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For a Halloween-themed episode, this was definitely one of the better ones, and you did a great job of explaining why. Especially good ...

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Wonder Girl: Amazon Origin
Donna Troy woke up from a nightmare, giving a whispered gasp as her eyelids flung open.
She quickly glanced to the left to see Kara Zor-El still sleeping, still as naked as she was.  As her breath calmed down, Donna pushed aside the covers and sat up on the edge of the hotel bed, looking up at the half-moon shining through the window.  She heard a rustling behind her, followed by Kara knee-walking on the bed behind her.  The Kryptonian placed one hand on the Amazon’s right shoulder, and the other on her left arm.
“Did you have a bad dream?”
“It’s nothing, Kara.”
“Donna, we’re officially partners now.  There can’t be any ‘nothing’ between us.”
Donna sighed and put her right hand over Kara’s left.  “Just remembering the scariest day of my life.  The day I learned who, and what, my mother is.  And what I am.”
My father is from Oklahoma, and m
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A Brief History of Superheroics by Lois Lane
A Brief History of Superheroics by Lois Lane
The following is exerted from the notes gathered by the Daily Planet’s Lois Lane and her investigation into all figures dubbed as ‘superheroes’ by the media, both past and present.
Superman may be the greatest superhero of all, but the very first was undoubtedly Wonder Woman.  Daughter of Queen Hippolyta and war goddess Athena, she and the rest of her fellow Amazons appeared out of nowhere, along with their home island of Themyscera about halfway between the Mediterranean islands of Crete and Cyprus.  It seems they had been awoken in response to the re-emergence of Athena’s bloodthirsty brother Ares and his minions (thanks to Nazi occultist Vandal Savage).  Along with possessing powers of super-strength, super-speed, and flight, they all possessed unique powers.  For example, Wonder Woman had a healing touch and could harness lightning within her sword.
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Two Birds From a Bat
“There’s nothing more we can do for her.  The power of Trigon is just too strong.”
The monks of Azarath stood despondent around the levitating body of a young girl.  Ever since she had been born to a fanatical mother who had been brought to this place, their priestly work had seemed rather easy.  Casting spells on her body, infusing her soul with white magic inspired by their pacifism.
But then she reached that age where a child’s conscience begins to develop, and that’s when her demonic father began to take hold of her.  Every spell, incantation, and decree by the greatest monks of Azarath couldn’t stand a chance, and the most they could do was keep her body and soul and stasis, trapped in a transformation into an image of her father.
The head priest Azar turned to face their visitor, dressed in shining yellow armor that enclosed his whole body save for the two massive bird wings that extended from his back.  “What do
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Ma Kent and Supergirl by oboeshoes16 Ma Kent and Supergirl :iconoboeshoes16:oboeshoes16 10 4 Alan Moore Watches South Park by oboeshoes16 Alan Moore Watches South Park :iconoboeshoes16:oboeshoes16 5 3
One Bad Day After
Supergirl broke the hinges off the door as she burst into one of the private rooms in Gotham Central Hospital.  She gazed in horror as her super-senses confirm the truth of Robin's phone call.  There lied her best friend on the hospital bed, her spine severed just above the waistline by a rusty bullet.  While she had not been raped like the doctors initially feared, but she would never walk again.
"Barbara!" She cried.
She was halfway to the bed when the palm of a green gloved hand appeared in her face.
"She needs rest," informed Robin.  "When she wakes up, she needs to see the both of us."
Supergirl joined Robin at the bedside and clasped onto Barbara's hand.
"Who did this?"
"She woke up earlier and told Bruce.  It was the clown.  Caught the bastard an hour ago."
"Good.  That's all that matters."
Supergirl grasped Barbara's hand even righter, waiting for her best friend to grasp back.
"Barbara, hi!  What's … what'
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Teen Titans Season Six Idea
I've managed to compose a 45-chapter probable Season Six for Teen Titans.
But who has the time to read that much?
Instead, I've managed to condense it here on Ideas Wiki:
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Canon vs. Fanon: Cartoony Lion-O
So, in case you've been living under a rock, Cartoon Network is producing a new Thundercats show.
Now the beloved 1980s classic can join the ranks of Teen Titans, Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, and Scooby-Doo as beloved franchises  having their heart and soul ripped out and replaced with moronic shit.
At least, that's what the majority of the cartoon community seems to be saying.
Now, unlike the other CN reboots, I never watched the original Thundercats as a kid.  I saw some of the 2011 version, which was pretty good, but didn't get me hooked.
So, I'm going to come into this with no personal connection with the source material.
Now, as for the teaser trailer ... I'm not impressed.  I didn't find it good in any way but not as horrible as the internet is making it out to be.
But, I want to focus on the character design.  Here's what this show's version of Lion-O looks like:
Wow.  I'm sure that took about 5 minutes to draw and twice as long to color.
He's essentially a
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Canon vs. Fanon: One Bad Day
