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1.) Write thirteen facts about yourself.
2.) Answer the thirteen questions asked of you and invent thirteen more for the people you tag.
3.) Tag thirteen people.
4.) Tag backs are allowed!
5.) You must make a journal entry, no posting it in the comments.
6.) You have to finish this in a week. If you don’t, then you’ll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.
7.) Have a creative title!

Tagged by bookerror 

Facts about me:
1.) I’m more meme-y than Tendou Satori.
2.) Ray from Archer is my favorite character from the series and he has some killer legs.
3.) Dio Brando’s face photoshopped on Regina George is quality content.
4.) Some of my world building inspiration for “He Who Knows Pandora” was taken from the show, Avatar: The Last Airbender, because of how well it does with different cultures.
5.) Martin Mystery, American Dragon Jake Long, Danny Phantom, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Samurai Jack, and Hey Arnold! were some of my favorite shows when I was younger.
6.) Thrillers are great! A slow burning buildup of suspense is what I feed on.
7.) I can’t pick favorites easily (which is why I don’t have a favorite color or animal).
8.) Don’t kill me, but pizza is okay. Not great, not fantastic. Okay.
9.) This up-and-coming election terrifies me. Prepare the bunker.
10.) I like talking to people! Don’t be nervous about striking up a conversation with me!
11.) Overanalyzing little things is my specialty.
12.) Using really trashy names for my friends like “ya boi” or “my guy” since forever.
13.) I put a Dio meme here last time and can’t think of anything else.

bookerror’s questions.

1.) What was your last dream about?
I hardly ever remember my dreams, but a couple of days ago I caught the tail end of one. Anyways, somehow I managed to convince my friend to watch both Haikyuu!! seasons, which we did. That’s it. Nothing else.

2.) What type of music do you like?
My music taste is rather large, and I’m comfortable with mostly everything—except for country music, it’s just not my thing. Electric, house, and strangely enough, jazz, is what I play when I’m writing.

3.) What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep?
Two days!

4.) What’s your go-to karaoke song?
I haven’t done karaoke before, sadly, but I can put up one hell of a fight on Dance Dance Revolution!

5.) What random objects do you use to bookmark your books?
There’s a special bookmark I always use, a dragon themed one (can you tell how much of a fantasy nerd I am yet?). If I don’t have it on me I just remember the page number.

6.) What’s your favorite thing to do on lazy days when you have zero obligations?
I search the weird side of YouTube for the newest parodies and write if I’m suddenly inspired. Cliché, I know.

7.) What’s something really cute that one of your friends does and is totally endearing?
She’s willing to watch thrillers with me even though she’s scared easily! She’s amazing.

8.) What’s the last book you remember really, really loving?
Duma Key by Stephen King! Recently I ordered a bunch of books (1984 by George Orwell, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick, et cetera) that I’m looking forward to read because the premises sound enrapturing.

9.) When was the last time you remember feeling completely serene and at peace with everything?
That’s a difficult question. I’d have to say when I was younger, when I’d watch Dragon Ball with my dad.

10.) Is there anything you should be doing right now but aren’t?
Nope! I kicked my procrastination to the curb years ago.

11.) What are three movies you think everyone should watch at least once in their lives?
The Incredibles. That’s all I can think of since I’m not much of a movie person. Personally, I find series more enjoyable.

12.) Myers Briggs type, zodiac sign, and Hogwarts house?
A proud ENFJ here! Sadly, I can’t remember my zodiac sign right now. I’m split between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, leaning toward Ravenclaw but have major characteristics from both, so. . .Slytherclaw?

13.) Talk about one of your favorite cities.
It’s breezy and satisfyingly historical.

My questions:
1.) Mystic, Valor, or Instinct? Why?
2.) What’s your guilty reading pleasure?
3.) Most hated character of all time? Why do you hate them?
4.) What’s the best fic you’ve read this year? Why do you like it?
5.) Binge or watch one episode at a time?
6.) Your top three Haikyuu!! headcanons?
7.) Is Hanamaki a strawberry?
8.) How do you feel about this up-and-coming election?
9.) Would Tsukishima be a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin?
10.) Tell me your best pickup line.
11.) Who is the character that’s most like you? Why?
12.) Should there be a fic with Haikyuu!! boys and something related to the Olympics?
13.) What’d you last binge read? Was it fun?

1.) Describe yourself like how you would describe a character you’re introducing.
To be satisfied is something she grapples with daily. Her ravenous hunger isn’t something particularly unique or spectacular, nor is never satiated; it’s not a destructive force that’ll tear the world apart, either. Instead, it waits inside of her. There are times, she recalls, when it’s particularly impatient, when it’s shredding her flesh, scraping against her bones, and playing with her soul like it’s a chew toy.

A very expensive chew toy.

Her hunger isn’t limited. And, perhaps, that’s it’s most ferocious quality, the fact that it can freely travel between the realms of her mind. Having its house (a meticulously built structure that somehow reminds her more of a fortress than a house) set in the domain of one of her passions—reading—that’s where it’s the most dangerous. When her hunger’s aroused by something that looks interesting—something that it can devour, that’s when it’s the most dangerous. When she can hold her breath. When she can feel what’s happening in a story.

For a moment, as she revels in text, she’s satisfied. The bliss that comes with satisfaction makes her heart blush in waves. She’d compare it to a drug, but that’s cliché and she avoids them whenever possible.

As quickly as it came, satisfaction leaves. And once again, she resumes her exhausting search.

2.) Is there any specific ritual you go through while/before/after you write?
Not anything specific, really. I put on music, but that’s about it.

3.) What’s your absolute favorite kind of fic to write?
Oh! Definitely psychological horror and fantasy! I don’t consider myself too good with romance (which is ironic because it’s what I mostly write. It’s also why most of the romance in my works is light or implied).

4.) Are there any other fic writers you admire? If so, who and why?

dovelair. There’s no way I can start off this list unless it’s with her. Dove is a genius. Her works have this kind of delicate and gentle air to them, even if it’s angst that’ll tear you heart out (see her Akaashi fic). Wielding creative expressions, her works will never bore you; her narrative is beautiful—so beautiful that I consider it to be one of the best styles I’ve had the pleasure of indulging in.

xXSilveretteRoseXx. I’ve been friends with Silver for a long, long time, and her works are absolutely breathtaking. She hasn’t posted recently (her last post being from January 2016), but I can assure you that they’re still worthwhile. But you’d better be ready when she posts again, because she’s dramatically improved, even if she doesn’t think so!

bookerror. Pulling in next is a writer who has a piece that contends for fic of the year. She’s exceptionally gifted, spectacularly so, and I wish that I met her earlier than I did. If you’re hunting for someone that can provide you with a never-ending universe that’s full of culture and allusions, bookerror’s the author for you. Seriously. The dialogue she’s able to conjure is nothing short of magical. When you read one of her works, you can immediately tell that she’s put in an enormous amount of effort—sacrificed some sleep here and there—to make sure you’re fully immersed.

pvlimpsest. There’s a certain grace that hovers over each and every composition that pvlimpsest publishes. Yu is someone I admire greatly because of the feelings I experience when reading their work; with topics and twists you’d never expect, Yu could very well be the definition of originality. It’s not hard to settle on that decision. Fantastically talented, Yu can switch the atmosphere in a piece quicker than blinking, going from light and teasing to dark and serious.

infinitydust. A true master right here. Her dialogue’s a wonder, and it’s astonishing how smoothly it flows. Choosing from a list of noteworthy aspects regarding this author was challenging to say the least. But I had to select one from the many. Infinitydust does an amazing job with pacing—a facet that a plethora of writers struggle with. Fast, light, and detailed, it’s sure to keep your attention. You’ll be favoriting and commenting before you know it.

