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pen & ink

Another installment of my Anything and Everything series.

Download, share, alter, go for it, yo.
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It's amazing!!
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Together with the dogon drawing is this awesome work. Beautiful. :sun:
Charlene-Art's avatar
Fantastic detail and great cross-hatching.
LaDavid's avatar
That's a lot of stuff packed into it. It's awesome.
NebetSeta's avatar
Very nice! :) Ink? Pencil? Computer? :thumbsup: Good job!
ObscureFamous's avatar
Thanks! I drew it with Rapidograph drafting pens based on photographic references.
NebetSeta's avatar
You're welcome! :heart: That is truly dedication to detail there!

(Patience is one of the things that I struggle with when it comes to my own art, and I'm a student!!!)

How long did it take you to do this?
ObscureFamous's avatar
I'm not sure in hours. The plan came together over a few weeks. I like to take my time with the planning. Then I drew the piece in about a week.
GuarNeri's avatar
The details are amazing!
Thanathan's avatar
Unimaginably detailed. Astonishing. I don't have an idea what's going on.
ObscureFamous's avatar
Thanks, I'm a little lost myself...
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What does Kemitolody mean anyway?
ObscureFamous's avatar
Kemit is the original name for egypt.
Thanathan's avatar
That makes sense.
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awesome!!! amazing work :thumbsup:
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Congratulations! This piece has been chosen for :icontraditional-artists: BEST OF WEEKLY FEATURE!! It is currently featured in this week's [link] journal and [link] news article!
Mallenroh001's avatar
this is beautiful, I'm totally in love w/this, your skills w/a pen are amazing
ObscureFamous's avatar
Thank you very much. I like your gallery!
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