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Flute Stones by ObscureStar Flute Stones by ObscureStar
Minor modifications to my two big bamboo flutes.

I bought the bottom one in Portland at Thanksgiving and had just gotten good at playing it when it cracked on me. Luckily, the day it cracked, I had by chance re-met Michael who had sold me my favorite bamboo flute years ago. He taught me how to bind and repair the instrument and I was able to purchase the top flute from him.

I adore them both for different reasons. The bottom has a breathy airy quality that is hard to put to words but is truly beautiful. It takes a preciseness of embouchure to play and can flat out easily whereas the top one has a clean clear sound but the finger spacing is so wide it takes a greater dexterity to play.

My flutes are something special to me, an expression of my heart, things I cannot put to words. They are what might be called sacred and if music can be considered a spell of sorts, they are the wands with which I weave that magic so it seemed fitting that they should double as wands and objects of physical art as well as being musical instruments.

Both head ornaments are also removable like stoppers allowing me to store lip balm in the top one and a variety of things in the other.

The top flute is named Shatter in reference to how I came to own it and echoed by the cracked rainbow quartz mounted in its head. It is held in place by two splints of hazel bound to a wine cork and wound with copper wire.

The lower flute is not yet named. I carved the end cap from Selenite and put a small flashlight inside the hollow cavity to light it. When finished, I'll have a colour-changing LED behind the stone possibly with a remote control if I can get the size down sufficiently. Though I may also change the end cap. I have a raw piece of fluorite that I can cut to fit in which case, a UV LED might be placed behind it to make the crystal fluoresce.
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January 9, 2013
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