Im-P-ulse. Im-P-ulse is someone that I want to see grow. Each piece is better than the last, and with that ability to write soul-destroying angst? It’s going to kill you, but at least you’ll feel satisfied when you’re dying. Possessing the ability to just write, I’m sure that she’s going to progress even further, reaching new heights.

readyaimfireaway. I wish I met readyaimfireaway sooner than I did. Their fics have an incredible range that blasts away (Jessie and James is that you?), making me wonder how they can do it so flawlessly. I said it, flawlessly. Truly, readyaimfireaway is a treasure in this community that must be valued.

icyfalls. Icy’s works let you have a conversation with them. A strange expression? Maybe; however, it’s what’s needed to get across how wonderfully open Icy’s work is. She routinely puts out high caliber work that’s pleasing to read. I can’t thank her enough for that.

JEluvs2laugh. If there’s a text series that can make me laugh and blush at the same time, it’s this one. Spilling with puns and adorable nicknames (looking at you, Bakugou!), her text series is a prize that should be more appreciated. I’ve had some bad days here and there, and one of the first things I do to uplift my mood is read JEl’s work. You know what’s even more incredible? All of her works are gorgeously unique. That’s talent.

cinderpelt333. Tendou is underappreciated. I think we can all agree with that. When I think of Tendou, I think of Cinder’s work with how accurately hilarious it was. The way she portrays the weeb we all love is stellar, sticking closely to his personality; with the humor, she narrates in such a light way that it’s enjoyable to read again, and again, and again, and—you get the point.

LilMissFanfic. LilMissFanfic is someone I met recently. Her depiction of Kuroo (especially seen in “A Special Day”) is one of the fluffiest, most adorable that I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Craving tooth-rotting fluff? This is your stop! Her fluff can send your stomach in a frenzy of spins with no sign of stopping. As a person, she’s incredibly kind and supportive with her comments! Easy to talk to and hold a conversation with, she’s a gem.

5.) How many words can you write if you sit down and concentrate intensely for an hour?
600, maybe? Somewhere around there.

6.) First fic/pairing you wrote for? (If no pairing, describe the plot.)
no. we can’t bring back the cringe days. I buried them myself and refuse to relive them.

. . .It was a terribly written Gaara/Reader.

7.) Inspiration, time, or motivation. Choose two.
Inspiration and motivation! I always manage to find the time to write, yet the other two are hard to come by.

8.) Why do you choose to write?
I want to make you laugh. I want to make you cry. I want you to fear. I want you to feel anxious. I want to make you feel, to make you completely forget that you’re in the real world and not the universe I’ve created.

9.) Do you ever plan to write anything other than fics?
Of course! I’ve written several original ideas; however, I’ve never been able to finish them. Someday I want to release something that’s completely original!

10.) What inspires you the most?
Anything and everything. Often times I’ll be doing something unrelated and then I’ll be suddenly struck with an idea or excerpt of dialogue.

11.) Weirdest thing you’ve ever written or thought about writing?
I choose the right to remain silent. The Internet isn’t ready for the weebness.

12.) A fic you wish you had written better, and why?
He Who Knows Pandora. I know, I know. I talk about this fic like it’s my brain child, my magnum opus. The ending—the ending. To make a long story short, I think the ending’s lackluster and unsatisfactory. When I was writing the ending, I wanted to get the piece over with because it’s such a long fic. The longest I’ve ever written, actually. By that point, I was tired.

13.) Favorite fic from another author?
All right; I made the other section regarding my favorite authors huge, so this one’s going to be short and include the ones that immediately come to mind.

artistic. tendou satori” by dovelair because the dick word count is over 9,000.

A Court of Miracles [Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader 1/_]” by bookerror. When it first debuted I left an expansive comment on why this particular fic contends for one of my favorite; in short, I love it for the ambience, the dialogue, the flawed characters, the pacing, the uniqueness, the social commentary. All of it.

Encore [Todoroki Shouto x Reader]” by Im-P-ulse because it proves how big of a lovable dork Shouto is. And I love him. 

"Tsundere Texts (Bakugou Katsuki x Fem!Reader) by JEluvs2laugh. The charmeleon child cares!!

14.) Your favorite side parings to put in?
None. Shipping is difficult for me, which is why I only have one ship.

15.) Your guilty writing pleasure?
It’s not so much as a writing pleasure, but my guilty reading pleasure has to be the fics where Reader has prodigy-esque talent and amounts to “manager-chan!!”. You know what I’m talking about.

16.) Do you have structured ideas on how your story is supposed to go, or make it up as you write?
I’ll have a basic premise in mind (subjected to change, of course) and wing the rest of it.

17.) Would you describe yourself as a fast writer?
Definitely not with how much I’m lacking in inspiration right now!

18.) How old were you when you started writing?
I can’t remember the exact age, so I’ll say around twelve? Something like that. The writing was horrendous and I never want to revisit it ever again.

19.) Why did you start writing?
Truthfully, I think it’s because I wanted to create a worthwhile piece with a set of lovable characters.

20.) Four sentences from your work that you’re proud of?
I’m going to end up going over the sentence limit, watch me.

[“’I think that you’re like a corona.’”

“Like the beer? You know that I taste better than that.”

“’No—like the sun’s corona. It’s usually only seen during a solar eclipse. You’re bright, and I’m afraid that if I look away for too long, you won’t be there anymore.’”]

This snippet of dialogue is my favorite that I’ve ever written, from one of my personal favorite pieces, Corona. I think that this excerpt is both humorous and serious simultaneously, and displays how open this relationship is—how communication isn’t lacking.

[“A trembling sigh wobbles past his parted lips. In this veil of intimacy, he’s unsure of anything; himself, mostly. He thinks that even his breathing’s off, rocky compared to such an ethereal flow. At the apex of insecurity, he’s hushed by affectionate whispers. Resting at the crux of his issues is a feral insecurity that bears its serrated teeth with pride, yet, under your gaze, it bows its head.

‘Thank you.’ His voice is a mere husk of its familiar symphony.

Wearily, his arms encompass you, pulling you closer.

‘Thank you,” he murmurs, repeating it so that it drifts across your lithe skin.

Eyes lethargically shutting, Oikawa’s body relaxes, free from the confines of stress knots, free from his unfathomable thoughts. Your delicate fingers sliding between his tresses becomes nothing more than an appeasing melody.

‘Goodnight, Tooru. I’ll be here when you wake up.’”]

Hands down this is the most romantic, most intimate thing I’ve ever written. I think that it explains itself; this section is from the first part of He Who Knows Pandora.

