! We’re revising Valour and Blood and this is a glimpse into a newly added scene 😍❤️ Here’s a sneaky excerpt of a NEW scene below:




She cast her gaze around her. She’d stumbled into one of the knights’ bedchambers by the look of it. It was minimally decorated, with deep plum curtains hung over the floor-to-ceiling window. There was a single four-poster bed and a large wardrobe, along with a desk that scarcely looked to have been used. Lanterns lit the room, flickering with freshly lit candles. The space smelled pleasant; clean but certainly like a man. Bergamot and moss and…
Grey’s stomach knotted with dread. Why did she know this scent?

Her answer came as movement stirred in the adjacent doorway and Alasdair Lancaster strode out of the washroom.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Morgan, I said I was coming…” Alasdair stopped in his tracks. Grey locked gazes with him, and she felt her blood run ice cold all over again. In an instant, his posture changed. “Oh. Hello, Grey.”

She trembled, her muscles screaming at the idea of trying to outrun one of these titans again. She flinched as Morgan took up pounding at the door again, demanding to be let in. When she looked frontwards again, Alasdair was padding towards her. Her attempt to escape him was feeble; she had only made it a few desperate paces towards the bed before his hands closed around her.
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I am SO excited for this!!!!!!

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Yay! Thank you so much!

Girl you can't drop a scene like that and not give us more 😂 This is torture! But I'm excited for more Valour and Blood! Personally I like Ross and that tall human (I forget her name sorry) girl's romance the best, but I can get into Alasdair and Grey ;)

Valeria! That was her name I think

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Ross and Valeria are coming back too! Don’t you worry I’m still fully obsessed with them myself haha. more to come soon!

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Yay, for new scenes and art !!

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Oh, no !! Poor Gray. Love the new scene, the art and story excerpt are awesome !!

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welcome, friend

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