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It's official. I'm starting my series of portraits of all the main Belgariad characters. I have all the sketches finished already, it's just a matter of painting them. Here's Polgara. Dunno who I'm gonna do next, but expect another one tomorrow night.
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An amazing take on Polgara! I love seeing fanart of this series. Thank you!
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This is such a good take on Polgara. I love your style.
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She has the appearance of being carved, rather than drawn.
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Fantastic. Enough said.
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Fantastic. Enough said.
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This has a Pixar feel to me, what a great animated series these books would make!
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She's a strange...scary way...
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Love your style to draw!
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I love the style you did her in. It suits her.
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This is the closest to my Polgara that I've yet seen on dA :D Love how you've got her determination written all over her face - and total respect on how you do noses, I wish I could paint like that!
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All of these portraits are sooo awesome! Your drawings make me want to read the book(s), which I've never heard of before now. ^_^ So in other words, good job dude!
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Thanks, Bob! I have like 4 more of these planned but I'm currently without a computer until my move to nyc. :( BUT ASK ANDREW ABOUT HIS VERSIONS THEY ARE GORGEOUS.

also yes you should totally read them
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I love this character, great expression!
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Nice job ! I really love your style and your coloring technique ! Your Polgara is not very different from my own version =D
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AWESOME!!! <--- commenting with correct spelling this time :<
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lol wtf how did i miss this
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Wow, this is great! Very Pol. Can't wait to see the others!
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Nice! I immediately thought of Polgara when I saw the thumbnail. :)
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I was such a fan of this series in my teens! I fully agree with your vision of Polgara, and you have a very neat style! Moar!!!! haha :)
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Mandorallen! Oh I totally hope you'll do everyone, I love them.

Is there a possibility of doing Malloriad, Elenium and Tamuli too? xD
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Don't worry, Mandorallen is already sketched out. However, I don't think I'll be sketching anyone besides the main cast of The Belgariad. Pol, Durnik, Garion, Ce'Nedra, Belgarath, Barak, Hettar, Silk, and Mandorallen. MAYBE ONE DAY lol.
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