[“Revenge, Furuta thinks, is best served raw, seasoned with frayed emotions.”]

Bet you weren’t expecting this! Furuta is a mysterious character, and more often than not, we’re unable to see what he’s truly thinking about. Down at his core, I speculate that he’s like this. This is from The Joker.

[“’Rolling—’ he starts, voice rapidly executing a crescendo.

Your attention immediately snaps to him, a clear idea of what he’s going to do manifests in your head.

‘Don’t you dare finish that, Nishinoya!’

He doesn’t heed your order, too lost with what’s about to happen.


Did someone order a crack fic?

Anyone mentioned in this can do the tag if they so desire.

(Tfw when a journal is longer than your fics.)

1. You have to post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about them.
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 13 people.
5. You have to tag 13 people.
6. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
7. Be creative with the title. No "I've got tagged" things.
8. You can't say you don't do tags.

Tagged by infinitydust and dovelair.

1. I can't watch the news anymore because it makes me too emotional.
2. I'm team Stark just to piss off ErraticFerret.
(But did you see what happened in the latest Captain America comic??)
3. I only have one ship, Meruem and Komugi from Hunter x Hunter, other than that, I can't ship characters.
4. I LOVE world building because it brings universes to life.
5. My sense of humor consists almost entirely of puns that'll rock your world.
6. Bad pick up lines work on me 100% of the time.
7. I'm an extrovert by nature.
8. But because I'm an extrovert and feed off of conversations, when everything's quiet, I'm a lonely person. Sometimes I project this on characters like Oikawa.
9. Really wanting some strawberries right now.
10. Favorite genres to write for: psychological horror and fantasy.
11. I meme a lot. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
12. Current memes: one, two,
13. You thought this was a fact, but it was me! Dio!

Vee's questions

1. Favorite food?

2. The TV show/anime/manga that made you cry the most?
Forever crying over that thing that happened in the Chimera Ant arc in Hunter x Hunter. You know what I'm talking about. Even now when I see it again, I still cry.

3. A few of your shower thoughts?
"Need to kill my writer's block."
"What's a mountain made of cats called? A mewtain ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)."

4. One thing on your bucketlist?
To study cultures around the world and determine how language has evolved.

5. Favorite season?
Winter. Definitely winter.

6. Which place on Earth do you want to visit most?
anywhere without Trump
I'd like to go to Ireland because of all the historical aspects.

7. Cooking/homemade food or ordering in?
Cooking. As cliché as it is, there's something nice about it.

8. Do you want to get a tattoo, if so, what do you want and where?
I don't plan on getting one, but if I had to, it'd probably be something fantasy related and on my bicep.

9. Favorite anime and favorite character in it?
Don't do this to me, Vee.
I don't have an all-time favorite. However, for the current season, spring 2016, I'd say Boku no Hero Academia because it's adapted beautifully. Even though he's an ass, my favorite character is Bakugou. I want to fight him.
I need to get around to writing for him.

10. Neat-freak or clutter-bomb?
In between, I think. Definitely have my moments of being both.

11. For noodles, fork or chopsticks?
Not even ashamed to say I'd use a fork.

12. 5 people on dA you'd like to know irl/know better? (Totally borrowing one of Allen's questions)
ErraticFerret (this Marvel weeb)
dovelair (my birb hoe and fellow member of the iwauminati)
SilveretteRose (whose former dA user name I will never not bring up)
infinitydust (the master of Tsuki feels)
readyaimfireaway (why is your work so p e r f e c t??)
Im-P-ulse ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
bookerror (fantasy master extraordinaire)
Tagging more than 5 people because I'm such a rebel.

Dove's questions

1. What's the best pun you can make right now?
Bakugou? More like Bakagou.

2. What did you do this weekend?
Fangirl over nonexistent characters.
especially Terushima

3. Would you wrestle with Iwa-chan in bed forever? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Just send me an invite and I'll be there quicker than Quicksilver.

4. Time travel or mind reading?
Time travel. Is there any other answer?

5. What are you doing right now?????
Looking at my computer screen while answering a tag. Also breathing.

6. Tell me one thing from your bucket list.
Graduating without massive debt.

Only three?? Why do you limit me, dove?
Right now, my top husbandos (in no order) are: Bakugou, Ayato Kirishima, and Terushima (b/c I can't decide between Oikawa or Iwa-chan, so I chose Teru. He's the tru answer).

8. Favorite food???? or favorite cuisine
Sarcasm with a side of bitter. The tears of readers is a nice drink, too.

9. What do you do before going to sleep?
Watch YouTube sensations like Pyrocynical.

Sorry Oikawa, I'd save Iwa-chan because: arms, arms, arms, arms, arms.

11. Favorite game?????

12. Favorite HQ!! moment????
When we saw Iwa-chan's glorious arms for the first time.

13. How hot is Ushiwaka-chan from a scale of 1-10??????
A solid 9.
sorry dove-sensei

My questions:
1. What is/are your current meme/memes?
2. Thoughts on what happened in the newest Captain America comic that caused a riot in the fandom?
3. Favorite opening of this season?
4. If you could, what character would you fight?
5. Abridged series or nah? If you haven't seen any, I can recommend some ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
6. Do you have an anime that you love, but it's only one season? What is it, and why do you like it? If you don't, what's one manga you'd like to have a flawless adaptation?
7. Five people you'd like to collab with? Why?
8. Tell me your best joke.
9. Write a cringe-worthy anime poem pls.
10. Thoughts on the new Pokémon game, Sun and Moon?
11. What house are you in Harry Potter? Do you think it fits?
12. Favorite character to write for?
13. Last faved piece?

Homies that I'm tagging:
    I've been thinking about starting a new account for a while now. This one's served me well, but honestly, it's cluttered with older fics that make me reel back in disbelief. If I move accounts, it'll still be for writing Reader Inserts. How do you all feel about this change?
    Please leave your thoughts in the comments below. I value your opinions!
  • Drinking: The tears of readers
    Over the course of the last few weeks, I haven’t been writing as many one-shots as I usually do. Right now, I’m working on a long series with ErraticFerret; it’s a Tokyo Ghoul series featuring our favorite brash ghoul, Ayato. Each chapter is much longer than what I normally write. I can promise you that this series will have major feels that will hit you in some fashion. Currently, Ferret and I have five complete chapters written out of our quota of ten. Once we hit ten, we’ll start publishing on Quotev, AO3, and Wattpad.

    Check out Ferret's profile here: :iconerraticferret:

    EDIT: This is being put on hold until further notice due to a lack of communication between us. I haven't been able to get a hold of Ferret for quite some time now.
  • Drinking: The tears of readers


  Developing characters is perhaps the best part of writing.

  Through these characters, we readers are taken on extreme quests, which can range from slaying dragons to seeing a comrade perish valiantly. Once we explore the depths of characters, they’re not just figures we’ve conjured to explain a tale, they have life.

  The foundation when creating a character has to be solid, unshakable; think about it like this, the basis of a character is the trunk of a tree, everything else is a branch, or maybe even a leaf. The unyielding traits that make up the very core for your character are going to accumulate, and be the tree trunk. This—along with your character’s primary objective—makes up the very essence of your creation, which everything else stems from. Hello there, Doctor Frankenstein, having fun yet?

