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Here's Goodman Durnik, Pol's favorite blacksmith. WHO'S NEXT? I DUNNO. Just so you guys know, these are what I saw in my head while reading. They might not be accurate or what you saw in your head, so please forgive me lol.
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Good. I always pictured Durnik as an african - american, with a blue shirt, white smock, and a LOT bigger.
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I actually feel that way now too. I painted this fucking forever ago tho so it doesn't matter at this point.
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Ooooh! This is a CUTE Durnik! Love your imagining!
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Wonderful depiction of Durnik. All the depictions so far I like, except maybe Mandorallen. His portrait makes him look too smart. :)
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He is absolutely, completely PERFECT. It's like you saw in my brain.
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This is closer to my vision of him than some other pictures I have seen. the only thing off is his shoulders he is a black smith after all so he should have broader shoulders. but the face is kind and honest just like him.
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Awesome! Great work, pretty much how I pictured him too.
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This is more or less how I pictured him. Good job!
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Haha, was he the boringest character ever, or what? Eddings sure wasn't one to kill his darlings... XD
Good to see him anyway, though I always imagined him as more of a blond :o
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Boring? Durnik? He always had a strange attraction to fire. "Incendiary impulses" as Silk called them. He's always bothered with making or putting out fires U________U And it's always his first hand plan to start a fire.

This of course comes from a decade of reading between the lines and probably was never completely planned by the author. In fact, Mr Eddings had his own "incendiary impulses" so it might have been completely subconscious :XD:

Fantasy writer David Eddings, 75, said he was using water to flush out the gas tank of his broken-down Excalibur sports car, when some fluid leaked. In a lapse of judgment he readily admitted, Eddings lit a piece of paper and threw into the puddle to test if it was still flammable. The answer came in an orange torrent. [link]
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He did? Haha, I can't really recall him doing much of anything (except die, and I remember I didn't care). It has of course been 15 years since I read the books, but I dunno... I read them over and over like 5 times each, and IMO Durnik was the blandest guy to walk the earth. XD Kind of like that mute guy that got killed off in the 2nd series... But he was even more boring!

I'd love to hear an example of Durnik's pyromaniac tendencies though! :lol: Maybe Eddings identified with him...
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Let's see if I can pick them out from memory :XD: Only from the Belgariad since I haven't really memorized the Malloreon at all.

1. He's a blacksmith, works with fire all day long. He's the fire dude who always lights a fire or tends to it, expert on finding the perfect wood.

2. In Cherek Durnik says that the people there are irresponsible for building wooden houses, since they are more likely to catch fire.

3. At the meeting with the kings he says the farmers will burn the crops if enemy armies attack their land. Then they figure out they can just block some mountain pass and Silk says Durnik's "incendiary impulses" can be used for better things if they manage to trap Murgos in there. This really falls back on Silk, but anyway.

4. When Garion wants to learn to read and write and needs a pen of some sort, Durnik suggests a charred stick.

5. The fireplace in the cave of the gods confuses him as he is not able to put it out. If he can't control a fire, he probably gets nervous.

6. When the group escapes with the Orb and are followed by Murgos, Durnik lights a bonfire so the smoke will make it impossible for the enemy to follow them down a mountain wall.
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Good ol' solid Durnik.
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