The "One Bad Day" monologue from The Killing Joke is unarguably the most popular (and greatest) monologue in comic book lore.  I'm going to show how the official adaptation failed to give it the respect its due, whereas a fan work did.
Con: The Official Animated Movie
The Killing Joke movie, despite all its good qualities, was an overall disappointment.
Yes, everyone's bitched about the prologue, but the part that did adapt the comic was fairly decent.
That makes their take on the monologue even more disappointing.
At this point in the comic, all attention was given to the Joker as he delivered the reason for doing what he does, while Batman made his way towards the Joker in the background.  The Clown Prince of Crime was felt completely safe from his adversary, believing that he had managed to both physically and mentally conquer him.
But the movie does the exact opposite – the great monologue is reduced to soundtrack of Batman's action as he's making his way towards th
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David Slack Motivational by oboeshoes16 David Slack Motivational :iconoboeshoes16:oboeshoes16 6 2
Saberlord Reviews - Spellbound (Teen Titans)
:iconoboeshoes16:oboeshoes16 4 1
CHEWBACCA RICK!!! by oboeshoes16 CHEWBACCA RICK!!! :iconoboeshoes16:oboeshoes16 14 15
Gem Harvest Review
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Link to my Teen Titans Fan Fiction - New Tamaran
After months of writing, reviewing and editing, I now have the final draft of my Teen Titans fan fiction, New Tamaran.
This is my idea of a 6th Season with Starfire as the main focus.
Premise: The Titans enter adulthood, and with supervillains dying out, Starfire is looking forward to a happy normal life with Robin.  But that all changes when she learns that her homeworld of Tamaran was destroyed, and what's left of her people now seek to make her queen.
Meanwhile, Darkseid has sent his top Red Lantern to Earth in search of the Anti-Life Equation.
Believing it to be Raven, what's left of the Titans' rogues recruit the only one crazy enough to go against her - the master of fear himself, Scarecrow.
Donna Troy, Barbara Gordon, and Supergirl also play big parts.
There's also the Spectre.  And Steve Trevor as the President.
And Lex Luthor.  And Michael
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Modern-Day Feminism by oboeshoes16 Modern-Day Feminism :iconoboeshoes16:oboeshoes16 4 8
Review - Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom
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Quiet by dandonfuga Quiet :icondandonfuga:dandonfuga 1,837 49 So Considerate by EnforcerWolf So Considerate :iconenforcerwolf:EnforcerWolf 9 4 Animated Atrocities:  If It Smells Like An Ed by JCFanfics Animated Atrocities: If It Smells Like An Ed :iconjcfanfics:JCFanfics 5 3 TT - Gizmo by TheMineMan TT - Gizmo :iconthemineman:TheMineMan 18 0 Jean Grey by saltmatey Jean Grey :iconsaltmatey:saltmatey 44 1 Elmer Fudd Viking 'Kill the Wabbit' by CaptainEdwardTeague Elmer Fudd Viking 'Kill the Wabbit' :iconcaptainedwardteague:CaptainEdwardTeague 65 3 Cow from Cow and Chicken by CaptainEdwardTeague Cow from Cow and Chicken :iconcaptainedwardteague:CaptainEdwardTeague 58 2 My First Walk by FoxDragonLover My First Walk :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 20 1 Com for AsphaltCat! by FoxDragonLover Com for AsphaltCat! :iconfoxdragonlover:FoxDragonLover 7 1 DC Comics and His Edgy Quotes by Simbiothero DC Comics and His Edgy Quotes :iconsimbiothero:Simbiothero 10 7
First Impressions of Illumination's The Grinch
Yes I actually saw this thing yesterday, despite my ire for Illumination and their films not really having any meat or substance to them even as entertainment. Barring Minions and The Lorax none of their films are truly bad, but none of them are technically very good barring the animation. They do the bare minimum when it comes to making animated films which explains why their animation, despite its low budget are their movies' best quality. As far as adapting a 20-page children's book from 1957 into an 85-minute film for now, I'd say they did a pretty decent job; better than the Jim Carrey film by MILES, but again, not as high of praise you think it is.
The Grinch here doesn't really own up to what his moniker stands for, being more in line with a Tsundere than the curmudgeonly cruel hermit he is in most media. He's the human equivalent of an Internet troll, and I love it! The first 20 minutes of him just going around Whoville fucking with The Whos is easily the best part of the
:iconregulas314:Regulas314 3 3
Top 5 lists of SpongeBob Season 11
So with the release of Squirrel Jelly & Pull the String it seems that every single episode of SpongeBob season 11 has been released, and it's... certainly been an interesting one. We've had Patrick becoming both a horse and an old man. We've had a group of hippies free load in Mr. Krabs' soup. We've had SpongeBob hallucinate a giant invisible hamster, and a lot more, certainly making this an interesting season to say the least.
I thought that it'd be fun to make my top 5 and my bottom 5, because I don't really remember every single episode back to back and I'm not really tempted to marathon view the entire season through right away. But because this season has been a special brand of... weird, I thought that I'd also point out the top 5 weirdest episodes of season 11, for people who want to get the season 11 experience without watching through every single episode.
Let's start with the Top 5 weirdest episodes of season 11
Number 5: Pat the Horse
In th
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 43 31
Goth Girls by DannimonDesigns Goth Girls :icondannimondesigns:DannimonDesigns 17 3 Rock of Succubus Meredy by HaryuDanto Rock of Succubus Meredy :iconharyudanto:HaryuDanto 201 5 Twi'lek - Cloth1 by Nephle Twi'lek - Cloth1 :iconnephle:Nephle 21 5 MIckey and Ariel by daekazu MIckey and Ariel :icondaekazu:daekazu 1,070 47