  Let’s discuss specific character traits, and how they’re imperative to your creation as a whole.

  Age is and will always be prevalent. In most fictional books we read, we’re tagging along with a younger protagonist, their ages typically ranging from 16 to 25. Do you know why that is? It’s a range of self-discovery. These younger characters will be shaped throughout the work with everything they’ve undergone. Not to say that anyone older than the range can’t be a protagonist, but regularly, these people already have a clear idea of who they are, and what they want to contribute to society. Anyone within the range is still trying to figure out themselves.

  Need a reference? Let’s take a look at Dorian from The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. In the beginning, Dorian is a very handsome, young man that’s been living by society’s standards. Soon after the first few pages, he encounters Lord Henry, who’s the symbol for everything society rejects. Most conclude that his character represents the Devil. Dorian and the latter become close friends throughout the composition, despite the warnings of Dorian’s other friend, Basil, who represents good. We’re able to see Dorian transform in the composition, becoming the antithesis of what he once was.

  Not all character progression is good.

  There are also several marks that couple with age. Younger characters won’t know a great deal about the world, since they haven’t been in it for very long. They’re easier to deceive. However, they’re reaching their physical peak, their prime condition; they’re more capable of completing physical tasks. Older characters are fountains of wisdom who regularly see the world for what it is. They can pass off their knowledge to a younger character, in hope of making a difference.

  All right, age is important, I get it. What about everything else, like names? How important are they?

  Believe me when I say that names are absolutely crucial. Don’t pick something random or extremely bland. You want to have the readers remember your character’s name. Names have the ability to convey an idea simply, select wisely. An example being Guy Montag from Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. In German, Montag means Monday, the beginning of the week, and the beginning for the protagonist. See what I mean?

  Let’s move on.

  Your characters are products of fiction. However, to be successful, the reader has to relate to them.

  Give your characters faults and quirks, they’re not perfect. We regularly call “perfect” characters Mary Sue or Gary Stu, respective towards their genders. These are characters without negative traits that get along with absolutely everyone; to add onto this, these characters are almost always attractive. It’s like saying “all the girls want to date him, and all the guys want to be him.” It’s highly unrealistic, and drives readers crazy.

  I always click out when I see one of them. They’re not accurate representations.

  For the purpose of this illustration, let’s say that you want a young male to be your protagonist, but you don’t want him to conform to the normal archetype for males (which has traits of being fearless and brave), so you make him a bit hesitant regarding reckless actions. He might frustrate the readers with his choices of action (or lack thereof), but that makes him unique, and more realistic. He’ll be more appreciated than a repetitive archetype.

  This is also a great way to introduce intertextuality.

  Great, so what exactly is intertextuality, and how do I use it?

  To put it simply, intertextuality is a relationship between various literary texts. It’s commonly used in allusions, to draw parallels, and a multitude of other devices.

  Need clarification? I don’t blame you, the definition is weird. It’s easier to see it being done, so I’ll further with our previous example.

  Let’s say a side character says “what’s up with the lack of decisions, Hamlet?” to our protagonist. Now, the protagonist’s name might not be Hamlet, but that’s not the point here. The Hamlet allusion in the question is supposed to draw parallels to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the one most famous for his lack of decisions. This will cause the readers to instantly compare Shakespeare’s Hamlet to the protagonist we’re working with. Then, further depth will be added to our dear protagonist because of the reference.

  When reading for the first time, we see the big allusions first. There are two sources for big allusions: The Bible, and Shakespeare. Both are extremely widespread, having rooted in the minds of many. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t allude to a smaller work. You can, literature is about freedom, do what you want. But don’t expect for as many people to get it; if you want your audience to appreciate a smaller allusion, you can always put in a footnote at the bottom.

  So intertextuality provides depth to a character via references. What else can I do to demonstrate how deep my character is?

  I have chapters where there’s no dialogue at all. It’s just the character, the audience, and me. No dialogue. This gives me the opportunity to crawl around in the character’s head. It provides the readers with insight to how your character thinks, and deals with impactful situations. A greater understanding for how your character sees the world will manifest. I suggest using this more.

  Just like us, our characters have the potential to be multilayered beings. Take your time with them. They’re a blank canvas, and you’re an artist.

  • Reading: A Game of Thrones
  • Drinking: Water


  The environment is never just the environment.

  But it’s where my characters interact. Does it serve some other purpose?

  Of course.

 Believe me when I say that the environment is flourishing with potential, just like your characters. Most aspiring writers just set up a location to display their characters, and don’t expand on it further. That’s only using a fraction of its ability; the setting can do so much more. It’s practically a character by itself.

  When selecting a location, it’s imperative that you research it if you’ve never been there. If you’ve visited or lived in it, use your knowledge.

  Each place has their respective customs, slang, and behavior. All of these elements will factor into your character in some way. It can range from the type of slang they use to if they want gravy on their biscuits. By accurately depicting the environment, credit for your work will accumulate, and your characters will prosper. Be sure to research extensively.

  But how will it impact my characters? You still haven’t expanded on that much.

  I know, I’m getting to it.

  The setting isn’t unvarying. It has quirks of its own. What I mean by that is: weather changes.

   It’s something so regular and natural, we just skim over it, rushing to the dialogue our characters spout. Weather is physical, yes. I’m sure we’ve all felt rain pelt against our skin or heat waves causing sweat to cascade down our temples. But that’s not all.

  Weather is symbolic.

  I’m sure we’ve all read something where the author conjures a storm, yes? The storm carries another meaning—a message. It can be utilized to showcase the inner crisis your character’s going through; think of it like a mirror that your character looks in. Weather is reflective. It’s used to imply an aspect, rather than say something like “he’s torn between the opposing sides.” I favor implying concepts because they can always be interpreted differently, ultimately leading to discussions, and they’re just more alluring in general. When readers exchange diverse interpretations, your work doesn’t just convey a single message. It communicates many.

  Having any trouble seeing why I think implicit weather is better than being direct? Refer to the example below, it’ll further illustrate.

  The clouds march across the sky, dimming the hopeful blue tapestry. Thunder echoes from their mouths, launching over the terrain, causing animals to scurry to safety. The lightning is fierce, rapid, and unpredictable, which causes his heartbeat to accelerate; within minutes, the average day transformed into something that looks like the introduction to the end of the world. He’s fearful, and with his mind divided, unable to see any sections of clear blue that still remain.

  I utilized the weather to showcase a crisis the character might’ve been experiencing, while alluding to his mental state with the ending line. The example will stick with the readers more than “he’s caught between both views.” It portrays multiple aspects, granting our imagination the ability to run.

  Weather is like water, it has more than one property.

  We’ve discussed how it’s reflective, great. But it can also bring characters together.

  Say there’s a heavy downpour downtown, and it happens just when your character’s about to leave and go home. Let’s also say that your character doesn’t have an umbrella with them, leaving it at home while they were rushing out. Do you know how many people won’t walk into a heavy rain because they don’t want to get soaking wet? I don’t, but I know it’s a lot.

  Okay, so my character has to wait it out. What then?

