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FREE YCH [ I'm back ] - CLOSED

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Published: March 4, 2017

                                             !CLOSED! THANKS TO ALL ! I'LL TRY TO POST THE RESULTS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

I have decided to make this YCH for free, to apologize with my watchers 
to be gone from deviantart for a long time.
I'm not here to explain the reasons for my absence, but I propose this new ych for my return :D

I really want to make some fan-arts for you and I use some characters I will see in this free gift (:
So, if you character do not win this free raffle, maybe (if I like it so much) I'll make other fan art for you, don't worry (:

Read the rules;


 :bulletgreen: Post the references of your OC's and I will choose one of them!
 :bulletgreen: To participate you must be among my watchers.

No matter how long you're my watcher. You can watch me now, but please, watch me only if you like my work thanks (:
 :bulletgreen: If you watch me now, not remove the watch if don't win the ych or if you win it.
 :bulletgreen:Write a journal or poll about this YCH so that other people have a chance to join aswell. And LINK the poll or journal in the comment.
:bulletred: if you remove the watch to me I will make to win others.
- Characters: [put a link]
-Friend: [tag a friend(s) if you want]

 :bulletgreen: Add a comment below, with one or more of your characters and you can also tag a friends.
The character will change and therefore the sketch won't be equal. I want to satisfy everybody (:
 :bulletgreen: I can add particular in the character, but I will draw only canine characters (dog/wolf/fox).
 :bulletgreen: This is only a sketch! The BG it's the same, and I made a full shadow on it.

The winner will receive the full resolution of the image! 

:bulletgreen: I can add:

-accessories if the characrter has (horns, jewelry ect.)
- hair
-Any type of coat, long, short and medium ect.
-Literally any type of canine but ONLY canine.

-Pure intuition- by obscvritas The sound of Silence by obscvritas
:bulletred:Please,have respect for my work, don't trace them.

:bulletblue:Please have patience, I will post the final drawing a few days after the end of the aucion.

If you have question, ask me.


Thank you !

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dekuseIHobbyist General Artist
Is the winner chosen already?
just asking since there's no word from this at all :U
obscvritas's avatar
obscvritasHobbyist Digital Artist
yes, as soon as possible I'll post the result, sorry ..
dekuseI's avatar
dekuseIHobbyist General Artist
no no its ok
take your time
I only asked since this came out in March and haven't heard about it since qvq
obscvritas's avatar
obscvritasHobbyist Digital Artist
 I'm really sorry, I disappear last years because I've been some troubles...
I'll finish it as soon as possible
dekuseI's avatar
dekuseIHobbyist General Artist
hey, it ok. Life happens qvq
Pleasedotake your time!
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obscvritasHobbyist Digital Artist
Look at this:  Ych - Nathan by obscvritas
dekuseI's avatar
dekuseIHobbyist General Artist
tysm! It really made my day and may I ask what made you choose my boy?
obscvritas's avatar
obscvritasHobbyist Digital Artist
because I really like his   design,  and it was fine even with the background :3
I'm really glad you like it <3
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GlitchedAkaHobbyist General Artist
I would love to know who won
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ToonanimalsHobbyist General Artist
Good luck to everyone who entered! You all have some beautiful characters and I can't wait to see the results of this YCH even if it isn't one of my characters that wins! :)
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Karasura-kaHobbyist General Artist
- Characters: saliko-archive.deviantart.com/… (I hope this would also be okay...?)
-Friend: sarahleiwel, AkumaNoBaka 
sarahleiwel's avatar
sarahleiwelHobbyist Digital Artist
Good luck <3
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KrocutaKaijuHobbyist Digital Artist
Character: HoTL- Nacrene
Friend: :iconxenpaiiii:
Journal: Really Cool YCH!
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Just realised I entered wrong so here's my proper entry haha :) Thanks for the chance!

Trooper - toyhou.se/233238.trooper/galle…
Piper - toyhou.se/463076.piper/gallery…
Nebula - (Don't have a ref for her yet so I hope this is alright!) bethiedaboo.deviantart.com/art…
Don't really have any haha
HomelessGoombaFH's avatar
HomelessGoombaFHHobbyist Digital Artist
- Characters: sta.sh/026vtnmr475e
-Friend: I don't have any friends ;-;
-Journal: homelessgoombafh.deviantart.co…
Empty-Ink's avatar
Empty-InkHobbyist Artist
Character: tinyghoul.deviantart.com/art/f…
Friends: LividLycan (TAG BACK) 
Journal: fav.me/db3hc0n
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BluegrassBrookeHobbyist General Artist
This is exciting. Thanks for running such a great raffle!

Character: Corlan (ref pics wip, but I will have a digital version ready soon)

[Lazy Character Ref]: Corlan by BluegrassBrooke
Scan0373 by BluegrassBrooke

-Friend: :iconvionova:


Entering this raffle
I LOVE wolves, so I'm super excited for it. 
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