Space Jam 2 with LeBron James is now gonna be a thing, thanks to California taxes

Adam Ruins Everything ... more like Adam Knows Nothing
Tribute to Stan Lee, defender of free speech

Hey, everyone.  I have a message from our old friend "ghffff".

He just wants to thank you for being great friends and making great content as well as making him a fan of stuff and characters he hated before.
I went to the following website:…
and got the following results:

Politics by oboeshoes16

Here are the questions and my answers:

In general, what is your view of capitalism?
It is great and should stay mostly or completely unrestricted.

In general, how conservative do you consider yourself on social issues? (Politically, not personally)
Depends on the constitutionality of the issue.

In general, what should be our foreign policy?
Mixed. We should combat terrorism and such but not support regime change.

In general, what is your view on immigration?
Little to no restriction on immigration.

What do you believe is the most important factor in being considered "right wing"?
Supporting small government

What is your ideal income tax?
None or under 10%; flat

What is your stance on gay marriage?
For it

What is your stance on marijuana?
Full legalization

What is your stance on abortion?
Pro-life with exceptions.

What economic school of thought do you most associate with?
Austrian; laissez-faire fiscal, regulatory, and monetary policy.

How do you feel about protective tariffs?
They are harmful for the economy

What is the biggest threat to America?

What is "the state" in your opinion?
A necessary evil that should be extremely limited.

What is your ideal healthcare system?
Fully private.

What is your ideal banking system?
Fully private; no central bank, no bailouts.

What is your ideal energy sector?
Private; subsidies to clean energy but not fossil fuels.

Are you more of a collectivist or individualist? (Socially)

Is racial pride important?
No, but culture is.

Which of these people do you most admire?
Rand Paul
Virgil Goode

How do you feel about the Patriot Act?
It is a violation of civil liberties.

What is one thing you wish was taught better in schools?

Who did you initially support in the presidential primaries in 2017/2018?
Rand Paul

What type of American liberal or leftist do you most hate?

Which issue are you the most "left" on? If you had to choose.

Which of these are you the most "right" on?

How do you feel about Israel?
We shouldn't be involved with entangling alliances anyway.

What is your opinion on Democracy?
Democracy is mob rule, but a constitutional republic is a great system.

Should the US intervene in Syria?
Only with congressional approval.

Who is your favorite president of the last century?
Ronald Reagan

Which of these flags would you be most likely to have in your room?
Gadsen flag

Which historical society would you most want to live in?
Wild West

What kind of right winger do you least like?

Should we raise or cut military spending?
Current military spending is fine.

Should we raise or cut social security spending?
Cut; raise retirement age, and start privatization.
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Anti Family Guy Stamp by KittyJewelpet78
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