  Remember when I said that most people won’t walk out into rain? Use that to your advantage. Chances are that other people will be waiting as well. Have your character converse with them, even if it’s just about the weather—it’s something they have in common. This is one method that can be used to introduce a supporting character smoothly.

  If your characters interact enough after the rain, then a relationship (whether it be romantic or platonic, that’s up to you) will form, and actions executed by the characters will impact each other. This will shape how your characters think and behave around each other.

  See what I mean by saying that the environment is practically a character?


  • Reading: A Game of Thrones
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  The one that goes by many names—preludes, prologues, prefaces, forewords, or maybe even preamble if you’re fancy.

  A prologue is placed before chapter one, and is usually a shorter length than all other chapters. It can be used for constructing a universe, allowing the readers a glimpse of customs, or to recount an event that took place before the main story. Since a prologue comes before chapter one, it has to grab attention, and propel the viewers into reading more.

  Make it interesting.

  This is your shot at mesmerizing your viewers, take the chance. Be daring, you’re spawning a whole universe from a simple line of text. Prologues are marvelous when executed correctly, don’t be hesitant to edit yours if it doesn’t meet your standards.

  I know, I know. Editing.

  Editing is something most of us don’t look forward to. Whether it be deleting an entire section, or altering a single line, it can throw off the fluidity we established. And I won’t sweeten it, editing can be a pain. However, as writers—we’re always growing, progressing in style; if you want your latest composition to reflect your amended style, you’re going to have to edit it.

  To put it into perspective, two years ago, I started a collaboration project with my friend. We drafted the first ten chapters, and then started posting them. After a long hiatus, we’ve come back to it, and are in the process of refining it, manipulating it to our current styles. You know what sucks? I wrote in past tense then. Changing all of it to present tense is a monster in itself.

  Talk about time consuming.

  After two hours of altering a single chapter, I can say it was worth it. I’m satisfied with how the narration parallels our styles.
  Editing is a tedious process, but once you've done it, you'll reel in more readers.

  • To further your understanding of literature as a whole, I highly suggest picking up a copy of How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Foster. It's an insightful guide to the many mechanisms that are used in novels. Most of which we just gloss over.
    • Maybe I missed something imperative? Or perhaps you want to recommend a segment? Tell me in the comments below.

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      With new aspects implemented (such as the art theft policy and CORE), DeviantART is divided into factions. Anarchy as well as multiple disputes are spawning and don't appear to be halting anytime soon. I can't predict future events that may spur, the situation may get better or worse. I've set up accounts on various other websites in case I decide to leave for whatever reason (although this scenario, me leaving, isn't likely). I don't know how active I'll be, it depends on the ever elusive inspiration.

    Here are the links if you're intrigued
    • Reading: A Game of Thrones
    • Drinking: Water

      This week (July 13th-July 19th), as some of you may know, is Author Appreciation week! To celebrate this marvelous occasion, I will be taking part and featuring absolutely phenomenal compositions along with detailed explanations for why I selected the revolutionary works. I encourage everyone to participate! Take this as an opportunity to spread the love for quality pieces and authors!

      Let’s get started then!

      I Have Seen The Unspeakable | England x Reader
    He smelt of Earl Grey tea and secretive, dusty, mystical spellbooks. Surrounded by the unmistakable scent of musty, century-old, unpredictable magic and strange, hazardous, bubbling potions that never seemed to perform the act they were brewed for. The fragrance of his favourite flower, the gorgeous rose, along with the marigolds he liked to grow in his enchanting garden. The calming smell of the foaming sea and its salty, tangy air; the familiar trace of alcohol, rum and ale, here and there. Scones and treacle tarts and custards and trifles; desserts of all kinds he could never prepare himself mixed with the ever-present delicious aromas of the teas he admired so. A tiny whiff of cigarette smoke, along with a fresh, cool breeze of London air, saturated with routine rain.
    Odd, different, and unique—the fragrance that hung about him was one beyond words for you to accurately describe. It left you dazed and craving for more; a single breath would have you basking in f

        "I Have Seen the Unspeakable (England x Reader)"

        Written by xXSilveretteRoseXx (:iconxxsilveretterosexx:)

      This is perhaps the most divine piece of literature I’ve had the pleasure of immersing myself in; it’s written in such an astounding way, each phoneme elicits such unrestrained, fervent emotion. Silver takes the reader through a zealous crusade that brilliantly illustrates every crevice of the character’s history. She doesn’t trot carefully over the melancholic sections, she exploits them, granting the character human nature. She incorporates a tempest of emotions within this selection, allowing the reader to succumb to tragedy and unparalleled romance. She comprehends that no romance, no matter who is involved with it, is perfect, and she utilizes this knowledge to add humanistic features.


      Mafia!RomanoxReader~ A Black Market Masquerade PT1
    A Black Market Masquerade: Part One of Two.
    "I never thought a girl like you would come to rescue me..."
        Home is not where the heart is—it’s where you want it to be.
        You’d realized this after you left your broken household in Northern Europe for a different country. You’d left behind your no-good father, many depressing memories of your long-gone mother, along with a few close friends, but it wasn’t anything you couldn’t handle. After all, your father was a terrible role model—one you didn’t care to go into details about.
        So, you’d decided to attend college in Italy. You’d always been interested in the nation, and the college attendance was only second to your choice in moving here.
        Currently, you were living in your own apartment, working as a barista at a nearby coffee shop.
      Mafia!RomanoxReader~ A Black Market Masquerade PT2
    A Black Market Masquerade: Part Two of Two.

    "I never thought a girl like you would come to rescue me..."
        “Lovi, what are you saying?”
        “I’m…” He flinched, and a single tear made its way down his bruised cheek. He quickly tried to wipe it away and continued, “I’m breaking up with you.” Despite his battered state, he forced himself to stand up.
        “Hey, wait! You can’t walk; you need to see a doctor!”
        He was already trying to limp away. As you stood up and tried to follow him, he turned slightly and shot you an icy expression. “Leave me alone, idiota. Didn’t you hear me say things between us are over?”

        "Mafia!RomanoxReader - A Black Market Masquerade"

        Written by xYourHero (:iconxyourhero:)

      These spectacular works employ a refreshing scene when manifesting the mafia—a black market auction. Hero glosses the canvas with sensational detail and provides excellent characterization. Lovino’s unmistakably rude, yet loved, attitude is seemingly omniscient. The quintessential progression of romance is utterly mesmerizing and entirely human. A plethora of fan fictions seem to discard rationality for instant romance, making the reader challenging to identify with. However, Hero refuses to abandon and alienate reason, stockpiling deserved merit to her exquisite compositions. Hero’s invigorating plots are drastically different from other works, making them memorable and cherished. Who doesn’t love Mafia!Romano?


    Mature Content

        "I (Can Never) Love You [2P!China x Reader]"

        Written by Miistical (:iconmiistical:)

      Heart-twisting works with grains of reality sprinkled are some of my favorites. No matter how my heart contorts under immense emotion, I adore it. Unlike a multitude of writers, Miistical doesn’t force dissimilar characters into an awkward romantic relationship, pouncing at the chance to exclaim “I love you!” Miistical understands the personalities and circumstances that hover over sundry individuals, especially 2p characters; love, while an extraordinary metaphysical concept, is frightening in some regards. Along with magnificent writing, Miistical integrates realistic relationships that characters hold with each other.


