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Super Sketch 2010

ink, whiteout, photoshop fuse

In my last 4 "Sketchbook Series" pieces, I placed 1/4 of a radial design in the corners with the idea of fusing them together eventually. I love it when an absurd idea comes to fruition!
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Fucking Badass Thoughts

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This is beyond amazing. Very rich and with excellent messages.
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Mindblowing ! My new favorite artist of envy and inspiration !
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don't get upset...i redrew this and colored it all with highlighter, and blacklight pens on a 30x40 peace of paper and it ROCKS under my blacklight <333 i didnt summit it to here because i cant take credit
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This is amazing work my friend! absolutely awesome!
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It's a fantastic work! I really love your gallery.
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Thank you very much.
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oh my God

i want ask u
what u was thinking when u draw this picture?
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Lots of things! The making of it spanned over 2 years. Really I just concentrate on one image at a time.
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Truly a wondrous creation...this is absolutely fantastic.

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:nod: You are welcome.
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Oh... also I was wondering if you might be willing to up load a larger image, there are things in there that I can't make out and would really like to... I want to see all those little things you have hidden in there.
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Okay, so this is the second item I would really like a print of for my bedroom wall. It's something I can sit and look at.... I really, really like this. partly because it's something I could never do and partly because it took a few years to accomplish so the fodder is well versed over the years with that was floating about in your mind. I love it... keep coming back to look at it. Would you mind if i save a copy on my computer..?
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Go right ahead, I'm glad you like it! I also have the DA print enabled and I am in the process of producing hand made screen prints. Let me know if you are interested:-)
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