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Skull tattoo - Jay Freestyle 2 by JayFreestyle Skull tattoo - Jay Freestyle 2 :iconjayfreestyle:JayFreestyle 44 3
The Depressed Friend.
I sharpened my pencil dully, listening to the small crunches of the shavings hitting the floor. Only 5 more minutes until the period finished. I only needed to sharpen it for 5 more minutes.
Some judgemental part of me said that I was an idiot, but I ignored it.
I heard the sliding of a chair and the padding of someone's shoes across the carpet. I looked over my shoulder at Monica, sullen as ever. She threw a scrunched up piece of paper into the bin, not bothering to see where it landed, and trudged back to her seat. I peered curiously at it. Monica never communicated her feelings. Maybe this was a clue on what she was thinking.
I deliberately dropped my sharpener into the bin and stretched into the contents of the bin to retrieve it. On pulling my hand out, I also grabbed Monica's note.
Life is a dark, dark void, and I am on the edge of it, staring into the abyss. I wonder if it has a bottom, and if it will hurt if I hit it.
I glanced up in disbelief to where Monica was, drea
:iconsweetsongbird:sweetsongbird 13 12
.12 Insanity
The poor mad girl
Ran from the rain
Clawing her face
Absorbing the pain
She fell to the floor
Rocked to and fro
Trying to grasp reality
Shivering head to toe
Then the voices came
Whispering kindness
Wiping her tears
Sight in her blindness
"Don't go" she cried
"They think I'm insane
And who other then you
To take the blame?"
"Fragile mortality"
The voices sighed
"A delicate creation
Emotions all tied."
She wanted to weep
All over the floor
This insufferable madness
Was too hard to ignore
The voices stayed
Kept her alive
She learnt to love
She learnt to thrive
Until one day
Where the voices did not speak
But she kept her balance
She was not weak
She had learnt to smile
And find her feet
And once again
Her life was sweet
:iconsweetsongbird:sweetsongbird 17 18
Only Human
Hypocrite, selfish
Judgemental and pain
These words are similes
With your name
Greed and envy
Jealousy and a liar
Dancing on hot coals
And questioning the fire
Not even considering
The people in the picture 
Forgetting what the purpose is
Ignoring the scripture
Preaching on poverty
Then blowing off your money
Yelling at the racist
But thinking t's funny
Crying at the people
To stop judging and assumin'
But we always fall again
We who are only human
:iconsweetsongbird:sweetsongbird 15 5
Stuck In Reverse
We'd make drunken eye contact
While sat on iron bar motorway bridges
Road kill paved beneath us
And diluted stars that hung above us like spirits
Passing bottles of liquor while discussing Shakespeare
I'd hide behind my sleeves
We were scatter brained and tongue tied
Scorched pupils and leaper fingertips
I don't know how to let go of these Polaroid memories
We need to plan our escape because Alice had the right idea
The smell of stagnant rainwater is making me nauseous
Because sometimes painkillers never seem to work
And carving words into one another is the only way we can exist.
:icongrew-up-a-screw-up:grew-up-a-screw-up 32 17
The Silver Lining
Life is full of misery,
life is full of hate,
life is full of adventures
and you shouldn't have to wait.
When the mountain roads beckon
don't just stare into space,
pack a bag and run,
it's the world you must face.
Live everyday like it's your last;
be happy to just smile,
while your life may be rough,
living is just worthwhile.
:iconmiss--understood:Miss--Understood 10 2
Forget to Regret
We all regret something,
whether you admit it or not,
there's something in life
you wish you forgot.
Maybe it's a couple of words,
or a misplaced blame,
even an unexpected action,
no matter; it's all the same.
I hide many things
and I push people away,
I hurt those I love
just so they don't stay.
I pretend to be strong,
but it's all an act,
and I pretend not to cry
over the things I lack.
I pretend it's all great
and won't tell a soul,
that my angel wings
turned black as coal.
I used to love to write,
but I think I lost my will,
between heartache, pain and
footprints on the window sill.
I used to curse God
for the stupidest things,
making me for one
and giving my sister wings.
There is so much more
that I regret and
I wish I could,
but I can't forget.
:iconmiss--understood:Miss--Understood 11 12
Ash and Glass
My minds dazed
My hearts a mess,
I'm so confused
(I must confess)
Please take my hand,
And hold me tight
(For my heart
Please do fight)
It's getting lost,
Breaking apart,
I'm losing my grip,
(Shattered like glass)
My voice is gone,
Ash left in its wake,
I'm coughing up my heart
(And making mistakes)
I can't sleep because of
soundless screams,
My fists clench
(Theres no point in dreams)
:iconmiss--understood:Miss--Understood 17 12
Double Standard World
We tend to break it down to,
minutes, days, years;
to lengthen the torture and
to slow our growing fears.
It’s hard not to notice; the
broken souls wandering alone,
smiles acting as masks, and
desperate bullies looking for home.
We seek for our belief in the wrong places;
in parties and nameless pills in bowls,
in greedy money and unfamiliar people,
when we should seek within our own soul.