     <da:thumb id="547540242"/> <da:thumb id="547718224"/>

        "When the Shadow Smiled: 2p!Italy x Reader [{Part 1} and {Part 2}]"

        Written by LITERAT-I (:iconliterat-i:)

      Lynden explores a stimulating fantasy spin while expertly managing the suave character of Luciano Vargas. She sculpts an engaging, completely fascinating plot from refined details and carefully chosen dialogue. The surroundings are vivid, brought to life by fingers simply gushing over a keyboard. The romantic sentiment has sprouted, almost transparent through the sea of text, but identifiable upon close examination. Fellow fans of Luciano, you must read this!


    Mature Content

        "Til Chaos Calls (Sherlock x Serial!Killer!Reader)"

        Written by UnluckyAmulet (:iconunluckyamulet:)

      This glorious piece of art was my introduction to the Sherlock fandom. The harmony in conversation between characters is stellar—astounding on a level that’s strenuous to achieve. Instead of providing a sidekick that runs around with Sherlock, Amulet promotes a divergent, more enticing route. She navigates us down this path with magnificent storytelling capabilities. We’re given the opportunity to glimpse the inner workings of a manipulative killer that loves to try and unravel Sherlock with witty remarks. Thank you, Amulet, for this wonderful piece.

    **This list has the potential to expand until the 19th, when Author Appreciation week ends.**
    Thank you, Miistical, for making me aware of this idea! :)

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      Hello, everyone!
      As you know, I do not have a set schedule for when I write; I produce my compositions sporadically, which likely spurs vexation in some of you. I can’t sit down and force myself to write, if that transpires, the pieces I produce lack emotion and grace, they wouldn’t meet my standard. I apologize if I fail to promote a new fic for a while, I’ve been bombarded with a new, gargantuan, detrimental workload that’s decimated my free time. I will still write when granted the rare opportunities, but I can’t just put off this workload—no matter how badly I want to. It’s imperative to my future.

      “The Devil’s Silhouette” may continue, if so, it’ll just be at a slower pace. I’m a bit apprehensive for it because I have commitment issues with long series, and that’s what it’ll have to morph into to showcase the plethora of themes I want to display. I don’t understand my commitment issues, it’s just so challenging for me to stick with one idea. Please be patient with me.

      I am open to suggestions and conversing. Thank you for your time!

    • Reading: A Game of Thrones
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    1.) You must answer truthfully to each question.
    2.) You can re-tag the tagger to see what they think of you.
    3.) Anyone is allowed to do it.
    4.) **No bashing or outright being rude.**
    5.) You must tag at least 3 people to do this.


                                                                                  For the author who can dominate a typhoon with words alone :iconxxsilveretterosexx:

    1.) What is your honest-to-God opinion of the deviant?
         To put it simply, Silver is a rejuvenating phoenix, transcending the ash of her old work and gracing the universe with her new, refined, paramount literature. She mesmerizes each passing bystander with a rudimentary flick of her wrist and quill between her dexterous fingers; Silver, you inject life into simple, elementary concepts and grant them dimensions, so that they're actually tangible and observable. Your illuminating aura bubbles off onto your creations and guides them effortlessly through your work. I can assure you, all of your readers are drawn to every pore of a character that you've made visible. The speech you allow to flow is natural, breathtaking and utterly magnificent all together. Your romance is subtle and crescendos into a dynamic revolutionizing relationship, which is extremely appreciated by everyone. Silver, you burden your characters with problematic issues which reflects real life marvelously. You don't create a quintessential fantasy land that's foreign to our detrimental world, and I thank you for adding those circumstances. You proudly stand at the crest of literature, and from down here, it's challenging to see your figure. I can only perceive the intense, glorious light surging through your body into the air. Examining the past year, your work has undergone complete metamorphosis and emerged with text stamped to its wings. I am so proud of your drastic progress. You wear your golden crown elegantly, showcasing every gem that's related to a theme you've mastered. You make me laugh and have impacted my life in a way I'm not capable of expressing. Thank you. Thank you so much.

    2.) What do you like best about this deviant’s works? 
         Your exquisite compositions flood with stellar characterization and emotion. Browsing the plethora of fan fiction on the internet, I can testify that seeing characters in character is a rarity by itself, but when they're coupled with your skill? It's unbelievable and admiration lacerates through the body; while emotion isn't an alien concept, it's a bit elusive seeing as how I'm a neutral person in general. In contrast to most every fic, your work ignites an aspect that resides both in my mind and heart, and to be honest, at first I was perplexed by the sentiment. It rapidly overwhelmed by brain--targeting your works in absolute need. I realized that I was intoxicated with your fluent style and when my eyes were taking in the flooding emotion radiating from your pieces, I was happy. Although the frequent stereotype for fan fictions will replicate Goliath's form, with ever work you produce, you combat it.

    3.) What do you dislike most about this deviant’s work?
    I have delved into each microscopic crevice of my brain with effort resonating proudly. I can confirm that I can't find anything. Your works are perfection disguised as text.

    4.) Do you watch this deviant? And if so, why?
    YES! Silver is enthralling in personality and writing capabilities. Why wouldn't I watch her?

    5.) Relationship Status with this deviant? 
    We are soul-sisters who exchange riveting thoughts regarding characters and prevalent topics.

    6.) What would you suggest to this deviant for them to improve their work?
    Nothing, your writing has surpassed A-class.

    7.) How does this deviant make you feel and why?
         Silver, you spur positive emotions within me just with a single morpheme alone. You are powerful and refer to whimsical nature by it's first name; the complex, multilayered essence you breathe life into and display is amazing and leaves me with a universe expanding in my eyes. 

     8.) Any other things you’d like to say to this deviant?
    You're a supernova to us who reside in the dark. Continue to illuminate the dim skies and flare your passion! You're fascinating and worthy of study! 


                 Thank you for being my friend, Silver. Your essence is enticing and seductive with how you reign over terms. May your legacy be illimitable and fruitful.

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      Guys, I finished watching Parasyte.

      I don't know what to do with my life now.

      Parasyte is a phenomenal anime that resonates a dynamic message that compels the viewer to follow along. The symbolism and sundry literary devices stockpile merit for the series, causing it to be interesting to dissect. The characters in this series progress immensely, more than I initially anticipated; it was satisfying to observe the development and how they reacted in given, inescapable situations. Although the characters propel themselves in terms of progress, the pushing, prominent factor is anguish. It honestly felt real. I could comprehend their emotions and reasons for executing certain actions.
      Unlike a plethora of anime, Parasyte isn't always about the protagonist triumphing. Sure, the protagonist is an important piece of the story and aids in transmitting messages. However, the author focuses on the idea they want others to realize. The author utilizes every character to their fullest to spread this imperative message. Parasyte's primary genres are body horror and science fiction. It's demographic is seinen. It's meant to reach an older audience and contains sensual and violent themes. I recommend this anime to anyone who is comfortable with the prior themes. Even if it's not to your taste, the idea the author sends is indeed mesmerizing.

