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Um hey guys um I’m going to be going through a lot right now. We’re going to be relocating somewhere between now and February 26th. Hopefully this transition will get to go smoothly. Sadly until we get somewhere else and get setup with internet again i may not be around as much sorry about this. Wasn’t expecting the 60 day eviction to show up taped to our door on this past thursday
Sorry I haven't been responding or posting up anything new of late been busy with making lets play recordings and working on Fractured Neurosis Boom One the game. 
As fair warning, If I don't reply right away, don't worry, I will get to it. I've just got a lot going on right now. 
I'm gonna try to get more sketches done and uploaded soon in between lets play videos and working on the Fractured Neurosis Game.Thanks for the love and support It really does mean a lot to me. 
Out of the darkness of my own twisted depression, for which I had nearly been consumed had I managed to to claw my my out out though just barely of the swirling and relentless abyss. The scars on my metaphorical heart ached and throbbed as new cut etched their way across the weak and helpless organ. The thoughts of everything I worked soo hard on meaning absolutely nothing has been haunting me more than I can ever dare to speak of. I may repeat to myself how deep down beneath this human frame I feel as though I were a monster of sorts somehow beneath the rest of mankind I am beginning to understand that even if I am a monster perhaps maybe just maybe I'm not a bad one and I have a job to do. with this keyboard as my voice and whispering voices of those helpless and discarded I will shoulder the weight of their cries their desperate pleas to be heard will become mind to illuminate my thought and emotions may mean nothing t those around me. And yet, if there is one thing I have learned that even in the darkest of moment as long as you have that one thing to hold onto that little glimmer of hope no matter its size or fragility. You never let go of it you use it to fuel you to fuel your dreams and embrace your nightmares head on so that one day that battle in your mind all that emotion will mean something. This is what I feel writing means to me. 


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am a socially agoraphobic, introverted artisan harboring a rather obscure perception of the world, plagued by frequent insomnia, who aspires to become a video game programmer and multi talented artist. I am currently the creator of the the following series....


You may contact or follow me on the following (or on here if you'd like)

Discord Server: (Message me only if Interested)
Fractured Neurosis (For Reading Purposes)
Book One: Act 0
Book One: Act 1
Book One: Act 2
I also write Various short stories that at very obscure and often times a bit on the morbid side


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well technically I building a discord server for it because of how easy it is for me to get notifications from it 
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