We all give reasons and excuses but
when others splinter our hearts,
the forgiveness that we expect is lost,
and logic is quickly torn apart.
We live in a double standard world,
where what we expect of others
is not expected in ourselves
we no longer act as sisters and brothers.  
Perhaps we are all prisoner to our pain,
manacled and bound;
and if you look there’s insanity in it all,
everywhere to be found.
:iconmiss--understood:Miss--Understood 16 19
Not A Pipe Dream
I am living in the shadow of my potential
And lately patience seems to be in short supply
While expectation overflows in abundance
Pipe dream, is it not enough that I have tried?
No, I can not accept that you are a failure
The words you chose were ever so carefully placed
It should be of no importance whatsoever
If the message conveyed was not to their taste
I am living in the shadow of my potential
I’m in utero but I will be somebody soon
Burst through these rusty pipes that corrode my dreams
And flood the floor of my creative womb
May I suggest that you are already someone
And that each stroke you paint is as desired
From your cold creative heart to your burning hand
It’s no concern of yours if it doesn’t catch fire
:iconcloudnumber8:CloudNumber8 114 31
Fear of Life
Please do not fear being beneath the Earth’s soil
For that is where the seeds of flowers grow
Be patient and life will reveal its mysteries
But only when it is ready to do so
By all means take time to search for the truth
But beware, please do not become obsessed
As we only fear what we don’t understand
And what we don’t understand is but a test
A test of faith in whatever you believe
Now stand up for yourself and you cannot fail
If life is the hammer waiting to fall
Then you must refuse to be the nail
Please do not fear being above the Earth’s soil
For that is where the flowers begin to bloom
Just open your heart as their petals do
And your life will be as sweet as their perfume
You could be the change in someone’s journey
Showing them the path from incomplete to whole
Why not give someone the gift of your love
And watch as they gently unwrap your soul
Suddenly the truth will dawn upon you
To live life without fear and you cannot fail
If life is a sailboa
:iconcloudnumber8:CloudNumber8 90 38
Can't Find Joy
I stole the smiles from both of my parent’s faces
The very same one I was responsible for
On the day I was delivered into their arms
In a cloth, from the beak of a black feathered stork
From the very first day with my very first breath
Though I was not able to speak a single word
It was evident as the nurses bowed their heads
That this boy with the dilated pupils was cursed
Everything I’ve ever grown to love and desire
In one way or another I have now destroyed
Yet still I have the temerity to question
Why it is that I can never seem to find joy
I stole the smiles from both of my parent’s faces
I would do anything at all to give them back
But some wicked actions can never be undone
And some statements I have made I cannot retract
Regardless of the depths that I sank or swam to
Whether I was responsible for what was wrong
My lugubrious mood could always be soothed
With memories of the black feathered stork’s bird song
Every page my trembling hand has ever turned
:iconcloudnumber8:CloudNumber8 98 38
Wicked Tongue
I will open my curtains tonight
Before I relinquish my bones to sleep
So I can rise and shine with the sun
At an incline that is not quite as steep
And I will plan my daily routine
So I am not required to interact
With anyone or with anything
Other than my path crossing black cat
I am the ghost of your former love
I am the spirit of your last best friend
Remember when I said I need you
Well I will not be needing you again
Never forget I am someone's brother
Never forget that I am someone's son
Remember this when you throw your stones
And you lash out with your wicked tongue
:iconcloudnumber8:CloudNumber8 54 28
Blanking Out The Bad Days
I don’t like to keep blanking out the bad thoughts
As this means missing out on whole days
In fact weeks, months and years are passing me by
Which tells me this is not just a phase
But that’s not what my loved ones like to believe
They tell me it’s my age and will soon pass
Their turpentine optimism is misplaced
As my future begins to fade like brass
I don’t like to keep blanking out the bad days
But of late I do not have much choice
See anytime someone asks if I’m okay
A tremble can be heard in my voice
Somehow though I always keep it together
Like a jigsaw laid out on a table
But when I am alone I fall to pieces
In a box with a ‘parts missing’ label
I don’t like to keep blanking out the voices
But they question each decision I make
And lure me into troubles as if they’re a puddle
When they turn out to be a lake
That is always just one foot deeper in depth
Than my fragile frame is tall in height
And I know if I keep blanking out th
:iconcloudnumber8:CloudNumber8 87 50
Home is my Heaven,
And also my Hell,
Will I run or stay?
I can never tell.
Home gives me shelter,
But hurts me more,
It flattens my hill,
Yet bumps my shore.
Home lets me be free,
While caging me in,
There lays my soul,
Alongside my sin.
Home is where I grew,
The same place I fell,
Here I found my secrets,
Which I will never tell.
:icondelta565:Delta565 21 25
The flame in my eyes,
Have you yet to learn?
With a smile on my face,
I will make you burn.
I cannot hide this feeling,
Because it is already out,
The fire is spreading,
And the noise of your shout.
Watch the world fall down,
Under my hand,
Leaving nowhere to stand,
This is the end.
The ashes have won,
At the end of my turn,
I had the best of fun,
Watching you burn.
:icondelta565:Delta565 13 4


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