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Mandala Bouquet

Pen & ink
30"x 30"
I have always been fascinated by the circle and its infinite nature, cyclical and eternal. Although a human abstraction of what is truly, in nature, a sphere, spiral or vortex, I believe exploring and decoding this abstraction is vital to an understanding of the universal macro and microcosms and to a fuller understanding of oneself.
These works are my truest voice but are only infrequently attempted. Not due to lack of interest by any means, they are my passion. Instead, my apprehension is from the understanding that once I start, I cannot stop until it is done. Obsession overtakes me in an attempt to penetrate and fill the structure, diving deeper and deeper into the details. My physical body is cast off and ignored as if it had no meaning, no usefulness, to the point where a feeling of atrophy sets in. At the same time my physical world is dying, my mental world is expanding. My thoughts are overflowing into a vast emptiness. I feel nothing and everything. I feel like the ascetic in the cave, striving to look towards the light, suspecting the shadows as a lie and nearly blinding myself in the process. When every space if filled, I awake from my trance with a fullness, and a hunger. Sadness and satisfaction intermingle and embrace, doing their delicate dance. My job is done for now, the pains and pleasures of a mundane physicality are calling. So I answer and wait patiently for the cycle to begin anew.

This is a good example of the varieties you can
achieve by using the techniques laid out in my
Mapping Mandalas tutorial:

Download, alter, share, sell, enjoy!
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I love the intricate structures and interconnectedness of this piece!

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Awesome mate great work
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This is beautiful! 
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wow this must be one of my favorites from all that ive seen online. I love the detail. Fantastic work!
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Mind-blowingly intricate.
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This is too nice!
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Someone please tell me why this isn't a DD.
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Wow! Amazing the detail!
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I have featured your beautiful work here: [link]
Hope you don't mind?

Greetings MBKKR
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Wow! Standing at my desk applauding. This is just craaaazee! The more I look at it the more I see; sun, moon, spiders, skulls, snakes all nestled in luscious knotwork. Fantastic♥
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just one thing.... INSAAAAAAAAAAAANE! oOo!
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you might want to check out my pen and ink work in my gallery. There's quite a bit. To see them all go through the whole gallery. The one you love the most may be on page 3,etc.
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fantastic. Oh, I like your name. Mines Steve :D
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I found your name on the piece :D

and OMG this is amazingly intricate.

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Oh. My. God. This is insane! Love it!
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Just amazing !
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