      I think I have a hole in my heart.
      Yes, the title is a reference to a dramatic theme in Parasyte. I'm not ashamed.
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    A week ago, my computer died. I haven't been able to post anything for this reason; I'll be seen as "inactive" (due to not posting and commenting) because of this. Please understand that I have to save up for a new laptop. The latest I will receive a new one will be early June. Thank you for your patience, I'll be back to work as soon as possible!

    Thank you to everyone who continues to favorite and comment on my work. I'll properly thank you once I buy my new laptop.
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    In the theme of "What I Like About You" by The Romantics.




    1.) You must answer truthfully to each question.
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    3.) Anyone is allowed to do it.
    4.) **No bashing or outright being rude.**
    5.) You must tag at least 3 people to do this.

      I've been tagged by :iconwyr-d:

    1.) What is your honest-to-God opinion of the deviant?

      Lynden is a glorious deviant; she has a wondrous outlook on life and her positivity is contagious. Her writing is superb and I can see reflections of her beliefs in them, it's pleasant. She puts an astounding amount of effort into all of her works (art, writing, whatever she executes). Her stories have a marvelous amount of character development, it's like a crescendo, gradually easing but still prominent and identifiable.
      As for her drawings, I can't even fathom how she has such apparent skill. I've tried to draw on the computer before and it's not easy, that's why I stick to pencil and paper. The color choices she utilizes flow easily and they're entrancing.
      Lynden is a gorgeous individual, absolutely radiating and bringing some light into this melancholic world.

    2.) What do you like best about this deviant’s works?
    Aside from everything above? Her essence is poetic and anything she does will mirror that. She deserves all of the positive compliments, comments and watchers that she's attaining rapidly; I want to see her succeed and have a gargantuan name among artists.

    3.) What do you dislike most about this deviant’s work?
    This question is challenging. Nothing critical or imperative comes to mind. All that I can muster is to use more contractions in writing (you're, can't, doesn't, etc), but that's just a preference. I think in typical speech, more people utilize contractions to save time. Other than that, her work is almost flawless.

    4.) Do you watch this deviant? And if so, why?
    Why wouldn't I watch her? She has an abundance of amazing things to offer and an outstanding personality! She's all around great!

    5.) Relationship Status with this deviant?
      We're pretty good friends, but I'd like to communicate more!

    6.) What would you suggest to this deviant for them to improve their work?
    My advice is in question three.

    7.) How does this deviant make you feel and why?
    She brightens my day with her joy! As said before, her positivity is desirable and contagious.

     8.) Any other things you’d like to say to this deviant?
    You're fabulous, Lynden! Please keep dreaming and climbing the treacherous mountain to obtain your sundry goals!

    :iconwyr-d:, :iconxxsilveretterosexx:, :iconunluckyamulet:, :iconarctic-dream: and :iconlinksys3809:
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      I've observed that thievery has become more prevalent in the art community (this encompasses literature as well). It becomes more personal once a dear friend has to undergo this unfortunate task, dealing with the individuals that plagiarized their work.
     My dear friend, :iconxxsilveretterosexx:, was notified that her work was copied and posted to
      This is the first link to the stolen work:First Issue
      This is the second stolen composition:Second Issue

      Now, this person falsely categorizes the fics to make them more challenging to catch; they re-write parts of it for original characters, but the writing is identical.

      Take a look at this list and make sure none of these works are yours!List of Stolen Work

      Since we can't search for our fics duplicated frequently, please be our eyes and ears! It's a big help if you bring this topic to our attention and provide us with the link!
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    Journal Entry: Thu Mar 12, 2015, 7:40 AM
      My newest series, The Devil's Silhouette, heavily involves government interplay and action. As you know, I enjoy investing into detail with my work; usually, I generalize every aspect of the reader and their location so they can submerge into the plot. However, because this particular composition involves the government to a dramatic extent, it's difficult to generalize.
      To make this series effective, I'm going to have to use the USA's government, seeing as that's what I'm familiar with. In short, the reader is going to be from the USA. I sincerely apologize for this factor, but it has to be done. It's impossible to make a dynamic series that has an abundance of government action, and be extremely vague on the topic simultaneously. I hope you all can forgive me!

    • Reading: Fan fiction
    • Watching: Hawaii Five-0
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    Seriously? Stolen Work?

    Journal Entry: Sat Jan 17, 2015, 2:41 PM

    Edit: The stolen works have been removed off of the account by administrators. The account should be banned relatively soon.
      I don't post any of my x Readers on other sites. If you happen to see one note me with a link and I'll handle the situation from there. Thank you.

    First Issue

    Apparently my work has been copied. It feels terrible.

    Link to copied work

    If the link doesn't work here's the original URL:…

    Second Issue

    They also had the gall to steal another one of my one shots, it's my Sleeping Beauty [Midnight x Reader]…

    I'm legitimately upset.

    Thank you to everyone looking out for me, I love you all.

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      Hey, everyone! I've been lurking around again and reading a plethora of fan fiction. While on my travels, I’ve noted an abundance of mistakes when regarding spelling, formatting and other miscellaneous aspects. I’m making this journal to highlight several of the major blemishes.

      Category One: Word Usage and Spelling

      Your: a possession, not a contraction for you are.

                 Example: “Your raincoat is heavy!”

      You’re: this is a contraction for you are and shouldn’t be confused with the previous. This is the most reoccurring mistake I see in fan fiction, so I’m going to hit this one hard.

                 Example: “Wow, you’re so amazing!”

                 Breakdown: as stated above, this is a contraction which essentially molds the two terms together with the help of an apostrophe (‘). Try to incorporate this in dialogue as well because most people in real life don’t take more time to say “You are assigned section one.” However, this is only a suggestion, not a requirement.

      Women: a group of females, not one female.

                 Example: Those women are in a circle reading novels.

      Woman: specification of one female, not twenty or any other number.

                Example: “That woman just ordered two coffees, but no one is with her.”

      They’re: this is a contraction for they are. Between all of the they’re/there/their, this one is the least used. People often confuse this term with “their.”

                Example: “They’re such a cute couple! I hope they never split!”

      Their: signifies ownership. It can be compared to “your.”

                Example: “Their house is for sale.”

      There: in a place, at a place or to the place [1]. This can also be used when trying to gain someone’s attention [2].

               Example [1]: Way over there! That’s where the treasure is!

               Example [2]: “Hello there!”

      Affect: to influence, to produce change, to impress someone.

               Example: “She was affected by his charm.”

      Effect: the resolution.

              Example: “The effect of law on children.”

       Still need help with affect and effect? Try this website: Affect versus Effect. I pulled a lot of information from there.

      A lot: a multitude. A lot usually refers to a large collection, group or any other form of organization. This term isn’t spelled like “alot” or “allot.” It’s just “a lot.”

              Example: “That’s a lot of food!”

      Allot: this is to give a portion (usually to someone) for a task. A synonym is “assigned to.”

             Example: She was allotted section three.

      It’s: this is another contraction. Yes, another one! This molds “it” and “is” together and shouldn’t be confused with “its.”

