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Farewell, my girl

Well That Was Unexpected


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Hey everyone,

Welcome to my commission journal.


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  1. Designing your Own Character:

  I'll need some informations about your oc, if you have any idea of it. Also I need to know a visual palette of your oc (colors, tail, body, eyes, etc.), hairstyle, clear description of cutiemark/other elements and other details if you have some. It can be simple sketch or description. If you don't have idea I can design a whole oc for you (I have lots of ideas).

[oc] [vector] Portrait of Violin Melody by ObscureDragone<da:thumb id="613040993"/> [oc] [digital] Heinrich by ObscureDragone<da:thumb id="632725885"/>

  2. Artwork with your OC:

  I'll need a reference with your OC, prefeably visual one but if you have only a written one it'll work too, but please add these things in your order:
- Visual pallette of your oc (colors of mane & tail, body, eyes etc.)
- Hairstyle
- Description of the cutiemark
- Other details if you have some

<da:thumb id="638934255"/><da:thumb id="635175344"/><da:thumb id="623830190"/>

  3. Anthro NSFW

  Only traditional or digital. I'll need some informations about pose, characters etc. Feel free to add other details if you have some. Note that if you haven't got any of them I can create it on my own.

[digital art] My Little NSFW #6 Rarity by ObscureDragone [digital art] My Little NSFW #1 Fluttershy by ObscureDragone<da:thumb id="635608727"/><da:thumb id="635358529"/>
More on tumblr: obscuredragone.tumblr.com

  4. Cover art

  Only background & digital. It can be used as a cover art for your stuff (eg. music, fanfic etc.).

<da:thumb id="628383858"/><da:thumb id="636756287"/><da:thumb id="636269887"/><da:thumb id="620327983"/>

  - Traditional sketch - $5
  - Vector without background - $10
  - Digital without background - $10
  - Digital with background - $15
  - Only background (without characters) - $10

  - If artwork with your OC or anthro NSFW, +$2.5 for additional character


  1. NSFW with enormous, shiny tits

  2. Crossovers

  3. Ships with canon characters


Send me a note via dA or dm on twitter: twitter.com/ObscureDragone with this form filled out:

Your name:
Your dA/Twitter:
PayPal address:
Commission type:
Reference image(s):
Additional info:
Example of a properly filled out form:

Your name: Luigi
Your dA/Twitter: <link to your dA or twitter> (It'll be used to contact you)
PayPal address: thatsmallone@bros.com
Commission type: 2. Artwork with your oc, digital with background (Please put it from point: "Things I can do for you and from: 'PRICES')
Character(s): <OC name>
Reference image(s): <link to reference picture, you can add more than one>
Additional info: Draw her lying/jumping/sleeping/... etc. with ... on a cliff/in the forest... (whatever you want)


  • Once I have take your commission request on, I'll draw and send you a rough sketch or lineart of your commission for your approval within the agreed upon timeframe.
  • You'll need to review and approve the rough sketch/lineart before I proceed to the final art.
  • Once I have finished your commission, I'll send you a preview of it.
  • The final art is sent out after your payment.
  • Commissions are intended for NON COMMERCIAL USE ONLY.
  • All commissions will be signed without exceptions.
  • I reserve the right to use the final commission and process work leading up to the final commission in my portfolio, blogs, galleries, etc.

I do reserve the right to decline any and all requests in any stage (before you pay), so please don't send any payment until I have confirmed that I'm ready and willing to send you finished commission. All payments will be processed through Paypal only.

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