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Innocence In The Moonlight

395 Views took me forever to get this picture up on my computer. The quality isn't that great because well..I had to scan a painting in two portions..then stick it all together..and since I'm not intelligent enough to figure out Adobe, I did it all in MSPaint. XD;

Anyhoo, this is an acrylic painting of Kuro Kisei's character Nanashi, he's an incubus/cat demon..I think the second thing I ever posted on here was a drawing of Nanashi, I promised one day I'd paint him, I finally did after Easter of last year..07.

I got the actual idea for the picture from a roleplay Kuro was doing..In the roleplay, Nanashi who is at times vicious, cruel and sadistic..has his innocent moments..he was swimming and his cat-like curiosity overtook him when he found a shining stone at the bottom of the lake..holding it up in the moonlight, he was caught in the glimmer and sat staring at it.

I still feel I need to go in and refine his skin didn't turn out quite the way I want, but Kuro said if I mess with it he'd be mad..soooo.. Hehe..haven't yet.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one that sucks at Adobe. XD;
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Your traditional art and digital are very different in style. I really like your tradish a bit more though, I like how you do hands better and I'm more used to it from when I was younger and all. Though I like all of your art. <3 It's gorgeous.

I realllly like this painting. And I seriously couldn't tell that you put it together. o_o

And don't feel bad about Adobe. XD I fail at it hardcore too.
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Wow, this is amazing :D I love your handle o the traditional media XD I have had to scan pics in 2 parts and put them together before. it sux ass XD I think you did good here though because if you hadn't mentioned it I wouldn't have known ^^
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^^ Thanks...Yeah, with traditional stuff it's like I'm a totally different artist. If that makes sense. My digital is almost completely in a different style than anything I do by hand...I've found it strange, and at times frustrating. XD;

Glad though that sticking it together didn't look as bad as I thought it did..that's a relief.
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i still have a bit of trouble w/ digital stuff, i am excited though cause next year w/ taxes i am gonna get a wacom cintiq tablet :D