             Example: “It’s so rainy! When do you think it’ll stop?”

      Its: this is a possession.

             Example: The CD doesn’t have its case anymore.

      Further help concerning its/it’s: It's and Its

      Where: this is a place.

            Example: “Where is she?”

      Were: this is the past tense of “are.”Please don’t swap this with “where” or vice versa.

            Example: “Were you planning on it?”

      Wear: to sport clothing.

            Example: He wears a polo shirt all of the time.

       I: talking about yourself. This is always capitalized when regarding yourself or your characters. I can't stress this enough, I see so many people not capitalizing it. It's infuriating.
            Example: "Did you see how far I ran?"

      To: indicates the direction of something. To can also be used to showcase a person or object that moves towards a person, place or thing.

            Example: She moved to fifth avenue.

      Too: in addition.

            Example: "I didn't know you liked video games! I do, too!"

      Two: this represents the number, 2.

            Example: "Do you have two bottles of water?"

      Which: specific people or items of a group.

            Example: "Which cupcake would you like?"

      Witch: as in the woman who flies around on a broom.
            Example: "The witch casts a spell that causes the pot to boil."

      By: next to or through.
            Example: The phone is by the refrigerator.

      Bye: signifies departure.

            Example: "I'll see you tomorrow, bye!"

      Buy: to purchase with money or other means of currency.

            Example: "She buys too much! It's outrageous!"

      Die: to pass on; this occurs when a life ends. The present tense of this is "dying" not "dieing".

            Example: "Dying is only natural, it happens to all of us."

      Dye: a substance used to alter or add color.

            Example: "Wow, how did you dye your shirt like this?"
          *Tools to further your understanding: Confused Words and Merriam Webster

      Kinda: this is NOT a word! It's slang that's regularly fused within speech and fan fiction. Again, it's not a proper term, please don't utilize it as such.

    Category Two: Formatting

    Now that we’ve nailed the most common mistakes when regarding spelling and usage, let’s move to formatting. Here are several tips:

      -Don’t make a paragraph enormous to the point where it and another paragraph make up the whole work. If this occurs, it’s challenging to focus and remember where you are in the story. Whenever I see a composition that has gargantuan paragraphs like this I usually just click out.

      -Dialogue can be placed within paragraphs of detail. It doesn’t have to get its own section. If phrases get their own separate space emphasis is usually intended. For those who don’t know what dialogue is, it’s a conversation between two or more people. Dialogue always starts and ends with the quotation marks (“) that are typically on the same key as the apostrophe (‘). To access this you may have to hold down the shift key at the same time when hitting the apostrophe key.

          Example: “You look nice today.”


                      ,,You look nice today,,


      -Please don’t switch view (commonly known as P.o.V) without indication, it causes confusion. For those who don’t know, P.o.V is how you write.

         *First person point of view uses “I” and “we."

              Example: I scampered into the dense forest.

         *Second person point of view uses “you.” As you all know, this is a stance that authors in the xReader fandom often take.

             Example: You sway back and forth, relishing in the tranquility you know is temporary.

         *Third person limited uses “they". This is when the speaker (not to be switched with the author) knows the thoughts and feelings of a single character. This isn’t called “narrator’s view” or “no one’s view". I write with this in my series, 2P!Italy x Fem!Violinist!Reader |Riveting|

              Example: “Luciano knows that she’ll cling to him. He’ll only give a smirk and shove her away when she does so.”

         *Third person omniscient uses “they” as well. The difference between third person limited and omniscient is that omniscient knows the feelings and thoughts of all characters, not exclusive to one. Out of everything I’ve ever read, this is the least utilized.

              Example: He’s stunned, his mind is racing. She’s anxious and chews her lip while waiting for a reply. She thinks he’ll reject her.

    Category Three: Miscellaneous

    Here’s where I let everything out from plot to OP characters.

      Please for the love of originality try to create something unique when writing. Sure, the high school setting is nice every once and a while, but when it’s being constantly overused it gets boring and standard. You don’t want to be standard. Think up an idea to draw your readers in, make them enthralled with your content.

      If you’re writing fan fiction keep the canon characters in character. If the canon character is antisocial then don’t make them the life of the party. Have their personality down when you start toying with them. An example of poor characterization is making Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) bubbly. We don’t want a bubbly Levi, that’s when the apocalypse will happen.

      OP (over powered) characters are everywhere and typically labeled Mary Sue or Gary Sue, respective to their gender. An OP character has so many good qualities and virtually no negative aspects. This type of character is extremely boring to read about because they’re not an accurate portrayal of humans.

       Detail to a piece is incredibly important. When you add in detail your viewers can clearly envision the setting, facial expressions, moods, etc. If you don’t inject detail in and just jump around everywhere it’s difficult to track. When this surfaces I click out.

      The words you use to shape your writing style are compiled into one group, diction. Don’t repeat the same words over and over again, their meaning will eventually be lost and have little to no impact. Use a thesaurus or even Google to acquire synonyms. When you use abnormal synonyms we can both learn together. An example of this is in |Riveting|. In that series Luciano’s greed is frequently mentioned; however, I use synonyms like “avarice” to switch things up. When faced with an atypical synonym I can use context clues to deduce its meaning. When that happens, my respect for you rises and I’ll most likely go through your other work.

      When showcasing dialogue in work (excluding plays), never write in a script style. Script in compositions are highly ineffective and will lower the quality of your work; most readers don't scan through literature if it's in that kind of format. The following is an example of script.
             Me: Yeah, I've been bombarded with work.

      When making unfamiliar references (like Stradivarius to people not involved in music) make sure to note it in the description so we can fully comprehend and analyze it. If you make more than one strange allusion you can put a [1], [2] or other forms of indication next to it—this depends on you.

      Literary elements and devices are amazing, one of my favorites being symbolism. If you’re able to, place a multitude of these in your work. They reflect on your plethora of knowledge and add a unique feeling to your writing. An example of symbolism is a Crow, in lore and legends Crows usually foreshadow impending doom or disaster.

      Before you start writing (especially with a series) plan everything out. Plot holes are irritating and in modern terms makes it look like an “ass-pull.” If you want to avoid these circumstances, keep everything within the rules of the universe you’ve set up. If people in your universe can’t fly then don’t allow everyone to fly to combat a threat. If you foreshadow certain elements throughout your composition then readers can go back and see that you’ve planned everything out.

      The dash (--) is essentially a substitute or alternate comma (,). One of the dash’s primary beauties is that it can draw out and add emphasis to a statement. This can impact readers more than a comma. A dash is not a hyphen (-). To form a dash you press the hyphen key twice. Not once. Twice.

      When composing any type of literature do not use text lingo. If done, it lowers your work several levels and will irritate people. A common scenario of when text-talk is inserted is the letter "u" for "you".

       A reader is a generalization. Please don't give the reader a specific appearance or name. If that transpires, then the viewers feel alienated. If a name or appearance is assigned then it's basically an O.C. (original character) which defeats the purpose of x Readers.
      Still need help? Captain-Fan writes a great guide and covers more issues than I did.

      Well, I think this guide encompasses most of the mistakes but if I missed any, please tell me!

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